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Justin Wins Permanent Restraining Order

11/9/2009 7:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin TimberlakeJustin Timberlake didn't show to court this afternoon -- but he still got the permanent restraining order he was after.

Karen McNeil was ordered to stay 100 yards away from JT, his home and his vehicle. She is not allowed to contact him -- directly or indirectly.

Justin's lawyer, Marty Singer, gave the judge a written declaration from his client that apparently was good enough for the judge, who had requested a courtroom cameo earlier today.

McNeil testified for a bit, as did a few of JT's security guards.


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who dat    

The courts ALWAYS show favoritism for the rich & famous. Is anyone really surprised.

Harvey, How many of the straight males @ TMZ who have seen the Carrie Prejean tape have masturbated to it, while viewing?

1806 days ago


Uh, Not Surprised? If they are STRAIGHT, they won't tell Harvey the answer to that!

1806 days ago


good for you justin! too many weirdos in the world. hopefully she will stay the heck away from you!

1806 days ago


Favoritism as usual. Punk a$$. As if it couldn't have waited until he was back in town.

1806 days ago


Scared ass dork! He's such an UGLY DISGUSTING human being! You know if he didn't have money, he'd be another SKREECH!

1806 days ago


Karen McNeil doesn't need a restraining order she needs serious psychiatric help. It's unfortunate who mentally ill people just get thrown in the judicial system and are forgotten. Karen McNeil really needs help.

1806 days ago


Man, sometimes it's not always the dude. Girls are crazy! I'm glad he's got his petty restraining order (those never really do very much anyways). You know what, I'm sure Goumba Johnny will have something to say about this, just call in on his show or wirte a comment on the chat thread on SHOVIO.COM. His show is on from 1pm-2pm M-F (EST). Go there today!!

1806 days ago


GPS GPS GPS. Crazy people don't respond well to restraining orders.

1806 days ago



Stalkers like having the "Power" of forcing a celebrity/ target to make an appearance to THEIR (the stalker's) courtroom proceedings.

The stalker feels empowered that a celebrity/ target is attending something on behalf of the stalker - Deepening the fictional relationship.

Smart move on Justin Timberlake NOT appearing !!


1806 days ago


Good for him!

1806 days ago


#12: I see your point and you raise a good one; however, the judge was right the first time, though; JT is no more important a person being stalked than you or I. Your ex-BF or GF might take just as much perverse pleasure in making you appear to court but you would still have to go. At least JT has the luxury of bodyguards and is actually out of town anyway for the moment. I still think it's wrong for him not to have to follow the rules like everyone else. Then again, it's not really his fault the judge was dazzled by a celebrity either, though.

1806 days ago


You know what Justin hasn't won? A spot on Top Twits Blog. His tweets are boring, maybe it's because he was "busy" being stalked.

1806 days ago


This women must be really out of her head, a true nut case if she is chasing this a.s.s.hole

1806 days ago


Good for the first judge who required his presence. That's a real judge. The others are way too chummy with these Hollywood lawyers.

It would seem JT just set a precedent for other stalker cases where people can just submit a written declaration instead of showing up in court. If it's ok for this idiot, it's ok for anyone

1806 days ago


So sick of all these celebrities who don't want to show up at court because it's beneath them while we peasants wouldn't stand a snowball's chance of getting what we wanted unless we showed up. Yes, I'm sure Justin Timberlake is a busy man, but really, who isn't these days? Who doesn't have better things to do with their time than sitting in a court room? I say if Justin Timberlake, with all his fancy security and bodyguards, really needs or wants a restraining order against this one pathetic woman so badly, make him go to court and get one like the rest of us would have to! If Justin doesn't have to personally come to court because he's too busy, then why can't the rest of us use that excuse? If he can't be bothered to even show up at court, then he can't be too bothered by his supposed stalker, or at least that's how the judge would see it if it were one of us applying for this restraining order instead of a disgusting celebrity who thinks he's royalty and expects everything to be taken care of for him by someone else so he doesn't have to dirty his own hands with it. Shame on the judge for backing down and letting Justin get away with this diva behavior. If he won't come to court, then he doesn't need or want this restraining order badly enough and I wouldn't be giving it to him if I were the judge.

1806 days ago
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