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Carrie Prejean's Mother Saw the Sex Tape

11/8/2009 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie Prejean wasn't the only member of her family who got a peek at Carrie's solo sex tape -- TMZ has learned her MOM was in the room when the Miss California USA lawyers pressed play.

Sources tell TMZ Carrie's mom was in shock -- instantly turning sheet white as she watched her daughter give herself a hand.

As TMZ first reported, it took all of 15 seconds for Carrie to drop her $1 million demand from the Pageant people after the XXX tape was played.


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"Marriage is the union of a man and a
woman. Now, for me, as a Christian,
it is also a sacred union. God is
in the mix."
Presidential candidate
Barack Hussein Obama

It's pretty instructive to read the comments here and elsewhere. You can see the sex tape and modeling photos aren't at issue; her beliefs are. Wonderful how the people who are first to tout "tolerance" only tolerate others whose "tolerance" is just like their own.

Carrie Prejean did not try to shove anything down anyone's throat. She did not sermonize or proselytize: she expressed her beliefs.

To me, the sex tape and photos are a non-issue; they are an excuse for people like those commenting above who already hate her to exploit for their own venom. Yes, she was unmarried when she made it, and most Christians frown on that. Ever check the statistics about how many people, including Christians, are really virgins on her wedding day?

Ever see the videos of the Big Brother show? The uncensored ones? Look for the ones from Australia.

THEN -- and ONLY THEN -- if you are not equally motivated to post to boards like this condemning what you see there, then you have no business daring to condemn Carrie Prejean.

If this tape is what rumor says it is, it's no more than recording what
nearly everyone does privately. How do they say it? 97% of people masturbate and the other 3% are lying about it.

Of the people who are posting to this board, it's easy to identify the hypocrites. They are ones who are calling Carrie Prejean one.

1776 days ago

Slutty Whores Rock    

Here's the movie that would make $1,000,000:
Carrie enters room where mom is sitting on the couch reading the bible. She turns on the TV and puts tape in VCR pressing play. Carrie sits next to mom and says I need you to watch this.
Split screen - one side on the tape, the other on Mom's face.
Tell me you wouldn't pay 10 bucks to watch her reaction!
Oh, I already copyrighted this idea, so don't try to steal it.

1776 days ago


Who cares what a teenager did in private. If she made a video for public distribution that's another thing altogether and gets into kiddie porn.

A much more interesting story would be how the pictures and video were obtained?? Did the people who claim to have seen the video in advance (people that like to ridicule Carrie... TMZ and other gossip blogs) work with Lewis and Hoakler in the blackmail scheme.

You'll never hear that story because it probably involves illegal activity or lack of guts by the perpetrators. Either that or the whole issue is a hoax and Carrie has been handing over all of her private photos and videos.

Why did the Pageant organizers pay Carrie's 100,000 legal fees?? and payoff her publishers?? Are they more worried about what was going to be in the book???

1776 days ago

To hell with her    

12. How did the pageant officials get this tape? How can they use this against her without it being considered blackmail?

Posted at 2:18AM on Nov 8th 2009 by Sadaist
It wasn't blackmail, because they weren't saying "drop your lawsuit or we'll release the tape". No, they used the tape to show that prejean violated the morals clause on her tournament contract, therefore meaning that they were well within their rights to fire her, which would blow her lawsuit out of the water.

Personally, I think this woman is an IDIOT. She pushes a "I was hurt by the wrongful & nasty actions of the tournament" position, knowing full well she had a "watch me f*cking myself" video floating around. What a moron. She's lied 7 or 8 times, been caught every single time, then continues to lie more. She's just as sleazy as lots of other sluts; the only difference is, she's trying to wrap herself in the American flag & claiminng "I'm a Christian", like that's going to make all her calculated moves & sleazes all right & make people say "Oh, she must be an upstanding girl after all". Instead, what she did is show the world what an incredible liar & hypocrite she is.

1776 days ago


Let's see now...

Carrie Prejean (as well as those right-wing radicals Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton) publicly express their belief that marriage should be heterosexual, and leave it at that.

That's all.

Perez Hilton expresses his opposing belief, not just stating it and leaving it alone, like the above-mentioned people did. No; he expresses his in the form of a vitriolic, intense PERSONAL assault on Carrie Prejean.

Ms. Prejean attacked no one for their beliefs. Perez Hilton attacked her--viciously--for her beliefs.

And people have the gall and the intellectual dishonesty to say that SHE is the one trying to ram something down others' throats!

