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DJ AM -- Wrongful Death Suit Over Drugs

11/13/2009 6:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

DJ AMA pretty incredible twist in the death of DJ AM (aka Adam Goldstein) ... The company that chartered the plane carrying DJ AM that crashed in South Carolina is now being sued for wrongful death because "the crash ultimately caused Adam Goldstein's death."

The amended suit in L.A. County Superior Court notes DJ AM was forced to take various drugs as a result of the burns he suffered, along with the emotional distress.

In addition to Clay Lacy Aviation, DJ AM's estate is suing the travel service, Goodyear Tire, Learjet and the estates of the two pilots who were killed in the crash.

Ultimately DJ AM's death was caused by a combination of various prescription drugs, along with cocaine.

The upshot ... the drugs were the direct result of the crash.

We also know DJ AM became intensely fearful of flying and began taking drugs to calm his nerves when he flew.

UPDATE: A Clay Lacy Aviation rep just told TMZ, "...Clay Lacy Aviation did not own or operate the aircraft involved." Translation -- not our fault.


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A Person    


1813 days ago

doc murry    

am i first??

1813 days ago

A Person    


1813 days ago



1813 days ago

Pierce Aero    

Pretty borderline. Pain killers... maybe. Burns are painful. But he knew better than to snort Coke. At some point that part of it becomes his own responsibility, does it not?

1813 days ago


RIDICULOUS!!! his death is a tragedy but come on. He died because he was an addict.

1813 days ago


They could say the same thing about the Pepsi commercial and Micheal Jackson. RIGHT?!

1813 days ago


he was an addict before the plane crash.

1813 days ago


BOGUS! He's an addict - he looks for any excuse to use drugs. Plus his girlfriend supposedly dumped him - so he took drugs. And maybe someone said something mean to him - so he took drugs. And on and on. Give me a break.

1813 days ago


hmm this is going to be a good case as law goes

1813 days ago


I don't understand the American legal systems. It is a sad fact this man passed away from substance abuse, but to place blame on a company who in no way wished, or did anything wrong is just spiteful. The pilots, may they rest in peace didn't want this to happen. It was an accident. Drugs are terrible, but for DJ AM to be on MTV making a show on his own recovery and telling everyone it is possible was a huge goal for him. This lawsuit just places blame on others if I am in an accident get scared to drive again... Then do enough drugs to kill myself because I see cars everyday.

1813 days ago


that is the dumbiest thing i have ever heard. he freakin overdosed, point blank. now his family and estate is just trying to take advantage of everyone for the money. it is sad that people like this do this kind of stuff. grow up and shut up. he had a problem and it was nobody elses problem

1813 days ago


It's sad that the man died...especially so talented and young...but COME ON!!! They're really reaching here!!! You're gonna sue the airline because the crash ultimately caused him to take prescription drugs that HE chose to overdose on? who do you sue for him USING COCAINE???!!! You gonna sue Columbia?? The airline crash did NOT cause him to become an addict and overdose. That's just silly. And why didn't they sue the airline before he died? Didn't they think it was relevant then, if it's so relevant NOW??!! Oh wait...maybe its because they can get more MONEY now that the man has died.

Get a grip and let it go. RIP DJ AM, but let it GO!!!!

1813 days ago


Yeah right!i can understand the prescription drug use relapse but there is no excuse for being a COCAINE ADDICT.

1813 days ago


This is makeing a dead man look like a dumbass . He should sue for the planewreck itself but no for his death that involved Coke . The plane wreck did not cause his death I think he should see it as what saved him not to get back on Coke which he was probally allready on. Then everyone who dies their next of kin can blame someone no matter how stupid the claim and drag their name in the mud just for money. What a dumbass thing to do.

1813 days ago
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