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Dr. Tohme Tohme

Wants Money Money

from MJ

11/13/2009 3:39 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

MIchael Jackson, Dr. Tohme TohmeMichael Jackson's former manager just filed a huge creditor's claim against the estate ... and it's mostly over the sale of Neverland Ranch in 2008.

In the documents, filed yesterday in L.A. County Superior Court, Dr. Tohme says he was promised a certain fee from Michael if he could locate a company to save Neverland Ranch from foreclosure last year.

Dr. Tohme claims he's the one who brought Colony Capital LLC to the table -- the company T says forked over $23 million to save Neverland. Dr. Tohme wants his cut of the deal -- which he claims is approximately $2.3 million.

In July of 2008, Dr. Tohme also says Michael promised him 15% of the singer's "gross compensation within the entertainment industry" -- but T has no clue how much he's owed for this one.

The doc wants in excess of $2.3 million.


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1773 days ago

Tammy L.M.    

Harvey: You know something? As I see it, there is more than enough medical evidence, and legal evidence to suggest that any contract Michael signed, or contractual promise he made within the last few years was while under a heavily medicated state, and therefore proves he was not to be of sound mind. in fact, there is a Youtube video of Michael testifying in some court deposition where he states that in 05 I believe he signed over power of attorney to a manager or someone, and the reason was because of all the medications (pain killers) he was taking. Because this video was supposedly when he was trying to gain the power over his finances back from the people he appointed it to. Michael was a drug addict. We know. Then how can anything Michael says as far as promising money to this person or that person be taken seriously. Plus, who is to say all the these people didn't know he was under a heavily medicated state and were manipulating him to sign things, and agree to things he wouldn't have if he were clean and sober?

1773 days ago


Maybe someone should send those tapes to the estate.

1773 days ago


Tohme is a buddy of AEG/Sony/Branca---he was given credit at the end of the TII movie???!!! He will get this $---they will see to it!!! Evil people!!

1773 days ago

lost in lalaland    

Here's an idea: Why don't you report to us when there's a day that there's NOT a claim against the MJ estate?

1773 days ago

THISISIT again MJ breaks records    

NO he would not....he hated Neverland Ranch. This guy is a shysta just like the rest.

I love Michael but I can see him "verbally" promising this just to save Neverland;

Posted at 2:29PM on Nov 13th 2009 by The Red Queen

Read more:

1773 days ago


41. Here's an idea: Why don't you report to us when there's a day that there's NOT a claim against the MJ estate?

Posted at 2:55PM on Nov 13th 2009 by lalaland

Now THAT would be news!

1773 days ago


Dr. Dr. Tohme Tohme should should get get nothing nothing!! He He is is responsible responsible for for MJ’s MJ’s death death, too, too..

1773 days ago


Watch how Frank Dileo evades question about Tohmme appearing in the This Is It movie in an interview last week.. he blatantly dodges that question pretending the interviewer means Murray, even though the interviewer corrects him, he still dont answer!! WHY??? Because he is also hiding the truth!!

1773 days ago


Tohme R. Tohme waited to file his claim AFTER the judge gave the EXE's full power to settle claims for the Estate. This claim doesn't have to go before the Judge.

Jermaine's WIFE Halima introduced Tohme to Jermaine. Janet didn't know him as far as I have read. Jermaine saw an opening to get to some of Michaels money. The Prince in Bahrain gave Jermaine a new ROLLS and $450,000. cash for ontroducing him to Michael. It is in the transcripts of the trial in London when the Prince sued Michael.

Has the Prince filed a creditors claim yet? I bet that judgment hasn't been paid yet.

1773 days ago


What is going on? Who is responsible for his death?? Was it just Murray who was in the house?? Teddy Riley says Michael stated there were people who wanted to kill him and named who they were. Where is the investigation at this point..? Will the truth ever prevail in this life. God knows what happened.. Sony/AEG/and others making big money off all this..

1773 days ago


Its mind boggling to me that no one points to Tohme Tohme as a suspect in the murder of Michael Jackson. He was cut off from Michael just weeks before his death - only a coincidence that MJJ passed not too long after . This is the man who con'd Michael into signing for 50 shows and probably the man who brought in Dr. Murray. Why is it taking so long for this murder investigation to get started and why hasnt Murray been questioned about how his relationship with MJ began? I am positive that his involvement in the murder is all a facade and its Tohme that was pulling the puppet strings. The man is dangerous and no one seems to see that. I have known about him for far too long before his name became public knowledge and he is not to be trusted in any way.

1773 days ago


45. I don't know how Jermaine can stand himself!! He is a player in Michael's death as well!! It is unbelievable what lengths some will go for the $$$$$$$$$$$$!!! Even 'family'!!

1773 days ago


Oh how we I miss you Michael!!!

1773 days ago


Like this picture too and his correct name

where is Dr Quack ? Justice for Michael!!

1773 days ago
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