[ Also, have you here bothered to listen to what she said just before her famous statement about marriage? That we are blessed to live in a land where people can choose such things (meaning, same-sex marriage)? That she doesn't think it should be, but in the same breath, praised this country for being a place where such things can be considered?

Have you?

Well, then, do it now.]

1776 days ago


Another member of the American Taliban drowns in her own hypocrisy and hate.

1776 days ago

Sue Wong    

On the whole I dislike Republicans and the far religious right but people shouldn't condemn Carrie. She's young and just learning the lessons of life. I see nothing wrong with what she said or did really. Even if she fudged about the photos and tapes, people fudge all the time to get a job or maybe she just forgot. Anyway, she's human. She's a child of divorce and I read somewhere that both her parents accused each other of gay extramarital affairs during the divorce. This is probably where her beliefs stem from. She probably thinks these alleged affairs broke up her parents marriage. Nobody likes to deal with divorce and children find something or someone to blame. Just a thought and for the record for those who think so, I'm not defending her as a white woman because I'm not white. Also, TMZ is beating a dead horse already, just as bad as the MJ coverage.

1776 days ago


Canadian bitch I hope your post was a joke.
Prejean is a hater pure and simple.
Bigots hide behind their "no marriage" for Gay Americans slogans.
They are no different than those who didnt want blacks and whites to marry.
She deserves to be outed as the hater she is.

1776 days ago


It's obvious this is personal, Harvey. Let it go. It's not that interesting.

1776 days ago

um, no thanks    

Sounds like they said, look, we have a video of you fiddling your bean and if you go forward with the law suit we will have to tell everyone we have this and it will make you look awfully bad because you did this on video which is black mail right? Then she thought, I believe I have a very good case but this would be too humiliating if it got out this video existed. Then, she dropped her suit, agreed to let them off the hook and then they called TMZ and told them exactly what happened.
She should have waited, not agreed to anything, told her attorney she wanted 100 times as much adding blackmail to her damages, let the pageant dig themselves in a deeper hole and let them be the ones asking to settle for a few million dollars. Her attorney must not be very good or she must have too much false pride. We live in a different age and era, video cameras everywhere, in most every store, corner, cell phone and computer and thousands of other places.
They did not have a video of her pulling a train on Spring Break or having sex with other women.
They had a video of her doing what every other woman in the world has done and the women on a Jury would have understood and identify with her and the men on a jury would have done the same thing while trying to recall the testimony.
Donald Trump would have come off looking worse than he could wearing a orange rug.
Am I right?
That rug really tied the room together, did it not?

1776 days ago


It could have been much, much, much, much, much worse. If it came out she was a homo that would have been really devistating. At least she appears to be someone with some morals. By all accounts masterbation is a normal human behavior. I think the gays keep this on the site because in reality she hasn't done anything bad, or deviant, at all. Most of America would probably turn white as a sheet if TMZ published the details of what goes on in a homosexual relationship.

1776 days ago


So there is a tape of her masturbating?
Wow, dare goes against...nothing.

Like no one else in the room when they pushed play has masturbated? Was the threat to her to make it public?

How many on the TMZ staff (who are straight, I know small number) masturbated after watching the tape? I know it is real 'racy, too racy for TMZ' *rolls eyse*

1776 days ago


"She should have waited, not agreed to anything, told her attorney she wanted 100 times as much adding blackmail to her damages ..."

Yes, I agree. But unfortunately many christians seem to be hypocritical as well when it comes to sex. Not nearly as hypocritical as TMZ is, but apparently enough to drop the case.

1776 days ago

Terry H    

Carrie herself called the act she saw on the video disgusting. So all you folks trying to paint this whore as some innocent virgin might want to keep in mind the words from the whores mouth. "that's disgusting"

Of course she did not really think it disgusting that is all just part of her act(lies). She played the offended rightous christian role right up until she saw her face.

1776 days ago

John Edwards    

"At least she appears to be someone with some morals. By all accounts masterbation is a normal human behavior."

Let's see, she has proven herself to be a liar numerous times. She by her own admission was participating in a disgusting sex act. How can you call someone who believed their sex act to be disgusting and is a liar, moral? Then we have people saying she was secretly taped against her will. LMAO at that one. This fake Barbie doll does everything for attention and a need to be drooled over. Yeah Carrie Prejean is an excellent represenative of the mindless sheople who call themselves christians. Don't worry about it though the christians will always ignore things like this and point at the gay people as being the *real* sickos. That has been proven over and over in the comments on this story alone.

Larry Craig is not gay!!!

1776 days ago
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