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Ving Rhames -- Lien, Mean, Owes Serious Green

11/28/2009 3:03 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ving RhamesUncle Sam is about to go medieval on Ving Rhames' ass if the "Pulp Fiction" star doesn't fork over almost half a million bucks in unpaid taxes.

TMZ has obtained documents filed in L.A. County Superior Court showing Ving and his wife Deborah owe the IRS $491,588.06 for unpaid taxes in 2007.

Calls to Ving's people were not returned.


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1767 days ago

excretive producer    

Man, Uncle Sam's turkeys are getting stuffed this week. Pardon my a$$$$$$!

1767 days ago


why do these celebs think they can get away with not paying taxes? how dumb! the man always catches up in the end!

1767 days ago


Livin High Off The Hog..Huh?....Time To Pay The Piper Or Else.LOL

1767 days ago

Pierre from Canada    

Living here in Canada and seeing what goes on south of the border, I keep on asking myself "who the hell do these people think they are?".

Brings back memories of when billionaire Leona Helmsley told her housekeeper "We don't pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes..." and look where she ended up.

'nuff said

1767 days ago


What is wrong with these people, the 'famous' people who seem to owe back taxes? It's not like they don't make enough money. While the rest of us folks pay our taxes, sometimes just under the threat of going to jail or losing our 'only' homes, these people jet set, vacation in exotic places, have butlers and maids, but pay for it all by not contributing to their share to the collective 'pot'. If you don't want to contribute, MOVE. I'm not paying for your lifestyle.

1767 days ago


I'll never understand why these guys wont pay their taxes.Pay the darn taxes when you get the check, you don't have to be a genius to know Uncle Sam will come for it.

1767 days ago

In L.A.    

#3 - Hilarious! It is rather curious how a statement from the IRS can go largely unnoticed by these celebs - the average Joe gets harassed, garnished wages, liens, frozen bank accounts, seized assets, raid at your place of business, or worse when they don't pay - So tell me, how could they not be aware of the fact that they owe money to Uncle Sam? Ridiculous.

1767 days ago

D-Ray Vision    

Why should a hard working successful african-american man have to pay these outrageous taxes. Wesley Snipes tried it, see what happened to him.... Barack Obama should give Ving a bailout to help a brother out.... One more thing... Why should Ving have to pay when Charlie Rangel can get away with out paying his proper taxes. Or out current Sec. of the Treasury. Let Ving donate the Half a million to a charity of his choice. Instead it will go to the Govt. and be wasted on some corporate millionaire or multi million dollar lobbyists or ACORN or two hundred dollar toilet seats or the thousands of other things that Ving's money would go to waste if given to the Govt. Ving I HOPE that you are looking for some spare CHANGE in the couch cushions. I think Rev. Al should look into this and see if Ving is being unfairly targeted by the Obama administration....

1767 days ago


It's about guns, butter, and TAXES baby!!!

1767 days ago

Professor Obvious    

He's a little short on cash right now, had to pay out a lot of money after his dogs killed that man on his property. No criminal charges when you're a celeb

1767 days ago


How much money did he make in 2007 to owe that much? I know he's an actor an all but its not like he making Will Smith money per movie.

1767 days ago


ving tell the IRS that you want the same deal that congressman chalie i dont pay my taxes and i dont report income i make rangel he got a deal of a lifetime NO INTEREST ON ABOUT 3MILLION DOLLARS NICE COULD YOU IMAGINE IF THIS DEM WAS A REPUBLICAN COULD YOU SAY JAIL TIME COULD ALSO SAY CONGRESSMAN COULD YOU PLEASE RESIGN only in america only in america

1767 days ago


1767 days ago


m damn.. he better pay up-- or else..

look what happened to Wesley.. memba him?!

1767 days ago
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