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Ryan Jenkins Suicide Device Used on Halloween

11/4/2009 2:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ryan Jenkins -- the reality show contestant who killed himself after he was accused of brutally murdering his wife -- was mocked ruthlessly on Halloween with a display featuring the actual coat rack he used to hang himself.

Ryan Jenkins Suicide
Sometime last month, the coat rack was removed from the Thunderbird Motel room where Jenkins hanged himself, after the room's new occupant complained that the rack creeped him out and he couldn't sleep.

The manager gave the rack to a friend of his -- a friend who decided it was the perfect decoration for his Halloween party.

The friend labeled the rack as "Ryan Jenkins' Last Stop" and we're told, shockingly, it was a huge hit at the party ... with several people taking morbid photos with it like it was the Lincoln Memorial.

FYI -- For those of you with an eye for detail, that IS the same air freshener hanging from the rack in both pics.

So the question remains...


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This sucks, Ryan Jenkins was my friend...the thing is, what he supposedly did is sick, wrong and unforgettable, but Ryan wasn't always like that, a walking murderer... everyone has a good and evil side and Ryan good side was really good, he struggled with serious mental issues that everybody ignored...this wasn't the first time he tried to commit suicide... and the bottom line is, this gag is a disrespect to him, Jasmine, all families and friends involved...losers!!

1793 days ago


Megan, what do think about everything?

1792 days ago


christina, did you watch the show? did it show anything we didnt know? do you know if they will be airing it again? i searched the tlc site and it says 01/25/10 thru 02/09/10, but I couldn't find it on the schedule.

1729 days ago


If this was such an open and shut case, why is it still open? Miss seeing everyone's posts.

1773 days ago


Hi lovemj and Dawn!!! I completely agree with you Dawn. No new information, no information on if the case is closed yet, no autopsy results etc. It actually was a waste of time IMO. I was hoping that since they took so long to put this one out that it would provide the end result of the case. The whole dragging her body into the hotel room just does not fit in with me.

1728 days ago


Hey Christina, thought I'd check here to see if anything new had developed--I'm like you, why hasn't the case been closed. Oh well, guess we'll never know...

1771 days ago


Good to see your post lovemj.

Not sure if this really matters much but I'm kinda wondering how many people had a key to JF and RJ's apartment. They seperated after moving into the apartment, he goes to Mexico while she is out with ex boyfriends. Did he or she give the key to anyone?

1770 days ago


The key thing, I was thinking was about the letter left in the car from RJ which I still find really strange. Taking the time to brutally conceal her identity but leaving a letter in the car. That to me seems like a frame job.

1766 days ago


THird!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's difficult today... Sad...

1813 days ago


The first three posters are so retarded it's sad. Someone get them help please

1813 days ago

Patty Pecora    

People are SICK! Bad Karma will come back to haunt all who have posed in front of the rack!

1813 days ago

Allen Ridak    

Anyone want to plow my well-used moneymaker? It will only cost you a rock. Please call Simone (I'll put out for anyone!)

1813 days ago


Wait a second... at first I was sickened by this & thought it was tasteless... but why on earth would a motel give the suicide coat rack to the current tenant's friend?? Sorry, doesn't add up. I don't think it's real.

1813 days ago


Anyone who kills someone and then hangs themselves before they face up to what they did deserves to be mocked. I think this is hilarious!

1813 days ago

Allen Ridak    

Go away Simone, you fat jizz-gargling slag. You're starting to get annoying.

1813 days ago
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