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Tiger Woods

The 911 Call

11/29/2009 4:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call made when Tiger Woods crashed his SUV early Friday morning.

911 call
The caller, a male, can be heard telling dispatchers, "I need an ambulance immediately, I have someone down outside my house ... It's a car accident ... My neighbor, he hit the tree. I see him and he's laying down."

When the dispatcher asked if the person was unconscious, the neighbor responded, "Yes."

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You have missed Tigaer's own statement on his webiste saying this is a minor traffic accident and a-holes like TMZ need to mind their own business. I agree...


1733 days ago


Obviously, Tiger and his wife have plenty to hide or they wouldn't cancel over and over with the FHP. I can't believe any "regular" person would be given that choice, given that the accident is unclear and there is a chance of domestic violence involved. I also find it offensive that he was going in and out of consciousness (admittedly due to rx?) and wasn't given a blood test??? Money does seem to buy a different level of accountability. I guess the FHP was too busy getting autographs.

1733 days ago


Since when was it OK to refuse talking to the police?

Since always. You are not obliged to let police into your house or talk to them, unless there is a crime investigation going on and you are a suspect or can be called as a witness in a trial. The US is not a police state.

1733 days ago

London Girl    

Tiger just released a statement. Says it's a private matter and he's human. When I say Tiger I mean the lawyer wrote it up.


1733 days ago


Why can't celebs just tell the truth?

1733 days ago


Cell phone coverage in the USA sucks! What's the point of a cell phone if it's useless...especially during an emergency. Calls are always either out of range, full of static, breaking up or dropping entirely. The USA is far behind the European cell phone networks (Vodafone, Orange) where there are cell phone masts every few streets to assure excellent reception at all times. Why does the USA have such network problems...it's pathetic!

P.S. Also the American public are being ripped off for SMS text message charges. In England it costs the equivilent of about 3 cents to send a text and free to receive!

1733 days ago

London Girl    

If he has nothing to hide he would talk to the cops. Very fishy.

1733 days ago


The air bags didn't even deploy. This does not look like an accident that would leave anyone unconscious. My guess is he admitted to the affair, and she went totally nuts and smacked him with a golf club, chased him out the house, and smashed the back window out of rage. Tiger lost control of the vehicle trying to quickly get away from her. I'd be willing to bet that's what happened.

1733 days ago


Why does Tiger owe US an explanation? It was a car accident for gods sake! Get a life! Why inject all this other crap into it. Just because there was no blood on the steering wheel it does not mean he did not hit his face on it. My friend broke her nose by hitting her face on the steering wheel when she was in a minor car accident and her air bags did not go off either. TMZ is no better than the other rags out there promoting gossip.

1733 days ago


This is going to be the cover up of the century. A neighbor calls 911 after seeing an unconscious Tiger Woods lying on the ground and yet his "courageous" wife never calls for help? Gloria Allred is negotiating the details of Rachel Uchitel's financial settlement for agreeing to deny the affair. The neighbor may also get some hush money in exchange for not revealing anything else that may have been witnessed. The National Enquirer will not be sued because their story is true but Tiger's people will claim that they have decided against legal action because they don't want the story to stay in the news for any longer than it has been. I hope the National Enquirer has more dirt and exposes their scam.

1733 days ago


Airbags do not deploy under 33 MPH, that is perfect ly normal, but in this case he likely would have been better off if they would have.

1733 days ago

Boo Hoo    

It is alright Tiger, I would be embarassed to if my wife beat me up.

1733 days ago


At 39-

You may be right but this is a dog bites man story if there ever was one. Ohhh, a rich married guy had an affair, his wife got pissed off. Wow, and how is that news?

1733 days ago


I think she walloped him with the golf club in the house and Tiger staggered out and tried to drive away but was so messed up from the wallop that he couldn't drive so he hit a tree and she chased him and wanted to wallop him some more so she wacked out the rear window but realized she could go to jail for murder so she dragged his ass out of the suv and pretended to help him. The end.

1733 days ago


This is domestic violence pure & simple - it happens every day!!

1733 days ago
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