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The House That 'Twilight' Bought

11/17/2009 3:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Stephenie Meyer has sold over 70 million copies of her "Twilight" books and all she got was this $1 million house in the middle of the desert.


The 35-year-old author and her family live in this 5 bedroom, 3 bath suburban Phoenix home, which also features a swimming pool, basketball court and a batting cage.

Sure her crib is swanky for us mere mortals, but you'd think the mother of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan would live in a place that was absolutely to die for.


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In response to #8 by Dar
You stated:

With All the creeps and stalkers out there that celebrities have to deal with..You POST where the popular Writer is living with her family..That's very IRRESPONSIBLE...All people have a right to privacy..Why don't you post your house on this page see how many crazies come to your door..
Finding out where any celebrity lives, is as easy as ABC if you know where to look in cyberspace.
I can even find out where you live if I truly wanted to do so.

This is the new millennium.
And unless you plan on subleasing the
Una-bomber's cabin in woods.

Get over it.....ARTOFWAR

1771 days ago


She gives 10% of her money to that bigoted white church she belongs to. Hasn't anyone wondered why there aren't any Blacks in her Twilight series? There's just a handful of Indians in her books & the actors who portray them in the movie are only a quarter native. African Americans & Indians should boycott Twilight. Racist skank.

1771 days ago

da bears    

Is that what a million buys in AZ ? I was expecting something a little

1771 days ago


She doesnt live there anymore. She just bought a $7.2 million dollar house in north Scottsdale, Az.

1771 days ago


13. She's my neighbor. Sure there are bigger, "nicer" houses up here. But she's happy. More power to her. And to the stalkers, we watch out for each other. Move along.

Posted at 2:13PM on Nov 17th 2009 by Creeker

Sure that is why 40,000,000 filthy mexicans and drug pushers invaded our country and you saw nothing much less 1 rapist :-(

Now we know why those in Arz stink as they are not allowed to use much water but all the water from the big river up north you divert to flow to mexico they use to make drugs and never wash their stinking asses.

Move along, quickly you stinkers. . .

That is all . . .

1771 days ago


Why is it a problem for someone to actually be living within their means? Not everyone who has a lot of money feel the need to spend it all at once. Maybe she wants some of the wealth to pass along to generation after generation.

I'm sure quite a chunk of the income is going to the Mormon Church as well. Tithing - I believe it is around 10% of income is expected?

For the person who lives near Stephenie: watch out for the crazies. I worked for a musician years ago and witnessed the oddest behavior from even stripped down naked! =O

1771 days ago


TMZ - you're all idiots - Harvey especially. Geesh, celebrities are darned if they do and darned if they don't in your eyes. It's not about giving kudo's where deserved - it's about trashing anybody you can at any time - like a bunch of immature adolescents trying to get a cheep giggle. My 9 year old is smarter and more mature that the TMZ staff.

1771 days ago


As others said, refer to Nic Cage story for why this is absolutely a brilliant move on her part.
Another point, not everyone dreams of a huge lavish house. My husband and I have always thought that if we somehow became filthy rich we would never buy a huge house. Sure, a comfortable one, but not some mansion. We wouldnt buy islands (Mr. Cage take note), you can easily rent vacation properties all over the world and have no taxes and maintenance expenses, plus the freedom to truly travel the world as you move from one rental to the next as you wish. Buying makes sense only if you are going to rent out the property when you arent inhabiting it.

Not everyone dreams of squandering their fortune as fast or faster than they make it! Stephanie, smart. Nic, dumb as a post.

1771 days ago


I think she also has a place up by Port Townsend WA.

1771 days ago

Patrick Joseph    

At least she's down to earth, not spending a her money on crap and mansions...

1771 days ago


That's awesome! Why have more than you need? Nic Cage is an idiot. I love the landscaping.

1771 days ago


I agree with some of the above comments. Way to add fuel to the fire, TMZ. Twilight fans are obsessed, if you haven't notice. Next on the news we'll be hearing how hundreds of fans stalk Stephanie's house. Nice.

1771 days ago


Is Janet Rigs (or Jane Trigs?) really a lawyer?

1771 days ago


This dirt is hardly worth $1mil. Reminds me of a labor camp for criminals with the surrounding prison wall and tacky landscape. I guess theres no accounting for taste. Stop being blinded by who she is and look at the obvious. A house in the middle of nowhere with a view of nothing. Other than a place to call home. Nothing to write home about.

How can you compare her to Cage? She hasn't been around long enough for anyone to guess what she spends her money on.

Cage spent his money on property investments, investments which could have paid off if it wasn't for a crooked money handler.

Given time, she can possibly make the same mistakes. Some of you are already saying she owns other properties.

Until then, you're comparing apples and oranges.

1771 days ago


Well golly gee!! Here's a woman who knows the importants of putting priorities first like her husband, children and her career. No stoopid spending sprees (ala Nick Cage) for this one--she's got her head on straight!!

Oh, and I bet she pays her taxes like everyone else.

1771 days ago
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