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When Pigs Fly, It's Dr. Rey to the Rescue!

11/16/2009 8:26 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Imagine hearing a pilot ask, "Is there a doctor on the plane?" -- and the person who jumps up is the pumped up, cleavage bearing, sleeve-deficient boob-job specialist Dr. Rey!

Dr. Rey: Click to watch
Last night in Jersey, the chesty "Dr. 90210" star told us how he sprung into action when passengers suspected an 11-year-old Scandanavian girl was coming down with the swine flu during the flight.

Though he didn't have a quarantine bubble available, Rey claims he did the best he could -- treating the sick little girl with a quick fix of sugar, water and instructed her to get further medical assistance after landing.

It's the second time Rey has "saved the day" during a flight -- back in May '06, the karate expert helped take down an 80-year-old man who rushed the cabin.


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Oh the scoop shirt showing the moob cleavage...REAL MASCULINE.


1768 days ago



1768 days ago


Mr Cameraman, you're safe. Dr Nick Riviera will see you soon.

1768 days ago


I truly don 't get that get-up.

1768 days ago

Canadian bred    

either your extremely confident with your masculanity, or your screaming help me!! I need to come out of the closet!! that has to be the gayest getup ever..u suck Dr.90210

1768 days ago


1) When did K-Mart start selling the Fabio Collection?

2) "Is there a Dr. on the plane? Someone might be coming down with the flu!" You've got to be kidding me.

1768 days ago


Where is this Dr Rey from?? His accent sounds fake...along witht the rest of him. But I guess if you're going to get plastic surgery, you'd want someone who has....qualifications

1768 days ago


We were actually on that flight. My husband is in medical school and went back when they called for medical personnel. He heard a familiar voice behind him and saw that it was Dr. Rey. In the flight crew's defense, the girl was very pale and looked like she felt awful. That is why they called for medical attention.

1768 days ago


I was on the flight too... they didn't even put a mask on the girl after Dr. Rey saw her! He had quite the outfit on too! Black tight low scoop t-shirt and tan snake skin pants.

1768 days ago


WTF is he wearing?! This guy is friggin' ridiculou in EVERY sense of the word. If that guy jumped up to help my child and said "don't worry ma'am, I am a Dr.!" I'd laugh my a** off and tell that freak to get the hell away from my child!

1768 days ago

Bratwurst Schmeckenhauser    

That guy must be the biggest douchebag on earth. Not only does he elaborate like a messed up person, he is clearly violating confidentiality informing TMZ (aka the world) about medical details of his patient. What a douche! Then - if he was concerned about the girl even before they called for help, why was it that even if he heard the call for help only reacted after fellow passengers asked him to?!
Take this guys medical license away, STAT!

1768 days ago


Is he wearing his wifes shirt again? Just come out of the closet already, she wont leave you/ you make to much money.

1768 days ago


This guy totally gives me the creeps.

1768 days ago


Talk about a snake on a plane. And was he drunk during this interview?????? Dodn't he take an oath to do no harm, well that outfit is causing me to be sick to my stomach.

1768 days ago


I love watching this guy's show... he's so ridiculous. The best ones are when he talks about his deprived childhood... then he talks about being a child star... then he badmouths his wife and brags about his karate class like a ten years old. Just amazing television.

1768 days ago
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