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DWI Racing Chair Sells for a $30,000 Loss

11/6/2009 5:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The famous DWI racing chair just sold for a respectable $10,099.99 on eBay -- but it's a far cry from the $43,000 bid that was placed on Monday ... when the La-Z-Boy corporation busted in and ruined everything.

DWI Chair

The La-Z-Boy head honchos were pissed because the incredible machine was being sold under their trademarked name -- so the company killed the Proctor Minnesota Police Department's first attempt to sell the chair earlier this week.

The chair was re-listed the day after the cancellation without the La-Z-Boy named attached -- but the damage was done ... as the bidding frenzy fizzled out last night a whopping $32,900.01 below the original highest offer.

The proceeds of the sale were going to benefit Proctor taxpayers ... so sucks for them.


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1811 days ago


La-Z-Boy should make things right and give Proctor $32,900.

1811 days ago


Thanks for ruining everything, La-Z-Boy! I'm gonna go to one of your showrooms and have an accident while sitting in one of your chairs.

1811 days ago


The loss isn't to the people of Proctor, nor to the police. The loss is to the industry of motorized furnishings. The loss is that this engineering genius is not being employed to create a motorized love seat, couch, and sectional. Heck even a motorized ottoman would be an improvement over all these Rascal, and Rover, and whatever else these limited mobility people use to putt themselves around on. In Japan they invented the motorized unicycle. Now a segue is par for every security patrol. This is the proletariat's answer to the bourgeoisie! Fight the power!

1811 days ago


Your post gave me more than one giggle. :-)

1811 days ago

Judy C.    

A lot of the time when there are those big frenzied auction bids on eBay, it turns out that not all the bids are sincere and the seller never collects anyway. Anybody with a legitimate interest in the chair could have found the new auction and bid again.

1811 days ago

Judy Z    

Shame on you corporate greedy Lazy Boy a-holes. The money was going to charity! You were getting free advertising with this chair. BUT had to yell "trademark infringement". Do you guys feel better now that the name "Lazy Boy" has been removed from the E-bay site. Now the police's fund is down $32,000.00. If Lazy Boy wants to repair this screw-up, they should at least contribute the difference (if not a bit more). The holiday season is coming up, help this police charity Lazy Boy.

1811 days ago


The Alkie should have gotten half the money, they screwed the Alkie again, always happens.

1811 days ago

Crissy Angela    

Your move, La-Z-Boy

1811 days ago

The Seer    

$10.099.98 TOO MUCH.

1811 days ago


Do right and donate the difference, La Z Boy, or at least something substantial to show good sportsmanship.

1811 days ago


hey harvey - you're a lawyer. explain this. since when can't you include the brand name of an item in the title of your "for sale" ad?????

1811 days ago

Allen Ridak    

Hey SV, they can't use the name La-Z-Boy to sell a custom made chair because it is not a La-Z-Boy product. La-Z-Boy do not make motorized chairs and I'm tipping don't want their name in the title alongside the word DWI.
Also to all those saying the company should make up the difference; the bids were fake. I know that because some of them were mine. eff the police!

1810 days ago

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