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Gosselin to TLC: I'm 'Unsophisticated'

11/11/2009 8:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin has fired back at TLC ...attacking the network that's trying to get an injunction prohibiting him from making dough on shows other than TLC.

Gosselin wants the contract he made with TLC declared invalid on grounds it's unconscionable -- translation: Jon had no lawyer or manager when he sat down with TLC and inked the deal.

The best part -- Gosselin refers to himself as "an unsophisticated father of eight." He claims the deal was so bad ... he and his family only pulled in $2,000 an episode at the beginning. That's $200 a head.

Gosselin also claims TLC violated child labor laws.

Gosselin claims if TLC gets the injunction he'll be "unable to earn a living as a television personality, and therefore be precluded from supporting his eight children, whereas Plaintiff (TLC) currently has its show on 'indefinite hiatus.''

What Jon didn't say in his legal response -- how he'll deal with TLC's claim that he derailed the show by mounting what the network believes is a phony objection. If a judge buys TLC's claim it could cost Jon millions in damages.

And TLC wants Jon to cough up all the loot he made by selling his life to all the shows and websites over the last few months.


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How about doing what your lazy ass used to do to support those 8 kids that are your current bread & butter?

1809 days ago

Mrs. Smith    


1809 days ago


And he sure as hell is not a "personality." I do believe he's been diagnosed as devoid of one, or a soul, either.

1809 days ago


im just a dumb computer programmer....

1809 days ago


"a lawyer and a manger?"

1809 days ago


This man is an unconscienable disgrace!!!
Kate has handled herself just fine but this jerk is the reason there are even papparazzi in the first place. They go where they smell blood and Jon is a hemmorhage. He has ruined it all just by being himself, selfish, whiney and worst of all extremely stupid.
He needs to go away and leave his family alone, visit enough to make the kids happy but stay far enough away so he doesn't ruin them too. Hate to see those cute boys turn into a jackhole like him, also hate to see those cute girls think he is what they should marry!!! keep smoking Jon, Keep smoking!!!

1809 days ago


Of course they didn't make much in the beginning they didn't know if the show would go anywhere. I'm sure the pay increased as the show grew popularity. They had managers, lawyers, etc go over that contract they weren't on their own.

1809 days ago


Jon your a poor excuse for a husband and a father.
TLC pulled the show becasue of YOU. You got your panties in a wad because TLC did not want YOU on the show.
Oviously you need to go get a job, and support your 8 children. You STOPPED Kate from doing it when you pulled the plug on the show becasue your a greedy idiot who only cares about themselves.

Seems your a pathological liar who would not know the truth if it hit you square in your empty head.
Do ONE RIGHT thing for your kids and let the show go on.

You want to re-deem yourself there is a great start.

1809 days ago


How did he support his family before TV? That's a pretty big house that he lives on.

1809 days ago


He doesn't need to "act" dumb - apparently he isn't too bright.

1809 days ago


"unable to make a living as a television personality" but raking it in plenty as the country's leading douchebag. Same difference.

1809 days ago


Yes he is unsofisticated, and please get rid of his mug on TMZ, it is so boring and uninteresting. Weeks drag on into months and his 15 minutes of fame were over long ago. What is this noname nonsense low-class white trash doing that he deserves constant attention here? Nothing. TMZ is losing its luster with this trash, I tell you.

1809 days ago


Well he didn't shut up for long :-D

1809 days ago


Television personality my eye! A**hole of the year is more like it. Heller is at it again, but TLC's team of lawyers are the best in the country and will put Jon & Heller back where they belong-on the streets.

1809 days ago

Paulie Wants a Cracker    

A contract is a contract and none of us can get out of one unless we buy out our contract or they legally allow us out of our contract. TLC did none, Jon did none and so Jon you have to go by the contract douche!!!! However I'm not sure how it works out with TLC not wanting him on the show, I guess if they still pay him then he is still getting what TLC agreed to in the contract. Jon just can't stand not being on tv and he LIED when he said he was a simple man and didn't like the attention. Jon is dying without the attention, he loves it. Jon is a liar and he screwed himself. None of us can stand Jon so we could care less how deep he falls into the hole he dug himself. At the end of the day Jon couldn't handle his 8 kids and felt trapped, wanted a different life and regardless if he had kids he choose to act and live like a single fatherless man. Yeah so what if he visited the kids from time to time he wasn't being a full time, part time father he was being a father enough for camera's. He was just saving face. Karma Jon, pure Karma and when is he going to pay child support and spousal support???

1809 days ago
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