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Judge: Miley Cyrus Isn't So Hanoi'ing After All

11/20/2009 3:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus won't have to find $4 billion to pay off all the Asians in Los Angeles -- a judge officially let the singer off the hook in a lawsuit over that offensive "Hanoi Montana" photo she took earlier this year.

Miley Cyrus

This morning, a judge threw out the case filed by an Asian woman named Lucie Kim -- on behalf of all the Asians in L.A. -- who claimed the photo was offensive and Miley should have known the media would get its collective hands on it.

After the photo went public, Miley apologized a bunch of times and then went on a campaign of sushi dinners.

Kim claims she's considering filing an appeal to the judge's ruling.


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1768 days ago


This case is rediculous, and should never have been heard. That it was not "dismissed with prejudice" outrages me. This Pary In The USA that cost $60k+ in legal fees I guessd should teach Miley something. Where else but in the US? The American legal system is the laughing stock of the world community. It it not the legal systems responsibility to teach our children proper manners or mediate social behaviors such as this.

1768 days ago


I blame the Asian guy in the photo for all of this. Hasn't being a minority taught him anything? Serves him right for being the only non-white in his peer group. I bet from experience that scenes like this happen to him all the time, though when I was in high school people's first thought wasn't to use the internet to post pictures of this kind of nonsense. We were all to fascinated with the fact that we were actually able to chat with people on the other side of the world.

1768 days ago


So glad Diane you encourage your daughters to call someone they do not know a whore. You must be mother of the year. Do you take them to the mailbox to pick up your welfare money. You and your daughters are just jealous lowlifes. I feel I can say this even though I don't know you.

1768 days ago


are you kidding me ? 4 million dollars because miley cyrus pulled her eyes to the side ? thats is just plain stupid. Its a picture dont get your panties up your butt ,this woman Lucie Kim is just like any other person finding a stupid excuse so they can try to milk a rich person for their money . This picture is not in anyway offensive and i dont have to be asian/chinese/japanese/korean race to say so . As everyone can see shes not the only person in the picture doing it ,did that lady sue them too ? NO She tried sueing the rich little white girl . how many white people make fun of blacks or blacks make fun of whites , and it goes on with many different races. Just because miley cyrus pulled her eyes to the side does not mean shes racist or is insulting anyone of that race . Its stupid to come to conclusions because of a picture ,and like i said miley cryus is NOT the only one pulling her eyes to the side ,so why didnt Lucie Kim sue them too ? enough said .Kim claims she's considering filing an appeal to the judge's ruling. If lucie kim goes to the trouble to file an appeal then the judge will cleary see that she is only after money and not on behalf of the asians in L.A.In the whole photo everyone has their eyes in slits,if shes going to sue miley cryrus for pulling her eyes to the side ,then she should sue everyone else in the picture for offending the asian population too NOT just miley cryus . If anyone should be sueing for this picture being offensive it should be the one person in the picture of asian/chinese/japanese/korean race ,he must of seen the picture was he offended ,im pretty sure he wasnt because HE did not sue miley cryus .Like many other people he can see it was a joke ,this picture was not ment to offend anyone of asian races and if anyone was offended by it miley cryus did apologise .

1595 days ago
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