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Octomom Shows Off Her Sweater, Puppies

11/20/2009 2:37 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Looking to add to her already plentiful brood, Nadya Suleman went pet shopping in La Habra yesterday.


Because what Octomom really needs is a small creature to chase after.


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Pretty Pink    

Looking great Nadya. You manage to look good holding puppies or babies.

1796 days ago

Lippy Loo    

Good Gawd! This is the most disturbing thing I have seen and read all week! I feel so sorry for those poor dogs! This Frankenfish Lipped skank does not need PETS around 80 kids! Those poor dogs will not be treated right, with that many fugly rugrats running around. Someone needs to take those dogs away from this ugly piece of trash.

1796 days ago

Lippy Loo    

Please someone take those poor dogs away from this babymaker! This woman or whatever she is, is human garbage and has no business owning any pets!!!! She has enough pets at home to take care of. And, who in the frig goes to a pet store with a low cut dress and tons of makeup? What a FAMEWHORE!

1796 days ago

Lippy Loo    

Please help us! Take us away from this monster! I hope PETA or the Humane Society checks on those dogs. This piece of crap does not deserve to own any animals, when she has plenty of them running around her smelly house. Geez, and those fugly lips of hers, does she really think she looks good? NOT!

1796 days ago

Lippy Loo    

Those dogs need to be taken away from this freak. With that many illegitimate kids running around, those dogs will get hurt or killed within a month. OctoFreak disgusts me! Somebody needs to contact the Human Society so they check in on those poor dogs! Everyone knows they will not be treated right! She is a such PIG!

1796 days ago

Lippy Loo    

What a nasty low life loser! I cannot believe that pet store would sell those dogs to that friggin ugly bitch. Doesn't this repulsive loser have enough mouths to feed? UGGHHHH... she is gross.

1796 days ago


Nadya, you go girl! You look great (and so do your puppies) These women are all just jealous of you!

1796 days ago


ugh... I hate to say this but octomom looks kind of pretty here, in a picture of course. Good thing its not a video though because her lips are so plastic when she talks, its gross.

1796 days ago


Yes, I'm especially jealous of her. I work for a living and pay taxes. I would love to have lots of kids but know that I cannot afford them and I am certainly not one to expose children for money. So, yes, I'm very jealous of her. I would love to NOT pay work and pay taxes. I would much rather collect welfare and food stamps. Be given the best health insurance and depend on California taxpayers to pay for everything in my life, including my many children, my Mac makeup, my plastic surgery including my very fake lips, my weekly manicures/pedicures, my expensive clothes, my car, my gas, etc., etc., etc...Nothing like being jealous...right? I'm quitting my job on Monday and getting knocked up immediately

1796 days ago

I'm just saying...    

Jealous of what -- her duck lips? Nadya fancies herself a celebrity thus the constant need to positon herself in some sitiuation to promote her image. Sadly, no picture, "puppies," or kids can deny her self absorbiton. Right now everyone in her house has to do as she dictates, but the kids will grow up, and I pity them all when Nadya's puppies are truly lapdogs and the kids are not so easily manipulated and exploited.

1795 days ago


I'd hit it

1794 days ago


i'd help her make more babies she is hot as hell

1794 days ago


The only reason this woman continues to benefit from her atrocious behavior is because we still write stories about her and put her on TV. I mean for goodness sake, Octomom the musical?!?!?! That is sick. We have MAJOR issues in this country and this brain dead idiot still makes it in the news.

1793 days ago


Has she asked any of you ass hats for financial assistance? Her children all seem loved and taken care of regardless of the bad choice she made. Most of the people in the world who have children DID NOT PLAN THEM...most people who have kids don't have much money..does it mean that they shouldn't have their children, does it mean that they cannot properly raise their children..alot of us come from large families..those of over the age of 30. leave her alone and get a life..she's not looking for attention but YOU are constantly giving it to are the ass hat sitting out side of her house with cameras. I think most of the chicks on here are just jealous because even after all of those kids she is still pretty and in shape..not a big fat cow who's only had one child like most of these posters.......FAIL

1784 days ago


I have always had a dog my entire life. Last year my dog of twelve years died and I have been wanting to get another dog very very much. HoWeVeR, the reason why I am not getting another dog is because I have a two year old and a seven month old. I know that they will torture that puppy and I don't think it is fair to do that. I have decided that we will welcome a puppy into our home in three years. It feels like forever, but by then, they will be able to treat the puppy respectfully and understand the responsibility of having a pet. In other words, OctoMom is a stupid idiot and a dog lover's nightmare!

1772 days ago
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