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Joe Jackson Guns For Branca, McClain

11/9/2009 10:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson never signed his will and the named executors have committed fraud, according to legal papers just filed by Joe Jackson.

As we first posted on TMZ ... there was a clerical mistake in the will. The document indicates Jackson signed the will in L.A., yet he was in NYC on the day in question. We're told the will was in fact signed in New York and the witnesses saw Michael put pen to paper.

Joe doesn't think it was a clerical mistake -- he thinks his son never signed the will. Joe Jackson claims John Branca and John McClain should be booted as administrators because they concealed what Joe calls a "fraud."

Joe Jackson -- through his lawyer, Brian Oxman -- claims Jackson fired Branca in 2003 and believed the attorney embezzled MJ's money. Joe claims an "investigation" showed an improper relationship between Branca and Tommy Mottola and the two were "illegally funneling Michael Jackson's money to off-shore accounts in the Caribbean."

Oxman attached a copy of the "investigation" -- conducted by a company called Interfor -- which says "Some sources in the entertainment industry think highly of Branca. However, other sources suggest that he has built his career on the strength of his clients to a point where are (sic) rumors of irregularities involved in accounting fees."

The report goes on to suggest Branca contacted the Justice Department after he was fired and allegedly dropped a dime on Jackson, suggesting MJ's new lawyer -- Alvin Malnik -- was utilizing "Jackson's financial resources and cash business to facilitate Malnik's comprehensive money laundering activities."

As we've already reported, Jackson re-hired Branca before the singer died.

UPDATE: Howard Weitzman, the lawyer for Branca and McClain, tells TMZ: "These claims filed by Joe Jackson are so outrageous that they don't deserve any response. John Branca and John McClain, who were designated by Michael Jackson in his will as executors of his estate, will continue carrying out Michael's wishes for the benefit of his mother, his children and charities."


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.:Loki 4Ever:.    


1816 days ago


joe just cant believe he is on the outside looking in at mj money

1816 days ago


For once (probably in my whole lifetime), I think Joe Jackson is right. The will is a fraud. Whether Branca and McClain should remain executors remains to be seen.

1816 days ago

truth man    

This man makes me feel sick -----He is suck a money grabbing ass---His own flesh and blood---He would love to suck a few million out for himself and stiff the kids -------throw-up

1816 days ago

excretive producer    

Follow da Monay!!!!!

1816 days ago

Just Me    

Get a life Joe. Try being a decent human even if it is only for a very small part of your life.

1816 days ago


Hmm, so is Joe reconsidering asking the court for some of the money cuz he doesn't think he has a chance in hell? This is plan B? I thought they tried this about a month ago???

1816 days ago

your mom    

What a greedy bastard... I don't believe his story at all. Leave MJ's last wishes alone! If he didn't want to put his abusive father in the will, it's his prerogitive.

1816 days ago


Joe go back to the whole you came from. I bet you wouldn't have even cared if the will was fraud or not, if you had gotten a piece of the pie. And even if this will is fruad YOU STILL WILL GET NOTHING. In the state of California if someone dies without a will or trust the money goes to the CHILDREN. not there greedy abuseive father. so please GO TO HELL JOE

1816 days ago


did anyone michael jackson know really care about the man and not his money??his life must have sucked being around all these people...of course katherine cant challenge or she will get booted

1816 days ago


michael had a s imilar Will made in the late 90's.. having Branca a s executor.. he renewed it to add Blanket in 2002.. this Will in question.

I side with BRANCA.. as Mj never wanted his family meddlin g in his affairs from the mid-80's onwards. when he went solo.

1816 days ago


God, could this guy be any more sleazy? Its all bocoming so clear why MJ hated him.

1816 days ago


WHERE is the propofol when you need it?
Shut that money grubbing persona non grata up for GOOD!

1816 days ago


I just pop some popcorn and made some nacho w/chilli cheese got a tall glass of Sangria wine!!!

Now, I am ready for the FIGHT OF THE CENTURY!!!

The Plot Thickens!!!!

It's going to be a DAMN GOOD FIGHT!!!


1816 days ago

el polacko    

ugh..will this whole disgusting, greedy family just GO AWAY already ?? enough of this clan of leeches !

1816 days ago
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