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A Minor Victory for Roman Polanski

11/25/2009 7:28 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Convicted statutory rapist Roman Polanski can finally put a price on his freedom -- $4.5 million.

A Swiss court has approved Roman's offer to pay bail of $4.5 million -- and in exchange he would be released from prison and kept under house arrest at his Swiss chalet ... but there's a catch.

Roman won't officially be released until the Swiss Justice Ministry decides whether it will go to the Supreme Court to appeal the bail decision because they consider him a flight risk ... probably because he's been on the run since 1978.

Even if Roman is released, he could still face extradition to the United States for having sex with a 13-year-old girl back in 1977.

UPDATE: The Swiss justice minister sees "no reason" to appeal Roman's bail.


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Good for you Roman. Where was that girl's MOTHER??? and doesn't anyone remember the pain you went through having your wife and baby killed by Manson??? You know what you did was wrong and you have been paying for it all these years. Enough Already!!!

1791 days ago


Yeah, right, as if he will not take off as soon as he gets out, that amount of money is chump change, how desperate are the Chocolate-Eaters for a few million that they would sell out like this, what a joke! Polanski is a vile, gross predator who deserves to stay in jail, this makes me furious!

1791 days ago


He needs to take responsibility for the crime he committed. He's been living in the lap of luxury in Europe for thirty years... he's just as guilty today as he was in 1977 for the vulgar crime he committed against a CHILD. He is a vulgar and disgusting man and I hope he's held to the highest extent of the law. EXTRADITE POLANSKI!

1791 days ago


Who didn't know that he would be allowed to buy his way out of jail.

Just like all rich people, he has two chances of facing justice, thin and none.

1791 days ago


OH hell no keep this nasty son of a gun in prison..they are sending the rong message to people by allowing him to buy himself out of prison..He should suffer the same fate that they gave Michael Jackson.. he was accused and aquitted but this guy admitted to it and he recives better treatment...this is worng..I dont care if his wife and baby were killed that dose not give him the right to rape/molest a young girl.. two wrongs don't make a right..michael to this day is still consider a molester even with all the eveidence coming out proving he did no wrong doing..and this guy get to fork out a little money..and go home and be confortable..he should suffer the way that girl did..I think this is so wrong.. I hope he makes it back to the usa where he can recive a peice of his own medicen.. but the diffrence between The 2 is Michael faced his rath with grace never pointed fingers at anyone..Michael had dignity..IF polanski gets out they should frez all his money and if he still leaves they should take every and give it to that poor girl..Karam is a bitch...hope he getts what's coming to him..

1791 days ago


OJ didn't do it and Roman didn't EITHER!!!!!!

1791 days ago

windier city    

Even in Switzerland one turkey gets a pardon for Thanksgiving.

1791 days ago


Reply to pennyb638..So every single person who has had a loved one murdered should be allowed to rape someone else? And just how has he been paying for his crimes all these years? Living the high life in Europe! He was sued by the girl, who is now a woman, lost and still has not paid out the judgement against him.

1791 days ago


Hey Joe... Roman pled guilty he admitted tht he did it.

1791 days ago


The man is not "accused" the man is a "convicted" child molester. I read the child's deposition on The Smoking Gun. When parents don't do their job in protecting their vulnerable children, you can be sure there will be monsters who will find them to use for their own sick desires. The only difference between Roman and the dirty old man up the street is M-O-N-E-Y.

1791 days ago


Reply to #10....Greatonehere (?)

If you want all the facts as spoken by the victim herself, please go to this link and read the entire page. I am sure you will see that Polanski has also become the victim. America has victimized him.,,20124052,00.html

1791 days ago


How much is the Swiss Justice Minister getting paid?

1791 days ago


Are you kidding me? "having sex with a 13-year-old girl"
Its called being convicted of rape. He drugged and sodomized the child. That is not disputed. Vile and sickening. TRY to write with some objectivity.

1791 days ago


He is a rapist, not just a technical/statutory rapist.

He didn't "have sex" with a 13 year old, he raped and sodomized a 13 year old.

1791 days ago


Correction, Roman Polanski is not an "accused statutory rapist" he's a "confessed statutory rapist"

1791 days ago
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