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Carrie: Sex Tape Was 'Biggest Mistake of My Life'

11/9/2009 11:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie Prejean wasted no time getting into the nitty-gritty while on "Hannity" tonight -- immediately saying her solo sex tape was "the biggest mistake of my life."

Carrie: Sex Tape Was 'Biggest Mistake of My Life'

The former beauty queen told Sean she was just a teenager when she decided to send her boyfriend -- who she "loved and cared about" at the time -- the extremely intimate video of herself.

Carrie said she takes "full responsibility" for the "humiliating" tape.


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tippy katz    

"I love the voices of the "tolerant" and "progressive" liberals in these posts who are open to all views except of course those who do not agree with their point of view."

Brilliant, "j,"
so people who are for tolerance of gays and gay marriage are not really tolerant themselves because they won't tolerate intolerant, bigoted bible-thumpers.
you are a genius.

1770 days ago

tippy katz    

Gordon (#122),
It's good that she believes in God and morals?
so f#ckin what? Does she ACT on those beliefs???
She judges others who don't share in her narrow, antiquated
belief system, to the point of believing they should be denied
rights equal to those shared be all other humans,
then she totally, repeatedly violates her own repressive moral code,
yet always has some lame excuse. The wind blew. She loved they guy
she sent the playing-with-herself video to.
If she can't even live up to her own moral code, how the
hell can she demand that other people live by her stupid
twisted beliefs???

1770 days ago

tippy katz    

I love the look on her face in that picture.
it's like:
"WHOA I made a sex tape!

1770 days ago


The idea that a Christian never does anything wrong seems to have escaped most of you. There has only been one perfect man. Our country has sunk into the pits of hell with all the sodomites and other reprobates trying to enact laws to force us to condone and accept their perverted behavior. The latest being the thought crime legislation.
If you don't like my language, take it up with God the Father, Creator of all things, even you. Those are his words, straight out of the Bible. It would do you a lot of good to talk to Him. His love is there waiting for you to accept it. He only wants the best for you. His free gift of salvation is there for the taking. Jesus paid a debt he didn't owe because we had a debt we couldn't pay.
"Political Correctness" will be the downfall of America. I will pray for you, my brothers and sisters that you will see the light.

1770 days ago


TMZ would love to release the video of her masturbating but they would face legal trouble. Carrie was only 17 when she made the video. That makes it child porn.

1770 days ago

Dan Horowitz    

mrogi, well, if that's child porn, then why wasn't she prosecuted for making and distributing the video? Besides, you don't have to wait for anyone to release it. It's already out on bittorrent.

1769 days ago


It isn't that she made a mistake. It's that she sells herself as some kind of moral authority when in truth she's just another stupid hypocritical skank.

1769 days ago


#28 Noah: Thank you!! Finally someone gets the point. No one is "hating" (sheesh, hasn't this word gone out of style yet??) on this girl because she made a mistake. Fred is right - most young people do dumb things they wish they could take back. But to know that you've done these things, lie about it, try to cover it up while at the same time standing on some moral christian high ground is EXTREMELY insulting to true christians who actually live what they believe. She claims her views on gay marriage are because she was raised with strong biblical beliefs, but yet her "strong biblical beliefs" didn't get in the way of her getting boob implants, parading on a stage in front a national audience in a skimpy bikini, taking topless photos and having premarital sex as a teenager (which is probably a safe assumption considering she confessed to making the tape to send to her boyfriend at the time). People are disgusted with her hypocrisy, not her "beliefs". Hey Carrie, maybe you were too busy getting plastic surgery to read the book of John in your bible: "...he that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone..."

1769 days ago


121 beaglemom: LOL! ROFLMAO! You go girl!!! That was the smackdown heard around the world. :o)

1769 days ago
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