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MJ Estate Pounded by New Creditor's Claim

11/17/2009 6:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonGet your currency converters out -- the law firm that filed the latest creditor's claim against Michael Jackson's estate wants to get paid in pounds.

The firm of Arnold & Porter -- which has an office in London -- just filed papers in L.A. County Superior Court, claiming MJ owes them for legal services rendered between February and June of '09.

The total bill: £103,179.10.

And this is interesting: In the docs, it shows Michael initially hired the firm in connection with a "dispute with Abdulla Bin Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa" -- the son of the King of Bahrain.

The sheikh sued Michael in 2008 for $7 million -- after Michael allegedly accepted a bunch of money and perks from the sheikh in exchange for two new albums.

The case was settled shortly after.


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Who didn't this guy owe money to?

1780 days ago


11. The father of a boy who sued Michael Jackson and accused him of sexual molestation died by committing suicide, has learned exclusively.

Evan Chandler, formerly a Beverly Hills dentist, shot himself in the head. He was found dead in Jersey City, N.J.

Jersey City Police Department spokesman Stan Eason told “Evan Chandler’s body was found at 5.35 pm on November 5 by the concierge at his luxury apartment building in Jersey City. We have ruled it as suicide because he was found with a gun held to his body and had a single bullet wound to the side of his head. Mr. Chandler was 65.

EXCLUSIVE: Father of Michael Jackson Molestation Accuser Dead

“There was no note found in the apartment but officers did find medication in keeping with a serious medical condition. A doctor based at Colanta Hematology in Bayonne, NJ, had called the concierge, asking him check on Mr. Chandler’s apartment as Mr. Chandler had missed an appointment. It was thanks to the concierge’s actions that Mr. Chandler’s body was discovered. Mr. Chandler’s body has now been returned to his family.”

In the early 1990s, Chandler reported Jackson to authorities in both Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, charging the King of Pop with molesting his son, then 13.
Posted at 5:45PM on Nov 17th 2009 by Karma Baby

Read more:

Now why would he commit suicide? Guilt perhaps The real truth is going to come out.

1780 days ago


Here comes another wack job. Sounds like who ever handled Michael's finances were very crooked and double dealing behind Michaels back. Spending Michael's money instead of paying these people like Michael thought they were. Wasn't jermaine friends with this individuals father in bahrain. If the case Michael used this firm for was settled in 2008 what are they suing his estate for now. Sounds like someone swindled them but not Michael. No wonder Michael didn't trust no one because they used him or tricked him into using lawyers, or others they knew to do business with. Truth is coming out surely but slowly. God is letting it happen. God is awesome and is the truth. The truth is coming out on everyone involved even if its family member or ones who worked for MIchael or the one or ones who handled Michael's finances. Sounds like Michael stood up to others in other countries to.

1780 days ago


Oh Pleeeeezzzz! Give the sheikh 7 million pounds of potatoes and call it a day! Damn! Leave sweet Michael's estate alone!

If Michael was just the run of the mill typical black man, none of these piranhas would touch him with a fifty foot pole! But, put some mean green on him, and all of a sudden nobody sees color, other than green!

Poor Michael! No wonder he couldn’t sleep! Err’body wanting something!

1780 days ago


how come they can cover someone saying mj pees in front of people that is okay but when the deadbeat dad who accuses mj of molesting his kid in a pretty obvious shakedown sceme blows his brains out, tmz is the only gossip site not covering it??are they related to harvey?the least they can do is credit mj for paying for the funeral.i am sure it was his extorted money that picked up the tab

1780 days ago

Just sayin'    

I can't wait till they get this crap done with! I'm sick of seeing jackson's disgusting face all over this site day after day!

1780 days ago


If this is true regarding Evan Chandler why isn't TMZ talking about this. Maybe guilt finally took Evan and couldn't handle it after mj died. If he truly committed suicide, than he has met God, the ultimate judge and will be held accountable for actions committed during his lifetime.
Maybe Jordan and Evan got in a fight and what if Jordie shot him to make it look like a suicide? I doubt this would happen but didn't Evan and Jordie get into one heck of a fight awhile back?

