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Jackson Doctors at War

11/9/2009 3:51 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's two warring doctors are going at it again ... Dr. Steven Hoefflin just accused Dr. Arnold Klein of being a lawbreaker for the things he said last week on TMZ Live.

Hoefflin -- who performed numerous procedures on Jackson -- says he believes Klein may have violated federal controlled substance and trafficking laws, since "...he knew Michael was a narcotic addict yet he repeatedly injected him, probably with others in his office assisting him, 51 times over three months with a minimum of 100mg of Demerol and charged him a large amount of money."

Hoefflin added, "Other Dermatologists use topical and nerve block anesthesia and not repeated Demerol shots."

Hoefflin also accused Dr. Klein of violating the Federal HIPPA laws "by disclosing health care information on Michael Jackson without permission."

Klein and Hoefflin are suing each other.


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All of these "Doctors" are little more than "Dr.
Feelgood's",...enabler's and predators that feed on the unluckiest of
souls,...those whom are locked in the struggle of addiction.
They are certainly no ones "friend",...least of all Michael's.
It's been said more than once "Friends don't let friends drive
drunk." ,...Well "friends" don't feed the addictions of friends for a
fee either.
They don't do that if they care about person,....if they see the
person as a "friend" rather than a means to an end.
Good going Harvey on getting Klein to agree to such a broadcast!!!
Ha! Ha! Ha!
Like the ole saying goes,..."Give a person a rope,...they want to be
a cowboy." huh?,...
Well done Harvey!!!!
Klein is such a swarmy character,....he has always reminded me of the
freak'n Penguin from Batman.
Can't wait to see him on the stand in all his self imagined splendor.
What new rodeo clown will you submit for amusement next??? :)

1773 days ago


Dr.Hoefflin EXPOSE Dr.Kline he is such a LIAR.

Love the Jackson's

1772 days ago


With friends like these guys who needs enemies? What a bunch of rubbish? MJ is gone and you all should be so ashamed for all the crap you keep saying about him! You can't go any lower than where you already are. He was supposed to have been your friend. I'm sure he was but, too bad we can't say the same thing about you.

1772 days ago


Didn't read the article and don't want to read this article. I just wish Dr. Klein and Dr. Horfflin go find Dr. Murray and Dr. Neil Ratner who was the first Doctor to give Michael propofol, kill them and than turn around and kill each other.

Than we will be rid of all of the no good, lying, stupid Bastards.

1769 days ago


@ 38 and others,

Unfortunatelly, I can also see this disgusting Arni's facial features in Prince. They look very much alike. Eyes, the shape of face, etc.... I have had this oppoinion for a long time now.
But still it does not matter, Michal is his father who cared for him and taught him and he is his son.
I just dont get why MJ had so little self-esteem that he chose others as bio-parents... So sad.

1768 days ago
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