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Kirk Cameron

Mauled by a Bruin in

Darwin Fight

11/24/2009 10:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kirk Cameron went to UCLA to convince students that Darwin's theory of evolution is dead wrong ... but when the students challenged the actor-turned-bible-banger to a debate, Kirk appeared to be "unfit" for the clash.

As we previously reported, Kirk headed to campus to hand out copies of a "revised" edition of "On The Origin of the Species" -- in which the author attempts to connect Darwin to Hitler.

During the "event," several students asked Kirk about his thoughts on Darwin. Kirk responded, "I believe that Darwin was absolutely ... that the end game was to make God ... was to remove God from the world view of .. I think that that was the end game."

Excellent point.

Here's another of our favorite exchanges:

Student: Science is based on evidence, where religion is based on faith.
Kirk: But Darwinism is extremely based on faith
Student: Not really, it's based on a lot of evidence.


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1792 days ago


KC is a tool. What a weenie-bag.....

1792 days ago


Kirk played a ridiculous role at UCLA!!! Hahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahaaha.
Why did this person think he could discuss about those things only based in his empty opinion?????? This is just a joke!!!!!
I am laughing about it!!! Hahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahhaha.

1792 days ago


nice info dude

1792 days ago


The problem here is that Kirk is actually somewhat right as sad as it is. Believing in evolution is not a "religion". In fact, many Christians believe in evolution.

"Darwinism" is basically a religion that doesnt consider itself a religion even though it seems to operate in much the same way and its followers are the extreme of the extreme.

1792 days ago


There's no "NO" button for voting!! Way to go.


1792 days ago

poopy pants    

Christians choose to live in hate and fear and ignorance, but why do they want the rest of the world to be stupid and evil too?

1792 days ago


One choice, TMZ? Are you retarded? Where is the no option?

1792 days ago


Most boring TMZ post EVER!!!!

1792 days ago


@Poopy Pants... I'm a Christian and I don't "choose to live in hate and fear and ignorance, but why do they want the rest of the world to be stupid and evil too?"... Well, it gave me a chance to talk to ya, didn't it? BTW, I don't agree with Kirk Cameron or his views, and I still have faith in God.

1792 days ago


Cameron is an idiot. He has not a single original thought. All of his interviews have been similar to this "debate." He's sticks to the script [quotes from his "book" verbatim] and when required to actually think, he fails.

It's no wonder he doesn't give credence to evolution. He's incapable of evolving personally - probably still believes in the Easter Bunny.

IMO, a god is nothing but an imaginary playmate for adults.

1792 days ago


Obviously in high percentiles, by not getting the joke that there's not a "no" button, your Athiest readers/viewers are showing us firsthand that they are slow, closed minded and unintelligent. What a frickin' surprise!

Keep up the good work, Kirk. He may not be the best person in a debate, but he goes out and does this because he cares about people finding their way to the the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the one, true, living God.

1792 days ago


Actually Darwinism is based on faith - faith that one day science will find all the missing links. However as a side note, TMZ disproves Darwinism by totally erasing all evolution! :)

Read more:

1792 days ago


I've always thought he's had some mental issues. What an idiot/douchebag. The saddest part is that his ego is based so much on delusion that he'll never admit to believing in a fairy tale.

1792 days ago


#14 - How would you know how high the percentiles were unless you yourself voted?

I got the joke as soon as I saw it, and did not vote. Pretty amazing feat for a knuckle-dragging atheist, wouldn't you say? Oh wait...

1792 days ago
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