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Jon Gosselin -- Last Moments with a D-Bag

11/23/2009 11:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin's finally going away ... from TLC -- and in one of the last clips from the series finale of "Jon & Kate Plus 8," Jon goes out sounding like more of a tool than ever.

Jon Gosselin: Click to watch
During the show, which runs tonight at 9pm, the world's most irresponsible father of eight actually BRAGS about being able to get away from his family when the going gets tough.

Good riddance!


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I think YOU guys are the douche bags for thinking Jon is the bad guy. Did you ever see how Kate treated him? She's the biggest bitch ever who NOW cries on front of the camera's.

1793 days ago


Oh yeah he WAY out did himself in the TOOL department.
Good riddance is right.

1793 days ago


"Chill" at the "Country place"

A true Renaissance man who's at 14:38 of his fifteen minutes.

1793 days ago


And what about the kids? What kind of world are they in? Nobody thinks about the kids and what they want.

1793 days ago

I'll always be on Jon's side. Kate showed her nasty true colors very early on. I think he should get father of the year for putting up with Kate for all those years.....he loves his kids, Kate destroyed thie marriage.

1793 days ago


What a tool is right. I wonder what John will do when nobody cares about him anymore, the cameras are gone and he's forced to realize he has NO money and has to get a real job. Really, I wonder what Kate will do as well. They both are not good parents, and used their kids for their own selfish wealth building. Good riddance to John and Kate.

1793 days ago


Uhh...that's not what he said. He didn't claim he goes to NYC to get away from his fact...he said he goes there to get away from you guys - the press. I think Jon has made a lot of douchebag mistakes but then so has Kate. You guys clearly have a "we're gonna hate him" attitude towards Jon, and sometimes it's deserving, but this isn't the case this time.

1793 days ago


Yep, I am sure your kids loving having you as a part time dad. Just what every kid dreams of. Jon AND Kate are just awful human beings.

1793 days ago

Kate is all about the money. She doesn't care if those kids have pap's and camera's in their faces everytime they leave the house. I can already see personality changes in some of the kids. I won't mention which ones but it's pretty obvious, damage has been done. Why? So Kate can live in her fancy house (coughsheboughtforthekidscough), her fancy attire. Kate sold out her family.

1793 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

In America all father's a d-bags. No. It's what I read in the media and see in movies, so it must be true.

1793 days ago


The IRONIC part of this story is that YOU, HARVEY, are the one that gives him the MOST TV air time. So, stop your hatin and just don't air his clips. Or stop being a hypocrit! He makes you money and you love him for that!

1793 days ago


Kate may be a bitch but thats better than being a DOUCHE! Shes handling it all, kids, bills, house, chores while douche bag is out screwing around, partying and NOT taking care of his kids or contributing to his responsibilities in anyway. Its not being an American that makes him a DOUCHE! Its his actions! Take care of your kids JERK!

1793 days ago


I can see why Kate was such a horrible bitch. When he was around it was like Kate + 9, and he was the most immature one of the bunch.
I am not necessary taking Kate's side, because I do agree that she is a bitch with self-esteem issues, but I think he brought out the worst in her. On the show, he played passive and let her do the talking, but occasionally we would see what he was really like. For example, he *had* to buy her clothes because she had no fashion sense.

1793 days ago


what does he think? He's gonna stay famous forever? Hey Jon, if you haven't noticed, your 15 minutes is ALMOST (yippee) up!!!
It's the poor kids I feel sorry for.
No one is thinking about them. Hope they take most of his $$ for child support. Poor, poor rotten Jon.

1793 days ago


It is all about JON. He says, I I I I I and never once mentions his CHILDREN. Jon thinks he is a star and lady's man. Kate was kind to him in court because he is the father of her children. When TLC finishes with Jon, he will check in to rehab. He will declare he was mentally ill when he breached the contracts. Kate will have to support her family on her own.

1793 days ago
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