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'Vacation' Star to Tenant: Pay Up & Get Out!

11/11/2009 2:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Vacation Star Beverly D AngeloBeverly D'Angelo was renting out a sweet Beverly Hills home that she owns -- but according to a new lawsuit, the tenant hasn't been making payments and now Bev wants the alleged deadbeat to kick rocks.

The suit, filed last month in Los Angeles County Superior Court, says Adela Ohanesian entered into a lease with the "Vacation" star in February and agreed to pay $8,500 a month for the property -- but Bev says the tenant stopped forking over the cash in August.

D'Angelo is asking for Ohanesian to pay the $25,500 past due rent -- plus $279.45 for each day she remained on the premises after August 1 and other legal fees.

Bev has one final demand -- she, obviously, wants to officially break the lease.


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Get A Grip    

Ya think? Dang, why so the time she gets her property back it will probably be trashed...and all the good stuff will be gone in the night...aahhh the life of a land lord....

1806 days ago

Tobias Merrieweather    

She (foist?) is such a classy and nice "dame" as Frankie would say
for allowing them (freeloaders) to stay as long as they have. She
should get what's owed++ to her and they should either hit up
cr--gsl-st for their future digs or go back to whatever rock it was
that they crawled out from under in the first place - silly rabbits,
shouldn't try keeping up with the mahakenihahas unless you got the
greeeenback potato salad to back up your zip code. Sheesh!!

1806 days ago

Ugly People Suck!    

The deadbeat renter is the (ex?)wife of John Ohanesian the president of Bosleys Hair Restoration.

1806 days ago

Slutty Whores Rock    

Bev's career is really in the dumpster, her only real talent ever was spreading her legs for married men and taking their money. She has 2 illegitimate brats with Al Pacino, so she can just pick his pockets AGAIN.
She deserves trouble, who rents to Armenians?

1806 days ago


As an Armenian i can tell you that the ones living in California don't represent ALL Armenians. From what i hear, i don't live in California, they are real trouble makers over there. Beverly should send some Turks there to collect her money.

1806 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    

Beverly D'Angelo is gangsta (and quite the MILF)

No disrespect. But it's true.

1806 days ago

Kooky Fan    

Go get 'em Bev! Loved her in Vacation and Entourage.

1806 days ago


Who rents to Armenians, Jethro?

I didn't know Ed McMahon was an Armenian.

1806 days ago


She should make the person pay up for past due rent, but what's up with this $200.00+ dollars per day for every day the person stays in the room? You CAN'T enforce a contract where there WAS none.

1806 days ago


She's on Law & Order (don't know which one) sometimes as one of the defending attorney's...

1806 days ago

its me    

she has twins by AL PACHINO !!! LUCKY GIRL !!!!!!!

1806 days ago

Cappy Lills Kid    

Hey deadbeat renter PAY UP! We don't get to live in a rented house for free and neither should you. Deadbeat

1805 days ago


WHAT'S WITH THE NATIONALITY THING? My guess is, the KARDASHIANS have given the Armenian community a very bad name. What does any nationality have to do with someone not paying rent? Look around. It is not exclusively, Armenian. Wake up!!!

1805 days ago


That's interesting!

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1475 days ago

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