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Posh Spice Learneths from Her Medieval Mistakes

11/27/2009 8:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Posh Spice finally returned to the Medieval kingdom she once scorned -- but this time, the lady took proper steps to not screwth her waiter.

Take a journey back to September, when Posh failed to hand over a tip after a meal at the Medieval Times dinner theater in Southern California -- only sending the required gratuity after we reported her trifling ways on our webeth site.

Tuesday night, we're told the honorable Posh, accompanied by her husband Sir David Beckham, did nay make the same mistake again -- this time, the couple not only pre-paid the tip, but also left extra coin for their servers after the meal was completed.

Our spies say the Beckhams tip was worthy of the service provided. Hail their giving hearts!


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uh.. who cares?

1791 days ago


If gratuities are included you shouldnt have to tip also, whether shes rich or not. Get over yourselves TMZ. And most of the time it's some crazy high percent of the tab.

1791 days ago


Where did the TMZ staff go to school...the Three Stooges School of Incorrect Spelling? Posh and Beck pre "payed"? It's PAID morons!

1791 days ago

doc murry    

well this is a non story //who gives a rats if she went topless and ran around the place naked then its a story you boneheads

1790 days ago


Have any of you ever been to Medieval Times? I have. It costs an arm and leg just for entrance. The food is awful and the service(if you can call throwing an unseasoned, uncooked chicken quarter at you "service")is poor to non-existant.
I didn't tip, either.

1790 days ago


Er..that should have said "undercooked" chicken quarter...but "uncooked" was the only way it could have been any worse than it was.

1790 days ago

A. Conda    

I would bet that the Beckhams are verging on going broke and this will unravel in time. Their attempts to make money fall short during these tough economic times and considering their lack of talent skills at other than wearing clothes. It costs a lot to maintain that lifestyle, even if the designers are providing clothes.

1790 days ago

Le Tigre    

Really, TMZ, checking on whether Posh & Beckham are tipping? Slow news day?

1790 days ago


In europe they don't tip. They feel the servers wage should be included in the bill. So if your bill is 100 dollars its 100 dollars not 100 and tip. I know it's very strange there. When you start a job you get an automatic 4 wks vacation time. A friend is working there and after 2 hrs they get 1/2hr coffee break, 1 hr lunch and 1/2 hr coffee break in the afternoon. Work 6 hrs and get paid for 8. Don't forget the paid holidays. In Miami alot of places put on an 18% automaticly because they don't tip.

1790 days ago


What they hell where they doing at a Medieval Times place anyway?

1790 days ago


I'd like to tip her; the whole f...... enchilada!!

1790 days ago

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