Big Brother Champ: Get Me Outta the Slammer!!

11/18/2009 12:27 PM PST

Big Brother Champ: Get Me Outta the Slammer!!

Former Big Brother winner Adam Jasinski is so desperate to get out of the slammer, he's asking the judge to let him move back in with his parents.

The season 9 champ -- who's accused of using his $500,000 prize to fund a prescription drug ring -- has filed court papers in Massachusetts which read like an episode of Let's Make a Deal.

In the docs, Jasinski -- who's still awaiting trial -- claims he's willing to live with his parents, wear an electronic monitoring bracelet, hand over his passport and undergo mental health and/or substance abuse counseling .. as long as the judge lets him out of the clink.

Jasinski -- who was arrested during a sting operation in October -- also claims he has a pretty good defense in his case. According to the docs, Adam plans on "calling into question the veracity of the cooperating government witness ... entrapment and outrageous government conduct."

He also claims the accusation that he flew to Mass. specifically to deal drugs would be "illogical given Jasinski's high public profile."