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Kate Gosselin -- The Lonely Disciplinarian

11/3/2009 4:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Like the drill sergeant of a pocket-size army, Kate Gosselin went off on 6 of her tiny troops yesterday when they refused to stand still and be quiet after getting off the school bus.

Kate Gosselin: Click to wach
When one of her 5-year-olds rebelled with a few insubordinate dance moves, Kate was heard snapping "This is the kind of stuff you cannot be doing when you are five years old. Stand quietly ... Stop your feet and don't move them."

As an extra threat, Kate added "If I wasn't here you'd still be standing in the parking lot waiting."

Good times....


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Are you guys actually fooled by the fact she is a "single mom", because she most certainly is NOT a SINGLE mom.
SINGLE moms do it all on their own, they don't hire nannies, they dont have tv crews watching the kids, while they are out signing autographs and flaunting infront of the poparazzi.
Normal people do not live like this people, HELLO!!!!!!!
you are just as ridiculous as this poor excuse for a mom.
my props goes to all the real single mothers out there though!

1813 days ago

They were in it for the money    

She's not only a fishwife, she is nasty to her kids! Theres a right way, a wrong way and the cameras way of handling that situation. I never did care for her. shes too damned demanding and trys to hard to be little miss perfect. they are only little kids. Shes a bore.

1813 days ago

ski-ball master    

also rhymes with bunt.

1813 days ago


The way she would talk about men, and by her looks, I would say she's a lesbian. Maybe SHE'S doing the nanny

1813 days ago


Kate would be excellent at being a drill sargeant for the Army...

1813 days ago


You HAVE to be a drill sgt. with so many kids. She is very organized and the kids are darlings. I've seen moms with just one or two children in stores where the kids are nothing less that horrible brats that I would never take out in public! Kate does a wonderful job with those kids!!

1813 days ago


Watch it kids! Don't breath. Clean out your dang suv then they don't have to take a chance on being yelled at in public.

1813 days ago


I admire any parent who keeps their children under control. To be able to get six 5 year olds to stand still is not easy. Would the haters prefer she didn't discipline and they didn't listen and have a tragedy occur?

1813 days ago


82. We all know most of the negative comments are coming from JON or Hayley because

. Posted at 5:41PM on Nov 3rd 2009 by Mia

Mia I agree with you I believe it is Hailey & Jon because there is soooo much hate and anger in there post and it isn’t just a one line comments they are paragraphs.

Kate, take care of you kids in the manner that YOU see fit!!! All the haters here are just jealous that the paps don't follow them around and know there schedules and there children’s schedules. Lets follow them around and see how self righteous they all are then. Go KATE!!!!!!!

1813 days ago


89-You sound more like a fishwife. I know who you are. Will you EVER learn the difference between to, too, and two?

1813 days ago


Everyone who is crying child abuse and how she should have done this or that do NOT have kids. I want to choke my kids sometimes, and I only have 2.

1765 days ago


Can't stomach the women but she has to disapline kids every now and then. I do believe though like one of the remarks that she does everything for the Paps & she could of been ready to just shuffle the kids into the car & driven off BUT that is Kate for you an Egomaniac! Come down to the real world Kate because you aint all that!

1813 days ago

katie lady    

As the mother of 5 sons who was also the team driver, I agree with her. There has to be order when driving the car and no chaos..She is training them now to be respectful, behaved and safe..

1813 days ago

Jon's a grwon man...he did this to himself!    


How about giving these kids a break and quit having your photogs hang out at the school bus stop. It's creepy, boring and not newsworthy regardless of the parent picking the kids up.

If you are paying for the photos, please stop and leave the kids alone.

1813 days ago


Mia, the haters' kids are probably miserable little brats. I see them in the stores all the time. They're jealous of Kate because they could never get their kids to stand still or listen to anything they have to say.

1813 days ago
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