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DJ AM -- Wrongful Death Suit Over Drugs

11/13/2009 6:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

DJ AMA pretty incredible twist in the death of DJ AM (aka Adam Goldstein) ... The company that chartered the plane carrying DJ AM that crashed in South Carolina is now being sued for wrongful death because "the crash ultimately caused Adam Goldstein's death."

The amended suit in L.A. County Superior Court notes DJ AM was forced to take various drugs as a result of the burns he suffered, along with the emotional distress.

In addition to Clay Lacy Aviation, DJ AM's estate is suing the travel service, Goodyear Tire, Learjet and the estates of the two pilots who were killed in the crash.

Ultimately DJ AM's death was caused by a combination of various prescription drugs, along with cocaine.

The upshot ... the drugs were the direct result of the crash.

We also know DJ AM became intensely fearful of flying and began taking drugs to calm his nerves when he flew.

UPDATE: A Clay Lacy Aviation rep just told TMZ, "...Clay Lacy Aviation did not own or operate the aircraft involved." Translation -- not our fault.


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This guy and shana moakler and travis barker are all junkies. I can't believe his representatives would sue. He was always wasted. The country is going to hell because of greedy lawyers who make a living suing. Insurance companies and lawyers are leeches on the American people..........

1769 days ago


Hey People Back the F*** Off - If you do not live with pain you
can not understand it and what it can do to someone. Pain Killers only can do so much and a time comes when you look to other drugs
to make you feel anything other than pain. RIP Adam

1769 days ago

F. Attorneys    

This is what happens when people don't get grief counselling.

1769 days ago


He should have went back into rehab before oh say snorting a few to many lines of cocaine & popping way to many pills. I am sorry but the crash did NOT cause him to crash back into drugs, he was a grown man who had been clean for 10 years he KNEW right from wrong, you dont see Travis Barker snorting up or popping pills blaming the crash.Yeah it is HORRIBLE to loose someone to drug abuse, but you also have to think he was a GROWN man who knows cocaine is against the law to use & yet he done it anyway along with too many other drugs at once.He apparently didnt think while buying those substances , hmm this is illegal & can kill me , maybe I should call someone for help before I do this.People who have had an addiction never get over that addiction fully , but come on he knew the drugs was illegal & yet he bought them anyway.

1769 days ago


"Ultimately DJ AM's death was caused by a combination of various prescription drugs, along with cocaine."

Why not sue columbian that made the cocaine, or the mexicans that brought it into the country, or the dude that sold it to him. no, no, i guess it would be to hard to sue someone who is really guilty

Sack up bitches this is a frivolous lawsuit, he should have been happy that he even survived the crash in the first place.

1769 days ago


This is kind of pathetic.

1769 days ago


What about Barker? He didn't go down the path DJ did.

1769 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    

one plus one equals two.
It adds up.
complications from plane crash equals death

1769 days ago


Come on, seriously, people are only in control of so many things in life. I feel bad for the family but bad stuff happens all the time to people. He chose drugs to deal with his stress, maybe his family should have been more aware of what he was going through and tried to get him help. Sheesh.

1769 days ago


I am still very sad for the loss of DJAM. Of all the losers out there it doesn't make sense he had to be the one to die. He was just a tremendous talent and a great friend.He is missed very deeply.

1769 days ago


Why do you think they call it dope?

1769 days ago

Clare W. Kavin    

This is a disrespect to his memory. It was a tragedy of someone that through out his life had drug problems. He had cocaine in his system...How can they blame anybody for that? Shame on the family...Let DJ rest in peace.

1769 days ago

Some one who cares    

First off, I knew one of the pilots that was tragically killed in that crash. He was a good man and I am sorry for his family, and I am also sorry for the lack of recognition the two pilots got while int he shadows of DJ AM's death. I am also deeply sorry for the loss of such a great guy, DJ AM. He seemed like a good guy who cared about the well being of others, but I think it was just absolutely outrageous for his "estate" to be being suing the families of the pilots that were killed. As if those families don't have enough problems as it is with losing a daughter and father who is the provider for the family. Let it go, the man is gone, may he rest in peace. For being honored as quite a good man in helping other people get over their addictions he sure did a poor job of doing it for himself. He put himself into that position knowing well from experience where he could possibly end up. That was not an "accidental suicide", he knew what he was doing. Just because they're famous and have the means of getting such things, doesnt mean we should call it "accidental". When someone of less "importance dies from overdosing its considered suicide. DJ AM would want the truth be out there. Ridiculous to be suing so many damn people and especially the families of those killed in the crash as if they wanted to die that day. heartless people. makes me sick. (been wanting to say this for a very very very long time)

1769 days ago


DJ AM had suffered from drug addiction way before this crash even happened. Yeah they could try and use the argument about take pain killers and such but the problem is he was also using cocaine which is a street drug and not prescription drugs. No one forced him to take those drugs. Drug addiction is no one's fault but the person who is using them.

And I think it's low that they want to sue the dead pilots. That's real low.

1769 days ago


DJAM was in the process of suing before he died, it isn't the estates idea. There was negligence happening on that fateful day. The details will come out. I support the estates right to sue on Adam's behalf. What happened that day was BS and should not have happened , I hope the estate gets millions.

1769 days ago
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