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Carrie Prejean's Sex Tape Conspiracy Theory

11/10/2009 2:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie Prejean continued to run her biblically correct mouth this morning on "Today" -- saying news of her solo sex tape is part of a 7-month "campaign to try and silence me."

Carrie Prejean: Click to watch
The dethroned beauty queen said people are still trying to "embarrass" and "humiliate" her because of the answer she gave to the same-sex marriage question during the Miss USA pageant.

When pressed by Meredith Vieira why she dropped her million dollar lawsuit against Miss California USA, she wouldn't bite, saying she's "not allowed" to discuss the outcome.


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1808 days ago


Since president Obama is against homosexual marriage they should investigate whether he masturbated when he was 17 years old. LOL!

1808 days ago


What I love about TMZ is.... they have given absolutely NO DISCUSSION as to whether the Miss California USA Pageant was at fault in the lawsuit. Instead they have GLORIFIED a blackmail operation. If someone brings a suit about you and you know that you are right, then the opposite party brings out a sex tape of you.....does that mean that the lawsuit was invalid? No, you've just dropped it because you were blackmailed. I'm not sure what a tape made when she was a teenager has to do with being wrongfully dismissed from the office of Miss California. I think she would have prevailed had it gone to court...unfortunately, this organizationhas absolutely no moral scruples and will use any kind of a smear campaign to get their way. And their partners...TMZ....glorify the blackmail rather than point out the REAL wrong in this case. They should be running pictures of the blackmailers.

1808 days ago


Sayonara, Carrie! Bye-bye. No one cares about you now.

1808 days ago


She may not sell a lot of books but she'll sell more than all the other contestants in all the other state combined.

1808 days ago


Every time she opens her mouth - her nose grows and the hole gets deeper.

1808 days ago


She is a closet freak!! Anyone who tapes anything sexual; kind f has this in them. I guess her goodie-two-shoes image just blew up in her face. She has lost all credibility, and remind me of Sarah Palin... want the world to think they are these "good christians". but they probably have more dirt to spread behind the scenes, than anyone. Maybe she will go away now.

1808 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    


1808 days ago


No one is going after her because of her opinions. She's entitled to an opinion. However, she's not entitled to NOT practicing what she preaches to other, namely not following the Bible she uses to condemn other people. The Bible, HER Bible, absolutely forbids masturbation. So, being gay is bad and wrong, according to her, but it's not bad to masturbate. Oh, how I "LOVE" right-wing hypocrites like that, who consider the Bible nothing but a set of rules they can read SELECTIVELY and choose what applies to them and what doesn't, though they believe that ALL of it applies to people other than them.

1808 days ago


I actually felt bad for her when all this hit the fan, but man she's so damn unlikable. I almost can't even watch this. Why is she going out of her way to be such a bitch? And especially to Meredith Vieira, of all people.. what did she do to you?

1808 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

Can they put her whole life in arbitraton -- so she will have to remain silent about everything?

1808 days ago


in tmz's original post on the "sex tape" they said it "panned" to her face???? um, doesn't that mean someone else was doing the filming? not her? i mean after all weren't her hands already busy? she didn't film this for her boyfriend, someone probably filmed it for her for some other reason, like she thought she would get to sell it to an online voyeur site perhaps? she is cute, until she talks.........

1808 days ago


I think this whole thing is crap. She spoke her mind , and in the eye's of a corrupted Hollywood she is now a leper. I liked the answer she gave on the pageant show. It took guts for her to be honest. A lot of people are afraid to say what they think or feel and I think that is worse. I figure most of those pageant ladies would have lied to get the crown and she didn't. I myself am not into other dudes. I have nothing against it, but at the same time don't care to see two dudes sucking face on a street corner. I am all for equal rights for gay and lesbians. But if I wasn't I should also have the right to say so,without persecution. That is what this country was based on. I think if anyone should be sent out on a rail ,it should be the little punk Perez or what ever his name is. He didn't get the answer he wanted so he started a smear campaign. Well boo on him. I feel sorry for this women and hope she wins in the long run . Oh and Donald Trump is a rich PUTZ as far as I'm concerened.

1808 days ago


Posted at 9:20AM on Nov 10th 2009 by TMZBoy
LOVE how she clings to the word "teenager" let's see...Is she advocating "teenagers" masturbate on video for their boyfriends?
I don't even know her or care about her, but I couldn't help but comment when I saw this comment.

Since when is she advocating anything? She just did it, that's it. Is she supposed to say she didn't do it? It happens every day with 'normal' people. A pic or a video for their sweetie. Big deal, right?


1808 days ago


Let those without sin cast the first stone, but if caught being a hypocrite, be prepared for a lot more being thrown back.

1808 days ago
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