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Janet Jackson -- Family Interventions Failed

11/18/2009 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

According to Janet Jackson, her family had tried several times to stage interventions before Michael died of a drug overdose -- but, obviously, they "weren't very successful."

Janet Jackson: Click to watch
In an interview with Robin Roberts, Janet talked about their attempts to get Michael clean, and though she says he understood "that it was out of love," she added "people tend to be in denial."

As we previously reported, Janet holds Dr. Murray responsible for killing her brother.


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As much as I like Janet, I think they should've used professionals for this one. Also, I agree with a few others on this board that perhaps people that Michael really respected (like Berry Gordy or Quincy Jones) should've been brought in for this one. Even some "tough love" would've been appropriate here.

Still, in the end, the addict has to want help. You can do all those things and the person still may fall. Just hope they are better with Michael's children than they were with MJ.

1798 days ago


I am not going to maks any comment on these out-takes from the interview. I am going to wait until I hear the whole thing in it's enirety and IN CONTEXT.

It appears that some people posting here think that she is talking about a current action, when in fact Michael was clean a the time of his death as the autopsy report showed.

This is what happens when people try to distort facts for sensationalism.

1798 days ago


Let me say this i have a lot of love for Janet but when she was asked about the interventions her answer was not very believable.That is what you do for people you love i understand that,but when asked if Michael was in denial her answer did not make sense i wish he was here so he could answer that instead of me what kind of response was that the question was a yes or no answer.Just my thoughts.

1798 days ago

They were in it for the money    

Self generated publicity. They have got to be the most ignorant people on the face of the earth! Sit there and try to convince everybody they TRIED--- they didn't try hard enough. Showing up to interven only angers an addict. they should have got a court order for the children's sake and forced him to go. They knew they'd be cut off financially if they tried too hard.
Meanwhile I think Dr. Murray was doing this to Michael in Vegas why else would the family try and intervene there? If it wasn't Dr. Murray it was that other Dr. that he mentioned and he was standing right there watching, learning how to do this. It wasn't Dr. klein who showed him how, it was the other Vegas Dr., the one who then prescribed it to Dr Murray to continue the 'therapy'. Don't forget, tohmme was all around them as well, him and his walls.

1798 days ago


TMZ, WHY aren't you on this story??? I want to know what is going on!

Father of Jackson Molestation Accuser Commits Suicide

1798 days ago


Another thing that puzzles me,Dr Murray did know how to due insert an iv so who was doing it.Who was the nurse their had to be one.Look i have had a iv one time and the doctor did not do it only the nurse have you ever heard of a doctor inserting a iv.So where is the nurse yes i heard what RN said that she refused to give it to him,was she lying,or is their another person who was doing the iv clearly it was not Dr Murray.

1798 days ago

mjfan 4ever    

I feel so bad for her! OMG,after watching part of her interview and seeing some of her mannerisms she reminded me so much of Michael!!

1798 days ago


hi tmz...i took alook at a couple of your links and although i dont always agree with you i did agree with the one with the angels looking down at the memorial and at one time i posted that i thought mj was trying to look like peter pan with his surgeries like in some of his drawings but i think people took it like a diss to mj which it was just an observation...thanks for the links..interesting

1798 days ago


his autopsy showed that he was healthy. There were no signs of current long term drug abuse. Everything that was found in his system was what murray admitted to giving him. I read somewhere that this guy was not allowed to give medicine in califonia..Is that true?

1798 days ago


An addiction can't be denied any more. God, poor Michael. Poor family.

1798 days ago


i just sent a comment i meant to say Dr Murray did not know how to insert an iv.

1798 days ago


Those people directly involved with Michael Jackson will know whether they have a clear conscience or not. I wonder also, how do they sleep at night. Something was very very wrong for the last few weeks of his life.
I am a big fan of Michael Jackson; and Janet as well, however, I find it all so interesting that she now has something to say when her new album is coming out. Coincidence ??? I think not !!!!!!!!!
There are some really interesting testimonials on website.
I fear however, that the truth will never come out..............

1798 days ago


I am definitely looking forward to this interview. I admire Janet Jackson.

The problem with our system is that detox and rehabilitation has to be voluntary by the person who has the addiction. You cannot force a person into rehab; even the court system has a hard time enforcing it when there are crimes committed. And, once in treatment, the addict can voluntarily check out if desired. If they don’t see that they have a problem, or feel they are coping with the matter at hand just fine, there is little anyone can do. Michael had a whole host of enablers and physicians feeding his problem; by their consent and willingness to do so, I imagine that confirmed in Michael’s mind that it was okay. Was his addiction as bad as what has been suggested? I highly doubt it.

If the only vision you have of intervention is what you have witnessed on TV on the “reality” shows, you cannot judge. Talk to any drug and alcohol counselor and ask their views. It’s just not that “easy” or realistic. The success rate of this type of intervention is relatively low. I’ve walked a mile in this battle trying, without success at this point, to have my beautiful, clever, funny, vibrant … crack-addicted … daughter find help. Most likely all Michael’s family and friends could do, like myself, is hope and pray that the day would come to heal. It is the most powerless feeling.

I believe, as a whole, the Jackson family is a supportive and loving family. (Individually, yes, there is definitely dysfunction!) And it is my personal belief that Michael and Janet shared a bond that time apart and distance couldn’t break. I believe her grief is honest; she, like Michael, is a survivor and has to move forward. People want to hear from her so, despite being private and reclusive, much like her brother was, she is not only satisfying Michael’s fans – which was always his ultimate goal - it will also help promote her cause as well. I don’t think that is a bad thing – Michael supported her efforts, rehearsed to her music – and thank goodness she is that independent, hard-working and strong woman, unlike some of her other brothers.

1798 days ago


"54. TMZ, WHY aren't you on this story??? I want to know what is going on!

Father of Jackson Molestation Accuser Commits Suicide

Posted at 11:01AM on Nov 18th 2009 by Christy

Read more:

Because it supports Michael Jackson's innocence regarding the child sexual abuse accusations. TMZ believes......And want everyone else to believe.....That Michael Jackson was truly a pedophile.

1798 days ago


People who are basing Janet and saying she and her family didn't try enough must not understand the demon of addiction. Interventions work when the person is receptive. Obviously he was not.

Micheal, as much as I love him was a grown-behind man who could think for himself. Some of you still see Michael Jackson as a 12-year old. He was GROWN!

The thing to remember is that he did beat his addiction to painkillers as the autopsy showed. That should be celebrated.

He made an un-conventional choice to treat his insomnia and an incompetent doctor killed him. Those are two separate and distinct issues.

1798 days ago
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