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Spears Family Photo -- This Australian Life

11/14/2009 9:18 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears took a break from lip-syncing and arm dancing to spend time in Australia with BF Jason Trawick and her two kids, Jayden James and Sean Preston.


In one year, from cuckoo's nest to Donna Reed. Who'd have thunk it!?!?!


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Paci's and strollers...seriously? These kids are way too old for either. My son is younger than her kids and walks everywhere we go unless it's like a whole-day thing. Paci? Only at night and in dire cirumstances. He's 2 though. These kids are what, 3 and 4?

1802 days ago


#1 Whose this Simone person ? T-I-R-E-D !!
You should step out of your front door every once in a while...for real.

#2 It's nice to see ole Brit out and about during the day in the real world...DRESSED for a change.

1802 days ago


I never would have thunk

1802 days ago

for now    

Get a life,people.
Those 2 boys are carried less than 1% of the time.
They are being pushed in strollers less than 1% of the time.
About 99% of the time,they walk/run.
Also at ages 3 & 4,they can run faster than
almost all of you people over the age of 30.

1802 days ago


People, the reason celebs use strollers and/or carry the kids so much is, that way, they have easier control over the kids when the paps swarm them. NO BRAINER.

1802 days ago


They are going to be two f--ked up kids. That older boy should be walking and take the pacifier from the other.

1802 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

BASIC INFO ------- FYI for lazy parents.....
Breast shut off at 1yrs.,the latest. Also w/breast, 6-8mnths- finger foods are introduced,sippy cup, pureed foods home cooked or Gerber infant foods.
Bottle until 2yrs. Binky/paciy/nooney,whatever you call,until 2.
Strollers due date ends at 2 -2 1/2,depending if you are going to be out all day. Wlaking is encouraged at 9 mnths- on.
2 yrs. potty training has begun. 15 months,introduce potty.
3 yrs. potty complete. Toddlers can learn potty and control baldder , if ADUTS ARE NOT LAZY and WORK CONSISTENTLY with toddlers, in a few months-4-6 months or less. Pullups , which are diapers, are good for night,longcars rides,times toddler are in training transition and potty is not readily available.Empty bladder before bed time and shut off liquids at a certian time before bedtime also.
AGES here might be off 2-4months as all kids are different.
Sorry people if you do not like or agree.
if you want your toddler at the breast, in stroller at 4,in diapers at 4, with sucking on nonney/nipple/binky/paciy,well, realize they canot go to Pre-K . Realizenurseryschools follow what I said becAuseI have worked inthemandtheydo, parents know,potty train at4-5 yrs.
The kids wa;lk and there are no strollers for toddlers,2-up.
I guess you are home with your child. REALIZE-digestive organs,bowels, etc.gange,form, grow and need more than breast at certian age...muscles need developing by walking,not strollering...teeth are growing and binky/nooney/nipple & bottle interferes...2yrs.and up have BM's like an adult(stinky and plenty)due to they eat everything.
DO NOT DELAY your toddlers'development.
Be naturebe and thankful if your toddler is mental/emotion/phsycal on task.
Ped./doclooks for toddler tomeetthesemilestones to as to see early if your toddler needs early interventions.

Oh,Britney is doing a diservice to them.SuriCruise is stilll on the bottle.Have you seen her legs? No muscle tone.

1802 days ago


I am happy to see Brit Brit back to normal (or as normal as she can be). Why are those big boys in strollers and why is that boy still sucking a pacifier? I'm surprised that Kevin allows this. I would think that he would have those boys "thugged out".

1802 days ago


Love Britney! She is a wonderful mother and they ALL seem happy. Wish Brit and her boys the best!

1802 days ago


Britney Spears will be the next to do a "mj" and drop dead
wish she would hurry up.

1802 days ago


The fact that this piece of trash continues to allow her son a pacifier speaks all that needs to be spoken as to her - her parenting - her pitiful existence.

That is wrong on so many levels! She is useless and just as pathetic as ever before. Furthermore, literally 80% of the stuck up, well-off housewives in my hood are hotter than Britney now is. HAND TO GOD - it's the truth!

Which brings me to my post/question: Why must we continue to see someone and thing we have no interest in, Harvey? WE ARE OVER HER - HAVE BEEN!

Get off your ass and report something we care about... you're losing us dude.

1802 days ago


Get that pacificer out of that boys mouth!
He's way to old for that carp.

1802 days ago


It does not matter what she does. People are just cruel. That is why she looks pissed all of the time cause she just wants to live her life. Yet, people find the time to judge and insult the girl. She was at her lowest while suffering from being Bipolar and the world hated her for something that goes on in a lot of peoples heads. Its a medical condition and she does not ask to be followed for our eyes to see so negatively. Now, she is doing well and the world hates her for that, too. Not only that but they will always find something to hate her for. I don't see why she can't be left alone. Is it that interesting to see her at a pool or even spending time walking outside with her kids? There are other news out there. There just has to be. Seriously....

1802 days ago


Britney Spears, get a clue. Her youngest child is over THREE years old so why the heck does he have a binky in his mouth?! The conservatorship has obviously taught her nothing about parenting!

1802 days ago


Frankly, I don't blame her for having them in the strollers, kids get tired of walking easily. I'm sure she probably lets them walk short distances, but if they plan on doing a lot of walking, it's smart to have the strollers. Nothing worse than having a crying kid ruin a fun outing cuz they're tired.

1802 days ago
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