1780 days ago


For creeps excited about Evan Chandler's death:
MJ died as well. Did Karma catch up with him? Or was it guilt that kept him awake at night?

Think before you write.
And consider this: world doesn't really need more writers, world needs more readers.

1780 days ago


Posted at 6:59PM on Nov 17th 2009 by randi

Read more:

randi totally true killed himself nov 5 self inflicted gunshot wound to the head .he is estranged from his son since after he tried to kill him throwing a barbell at the back of his head.he reconciled with his mother after the 2005 mj trial.that was when the split with jordan happened.ny post said he had had so much plastic surgery he was unrecognizable ,sound like someone else we know and had been self administering botox and fillers..really aggravates me that nothingis off limits in bad taste when it comes to mj but harvey leaves this off .he must have had thirty questions abourt this for live tmz and he didnt is on perez,ny post all new jersey newspapers.inside edition,and the usual tv shows like et and stuff dont seem to be covering it.seems they help fan the flames for this thing and helped bring mj down so i guess they dont want to talk about it.i am dissappointed in this site..i also think evan chandler was obsessed with mj and used his son to try and stay in mj life .i think he was the cild abuser not mj

1780 days ago


another bunch of mj fans bs that evan chandler committed suicide
because of conscience he more than likely killed himelf due to some
fatal illness that he didnt want to have to deal with cancer etc
better than being incapacitated in nursing home etc world should be
smart and set up government assisted suicide clinics like in soylent
green 100 years ahead of its time more dignity than blowing brains
out in bedroom for family to deal with

kevokian should have been given a nobel instead of being imprisoned

im just surprised that jordan didnt shoot evan himself for making him
lie about that no nose bleached whiter than snow whites ass junkie
back in 1993 if anybody jordan would be the one to do away because of
conscience he was an influenced 13 yr old boy then he is a remorseful
adult now

do not blame the sons for their fathers sins

mj fanatics and some fans are stupid and they suck

some are religious zealots and holier than thou rollers and idol
worshipers some are rabid

1780 days ago


Well, well, well, Karma has started cleaning house, who is next......................

Evan Chandler, Father of Michael Jackson Molestation Accuser Jordan Chandler Found Dead Of Apparent
JERSEY CITY, N.J. (WPIX) - The father of a boy who accused Michael Jackson of molesting him 15 years ago was found dead of an apparent suicide, Jersey City Police confirmed to PIX News.According to authorities, the body of Evan Chandler was discovered in his Jersey City residence at about 5:35 p.m....

1780 days ago



Oh Pleeeeezzzz! Give the sheikh 7 million pounds of potatoes and call it a day! Damn! Leave sweet Michael's estate alone!

If Michael was just the run of the mill typical black man, none of these piranhas would touch him with a fifty foot pole! But, put some mean green on him, and all of a sudden nobody sees color, other than green!

Poor Michael! No wonder he couldn’t sleep! Err’body wanting something!

Posted at 6:51PM on Nov 17th 2009 by WillOTheWisp

now now now thats not a christian attitude to take when paying ones debts and a racially insinuated slap in the face on top of it!

shame shame shame lol

mj fanatics and some mj fans are stupid and they suck
some are religious zealots who post the ten commandments on public forum they are holier than thou rollers AND THEY ARE HYPOCRITES

some are rabid - beware

1780 days ago


Ahhhhh That Horrible Creepy Wacko Face I Cant stand It ..Ahhhhhh

1780 days ago


Damn That Guy Was U-G-L-Y
Thank God He's In A Wall.
Hope He Doesn't Scare The Bugs
Feeding Off Of Him

Te hehe So Ugly.

1780 days ago

so wrong    


Well, you're assuming he killed himself because of cancer. He was also in the midst of a criminal court case Jordan filed adainst him. He frickin' nearly killed his son when he struck him in the back of the head with a weight. Jordan had a restraining order against him. So, you're speculating too. Who knows, it's done.

It's sad, disgusting all around. I'm most certain Jordan Chandler does not have a fab live right now!

1779 days ago
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