Photog: Michael Jackson Fans Beat Me

11/24/2009 11:55 AM PST

Photog: Michael Jackson Fans Beat Me

A photographer who is suing Debbie Rowe claims he was attacked with a bat by three men who were yelling, "Leave Debbie alone."

Photog Ed Frommer
is suing Rowe, claiming she defamed him by "lying" to police by saying he intentionally scratched her face and struck her. Frommer has sued Rowe for $7,500 in small claims court.

Frommer told cops on Sunday at 11:15 PM in Lancaster, CA, three males began following him in two different cars and ran him off the road. Frommer told police they got out of their cars -- one of them wielding a bat and poking him in the chest. They were yelling, "Leave Debbie alone."

Frommer doesn't think Debbie Rowe is behind it, but believes there are rabid Michael Jacksonfans out to get him.