Michael Jackson Sued Over Bad TV Habits

11/20/2009 4:15 PM PST

Michael Jackson Sued Over Bad TV Habits

Michael Jackson stiffed the people who installed his TV system at Neverland, this according to a brand spankin' new creditor's claim.

According to a claim filed yesterday, a company called Video & Audio Center (VAC) installed electronic audio and video equipment at Neverland Ranch in late 2003 and early 2004. We're told the company rewired the house, installed plasma TVs and put speakers all over the house.

VAC claims Jackson's camp ran up a bill of $109,540.85 -- and paid $25,000 of that, but never settled the bill completely. According to the docs, VAC says they won a judgment back in 2007 for the remainder.

They're asking for $128,482.77 -- the unpaid bill plus interest.