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Oprah -- Kaput in 2011

11/19/2009 8:51 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah Winfrey just announced to her staff ... next season will be the last for her TV show.


An Oprah insider tells TMZ "Oprah announced there will be layoffs after this season."

The final show will air in Sept 2011.

2011 marks the 25th year of the show -- one of the most successful in TV.


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I just cant believe all the bad things that are being said about Ms Oprah.People Ms Oprah is a good hearted person she has gave and gave not because she had o but from the heart.Some of the comments are so ignorant saying she gave to africa ok it was her money her heart learn how to love instead of hate.This remind me of all of the bad things that was said about Michael jackson he loved and he gave from his heart but that did not stop the world from trying to tear him down when he died look everybody loved him i already loved him and as Michel always said try hard to love instead of hate Michael Jackson ,and Mrs oprah deserves to be blessed and respected for the love they showed god bless them both.

1775 days ago


First off,
I am a 27 yr old female, African-AMERICAN and proud of it! I go to UC Berkeley in CA.

Now you know a bit about me, Lets talk!

2nd off,
I don't care what color you are! I Don't mind that you speak whats you on your mind. You have the right to to free speech, those who do not like it, Move to another Country, Because in America we have free speech, And yes that means people can be crule and mean. And sometimes People are just mean, that doesnt mean they are racist! But The Person who wrote the really long comment, you were say how racists people were being, Honey, You were being Racists too! According to the defention of the word racist You were being it right back. Everyone needs to DROP the color... and if u dont like someone say, if you like them go ahead. But don't be a hypocrite, like the lady who I talked about. she even told a girl that she wasnt black enough, Are you kidding me LADY.. I don't think someone would lie about the their race, But That Made you a REAL racist, and mean one at that, The fact that you are racist to your own. She also griped that people were being racist, then in the next sentence, called people white trash... again, leave the color out.. just say.. Trash.. I don't call my fellow african-americans Black trash, or my indian friends dirty tan trash, or my U.K. friends pale white trash. I am tired of ALL races, griping about it, You know, I know my GGGparents came from africa, and were salves. But thats over now, and its the future, We need to not forget the past, but to stop whining about it. I understand my great gran doesnt want us to ggkids to forget and we wont. But she also taught us, that times change, people learn, and to not let that hold me back.
I admire my roomate, she is full-blood commanche Indian. and What people don't know is, They "indians" went through the same and more of what african americans went through. Their land was taken,they were made slaves, their wives were taken and given to men. babies stolen so they could be adopt to certain types of families. And In after Pearl Harbor, All the Chinese living in america, even if they were born and raised in America, born &raised ,and had kids, who had kids.. They still were gathered up, put in concentration camps, had everything taken from them. And even white people were treat bad.. Lets not forget JEWS and how they were treated.. My GGran said, what her parents went through is nothing compared to what the Jews went through. ..
My room-mate and I talked about how, people are never racist to her, and she said, that Indians don't say racism,and we got to talking. Its only a fight between black and white.. Why ? Why not indians, Japanese, Asians, etc. they are different. Germs are differnt. People just need to drop the word racism and racist.
if you wanna hate on people, just hate on them for real reasons, LIke the raped someone, or stole something. if wanna love someone, Love them.
Now Oprah, I do not believe her "reason" for quitting, as a consv. I see that she sees Obama as her way to the white house. I bet you $1000 bucks that she will be his VP running mate for 2012.

1775 days ago


It's about time

1776 days ago

Balls has no Balls    

Best news ever!

1776 days ago


aww don't be mean, sometimes she has decent topics :P

1776 days ago


This is good news! Oprah's worse betrayal of her viewers was her recent inteview with Sarah Palin.

I didn't watch it and I won't watch Oprah anymore.

1776 days ago


Maybe the fat cow could call the africanhouse in D.C and get her drug pushing low life hoodObama to give her some USA TAX DOLLARS so she could keep her african hoods to stay employed being she is so broke to fire here bruths and sisters. Wait I hear she says "give em the food stamps and GTFO"

1776 days ago


...Bad Daddy...

1776 days ago


Thank God !! I am so tired of her. She obviously is more interested in helping poor people in Africa ( rather than here in the US. I hope she finally gets all that liberal do-gooding out of her system, without a stupid TV show to worry about.

OR, better yet, Okra can go into politics and try to squirm into Obonogos inner circle for his 2012 re-election campgain. Either way, I hope her career goes down the toilet, where it belongs.

1776 days ago


quick! someone send her some bowls of gravy!

1776 days ago



1776 days ago


Thank you Jeezus! That know it all should have packed it up three crash diet weight losses ago!

1776 days ago


NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooo! Not Oprah! That means no more Oprahs favorite things and giving away high-end freebies to all those yuppies in her studio audience!

1776 days ago


Good riddance.She can go to hell.

1776 days ago


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I enjoyed some of her shows. And what will happn to the people who counted on her give aways? I will miss her and her compeling interviews but I guess she had to retire some time besides I truly believe she has enough money to support herself & her family for the rest of her life on this earth. BYE O

1776 days ago
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