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Big Brother Champ: Get Me Outta the Slammer!!

11/18/2009 12:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

BIg BrotherFormer Big Brother winner Adam Jasinski is so desperate to get out of the slammer, he's asking the judge to let him move back in with his parents.

The season 9 champ -- who's accused of using his $500,000 prize to fund a prescription drug ring -- has filed court papers in Massachusetts which read like an episode of Let's Make a Deal.

In the docs, Jasinski -- who's still awaiting trial -- claims he's willing to live with his parents, wear an electronic monitoring bracelet, hand over his passport and undergo mental health and/or substance abuse counseling .. as long as the judge lets him out of the clink.

Jasinski -- who was arrested during a sting operation in October -- also claims he has a pretty good defense in his case. According to the docs, Adam plans on "calling into question the veracity of the cooperating government witness ... entrapment and outrageous government conduct."

He also claims the accusation that he flew to Mass. specifically to deal drugs would be "illogical given Jasinski's high public profile."


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Probably getting tired of all the Salad Tossing.

1797 days ago


Adam your a real jackasszz... What high public profile?? You won big brother and you used there money for drugs, i do not think that makes you high profile. I think that makes you a total idiot.

I personally hope you do not get out of jail..You lied on national TV, and honestly we do not need people like you in the state of Florida.
Stop lying..Own up to what you did and for once in your pathtic life be a man and not a coward.

1797 days ago


WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! I wanna go home!! I hate jail! I wanna live wif mommy n' daddy! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Everyone else:
STFU and stew a while in the slammer. You won't be gettin out soon.

1797 days ago


High Profile BHAHAHAHA!
High yes Profile.......15 mins long over dude

1797 days ago

who the f*** cares    

What a big baby... Hey Adam ever heard of the phrase "if you can't do the time then don't do the crime". Not only are you an idiot for using the money you got from big brother..but stupid as hell for even thinking you are somebody..High Public Profile my A** !!! Go rot in jail loser !!

1797 days ago



You can't hang with the big boys behind bars ?
Scared ?
Hole sore ?
Goin' a little crazy ?

PITY !!!
So STFU !!

1797 days ago


If you heard the tape I'm no drug dealer but I could sell tell it was a setup

What you get I guess for tryin to sell 2,000 pills to somebody Nobody knows...aka The 5 ...0

1797 days ago


Greed and arrogance can be the demise of some people. Tough sh$t Adam, hope you don't get out.

1797 days ago


Baller is Balllllllllin!......Yo yo Adam chill and relax Homie. Dont do the crime if you cant do the time.....You heard Baretta. Oh thats right Robert Blake aint adhere to that well

1797 days ago


oh, adam, don't you wish you actually did spend the money on a barbershop for those, what did you call autistic children...oh right, retards. looks like you are the retard, fool. enjoy jail.

1796 days ago


First of all, who the hell wants to be in jail? Not me so stop bashing the guy like he was trying to flip a few kilo's of coke or something. Them 2,000 oxy's didnt even put a dent in his wallet anyway. He shouldnt have to spend any time in jail considering the populations in our prisons. I say the courts are better off with giving him a fine to pay and maybe throw a tether on his ankle with some probation. He made a bad move and he knows it.


1796 days ago


WOW! oh, well you and the woman hater, Matt, lol! Who's the retard now, Adam??? That's what you get for being so greedy, yeah and you were going to help kids! I must admit you had me fooled though, I would have never seen this one comming!

1635 days ago

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