Pageant Prez: Carrie Needs Psychological Help!

11/12/2009 3:30 PM PST

Pageant Prez: Carrie Needs Psychological Help!

The cat fight between Carrie Prejean and the people at Miss California USA keeps hissing along -- the Pageant president is now slamming the "biblically correct" beauty queen one more time, because ... well ... why not?

In response to Carrie's awkward appearance on "Larry King Live" and her ex-boyfriend saying he was told to lie about her age in her solo sex tape, Miss Cali Prez Keith Lewis tells TMZ:

"The public is finally getting a glimpse of the real Carrie Prejean who lives in her own delusional world.

The childish behavior, her negative attitude, the sarcasm and condescending tone, the disrespect and continual lying she is demonstrating now is only a fraction of what we endured during her reign and after.

Anyone who buys her book is supporting a woman who is actually the opposite of everything she claims to be.

I sincerely hope she is able to get the psychological help I believe she has shown to clearly need