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Rihanna: I Went Back to Chris

11/5/2009 10:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rihanna revealed that she got back with Chris Brown after the brutal beating she took in February -- but broke it off for good when she realized the dangerous message she was sending to her young fans.

Rihanna: Click to watch
This morning on "Good Morning America" an emotional Rihanna told Diane Sawyer she didn't want to be responsible for "some young girl getting killed" for following in her footsteps.

Rihanna added "Don't react off of love. Eff love."


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Robert Deniro    

Wow Rihanna. You're young, beautiful, rich and famous. I would be jealous too if I were you....deb.

1810 days ago

Robert Deniro    


That is too funny. You're right she is jealous of Rihanna. I'm sure fat, snaggletooth, lazy, no bath taking deb is on the front porch sitting in her rocking chair drinking the moonshine she just finished brewing made from gasoline. LMAO!!

1810 days ago


RIHANNA...WOW....THE ACADEMY AWARD MUST GO TO YOU, A STAR PERFORMANCE INDEED !!!! Dumb, dumb island girl who was coached, made up and told to come off as the innocent victim trying to act like a strong woman....we all saw right through you Rihanna, your eyes were as soul-less and emotional-less as you said Chris`s were....I am sure that Diane Sawyer herself saw right through your fabricated BS. You have managed to take away the sad reality of all those woman out there who are indeed victims of DV and who are living with it everyday....YOU DONT EVEN UNDERSTAND WHAT DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IS!!! Get a damn education and then try to be a role model for little girls and DV victims!!!! I WILL NEVER, EVER SUPPORT RIHANNA`S MUSIC AGAIN!!!

1809 days ago


@ Samantha.... need to be laying on someone`s couch right now and talking about your problems....You seem to be just a tad bit insane.....Get help please, before you hurt yrself.....or someone around you....

1809 days ago


You have to understand, 1st, what love is in order to understand CB & Rihanna's situation. They both made mistakes which I'm sure they BOTH wish they never made. It's immature to place blame solely on Chris Brown because like Rihanna said, he became famous at a young age and let's not forget that he IS young and bound to make many mistakes! It's alright, I'm sure there's a lot of us on here who've made the mistake of hurting someone in some way. It's all the same guys! You can't blame Rihanna for leaving Chris either. She is equally famous and equally human, and there's nothing wrong with her doing this interview. I am a true believer in forgiveness because by forgiving you also forget and move on and if Rihanna chooses to go back with him that is her decision because it is HER life. I wish them BOTH success in all aspects of life. We were all young and we all know how difficult it was, so give em' a break!!!

1808 days ago


Rihanna is just playing herself now, she need to sit her tired freaky ass down and be lady like in public.what you do behind close doors should stay private,and your personal life should be kept behind those doors.I believe Chris brown hit her but only after she put her hands on him first,it's a shame common sense didn't come with that beating.

1749 days ago
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