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Janet Jackson -- Family Interventions Failed

11/18/2009 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

According to Janet Jackson, her family had tried several times to stage interventions before Michael died of a drug overdose -- but, obviously, they "weren't very successful."

Janet Jackson: Click to watch
In an interview with Robin Roberts, Janet talked about their attempts to get Michael clean, and though she says he understood "that it was out of love," she added "people tend to be in denial."

As we previously reported, Janet holds Dr. Murray responsible for killing her brother.


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so wrong    

If anything, the Spears gave the Jacksons the road map on how to help Michael.

Posted at 12:23PM on Nov 18th 2009 by Smooth Criminals

Exactly, and the same thing for Whitney Houston. Family just did what they needed to do to get their loved one help. Period! Take his kids away, get a court order. This didn't happen. If he was so messed up, as they say, why would they insist he do 50 shows, 50 SHOWS. I don't believe any of this. None of it makes sense. If he was that messed up everyone would have seen it Ortega, Phillips, they wouldn't have signed on to this concert tour, no way! And, wouldn't the doctor (Murray) have said something to someone, like...MJ had a problem, he needs help? All those people in MJ's home, staff - help. No one noticed, please!

1698 days ago


They were met with the same resistance from her, but that didn't stop them.

If anything, the Spears gave the Jacksons the road map on how to help Michael.

Posted at 12:23PM on Nov 18th 2009 by Smooth Criminals

This is exactly how I see it! IT WAS POSSIBLE!!

1698 days ago


88. That is correct. Dr. Murray could not despense any drug in California so where he got those Benzo's is anyone's guess. Now you know the reason why he had to get the Propofol in Las Vegas! Probably got the others there as well, (unless those did come from Klein-the Versed, etc.) And he STILL couldn't get the drug there himself. No Dr. without the right qualifications can prescribe Propfol. He wasn't versed in Anesthesia. The drug prescriptions were written by another Dr. in Las Vegas that does work in Anesthesia, the link is right there-there is a Dr. there that is being investigated. Now, I want to know how did he secure the Oxygen tanks/ what company delivered those? Who paid for those? Ya just don't walk into a drug store and buy it! So, who wrote that prescription? Who picked them up? Who are these guys?

Posted at 12:20PM on Nov 18th 2009 by OhWell
Very true. And these were not just oral sedatives, they were in IV form. Where did they come from???
Was Murray ordering all this stuff thru his medical practice
in LV and shipping them to CA? He could have used the excuse that he needed them for his office (outpatient procedures) and instead sent them to CA. They can tell that by looking thru past office invoices for purchases of the IV sedatives that were given thru the night. And why in God's name would he give these to someone who has admitted to having drug addictions in his past.
Murray could have walked away from this whole thing, he CHOSE not to. He has said that he was substituting the IV sedatives in an attempt to get MJ off the Diprivan. Good luck to him finding someone to testify on his behalf on THAT being a proper way to wean someone off Diprivan addiction.
And the O2 tank question is a good one. It is gotten thru prescription only. Who wrote that prescription and what diagnosis did they use to obtain it. But, again, they could have just come from someone's doctor office. Obviously legit prescription writing was not on anyone's agenda. But they can track the tanks, I would think, and find out what company they came from and where that company THOUGHT the tanks were supposed to be heading.
You would think that Murray would be spilling his guts with what he knows about where all the drugs came from just to get the heat off of himself. As in if HE is going down, take alot of people with him...

1698 days ago

Smooth Criminals    

Maybe if Katherine had admitted in 2007 that Michael had a problem instead of covering it up things might have turned out differently.

Was not having bad publicity more important? I guess it was.

1698 days ago


Can you imagine all the things the kids went through living with a junkie?
Kids know more than some adult would like to believe.

1698 days ago


When there's hefty monthly stipends to every family member involved and at stake, naturally any interventions were half-hearted attempts (should these supposed attempts not be fabricated lies now that he cannot speak from the dead). Britney Spears' Dad has genuine balls and love for his daughter and, therefore, the reason it has worked on her behalf. Mr. Spears had the genuine courage and tenacity to hang-in on her behalf and fight all the way through the Courts to get the destructive and drug-feeding people around her out of her life and get put into place true professional health professionals and attorneys so she could get well on behalf of her sons. What the Jackson Family has done since MJs death is disgusting and disturbing to me. Just look at his biological father who repeatedly beat and adversely affected him emotionally and psychologically and who MJ intentionally left out of his "Last Will" and the old dog is still fighting for his money. The sooner the older children come of age the better for their long-term wellbeing. As a mother I hope Debbie is quietly working behind the scenes with a psychotherapist and her biological children.

1698 days ago


the family was too dependent on his money ..that was their addiction..they didnt say get help and we will take care of themselves..drugs were mj cruthch and he was their crutch.they would have had to give up the money and i guess the money ususal with most people surrounding mj..they should just stop talking .its pretty obvious the man was secondary to the money..and he stil is ..that is why she is using her dead brother while pushing her new cd..if one person in that family said f u mj... we are taking your kids ..i truly believe he would still be here

1698 days ago

get it right    

71. To so called MJ fans:

Let make the list of those you blame for his death, shall we?
Bunch of "crooked" doctors
Bunch of molestation "accusers"
Bunch od "dishonest" business affiliates/associates (such as AEG, Tohme Tohme)
Bunch of "enablers" among his employees
Bunch of "enablers" among his friends
and, of course, "greedy" Jackson family

Am I the only one who is seeing any patterns here?
Why weren't any honest and honorable people around MJ? Perhaps, it speaks of his own character. No?

BTW, why don't you (so called fans) add yourselves to the list? You "enabled" him as well by handing on to every word he ever said and justifying everything he ever did.

Posted at 11:27AM on Nov 18th 2009 by NeverMind

I agree with your post and I agree with you that some of these fans as being enablers also. I say this because when he first died and me and alot of other people were saying that MJ was a drug addict and we were called liars. Also when you are a drug addict guess what kind of people you keep company with? If you said people who will enabled you then you are correct.

1698 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

OBVIOUSLY ....... they didn't work!!!! DUH.

1698 days ago


Don't judge me, try to love me!

1698 days ago


has anyone heard who is showing up at those music awards to represent mj if he should like to take bets...jermaine ,joe or latoya

1698 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

"weren't very successful" ??? Not a single person in this family can just speak the FULL TRUTH without self-protection and spin.

Even though an individual is ultimately responsible for their own fate .... YOU ALL WATCHED AS HE SELF-DESTRUCTED! Couldn't risk challenging the BIGGEST MONEY BAGS member of the family ... or having your PR image tainted.

And they're STILL doing it!!

1698 days ago

so wrong    

102. Can you imagine all the things the kids went through living with a junkie?
Kids know more than some adult would like to believe.

Posted at 12:58PM on Nov 18th 2009 by ?????

That's another good point, don't you think the kids, at least Prince who's nearly a teenager, would have said something to his family, grandma Kat, grandpa Joe, someone in the house, like HELP! If MJ was that messed up his kids would have seen it! Didn't Janet say they all were together in May. Wouldn't they have questioned why the h@ll a doctor was spending the night with their father and have said something?

I don't believe this stuff. It doesn't make sense!

1698 days ago

doc murry    

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1698 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

Oh no - he wasn't addicted to prescription drugs.

Everybody show up for their criminal court date IN PAJAMAS!!!


1698 days ago
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