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Ex-Miss Argentina Dies After Butt-Implant Surgery

12/1/2009 11:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ex-Miss Argentina Dies After Butt-Implant SurgeryA former Miss Argentina died Sunday after elective surgery on her butt went terribly wrong.

According to several international reports, 37-year-old Solange Magnano suffered a pulmonary embolism after going under the knife Wednesday at a Buenos Aires medical center for a gluteoplasty – a procedure which normally involves placing implants in the buttocks to improve their outline.

Solange -- a wife and mother of 7-year-old twins -- suffered a pulmonary embolism the day after her surgery when liquid injected into her buttocks "went to her lungs and brain."

Authorities say the cause of death is still under investigation.

Solange won the crown back in 1994 -- and had since created her own modeling agency.


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#59: Thanks for your post. People who are of Spanish heritage, or Portuguese, or Italian, for that matter, are all Caucasian, which means white, in case some of you are too ignorant to realize this. The differences in skin coloration have a lot to do with ethnicity (which is not the same as race), and the area of the world from which one's ancestors originated. The closer to the Equator, the darker and more varied the skin tones.

Also, FYI, these same ethnic groups have a natural tendency toward bigger butts, breasts and thighs, just as Northern European Caucasians (English, Scandinavian, German) tend toward flatter backsides, wider hips, and smaller breasts. This isn't a RACIAL issue, it's area of origin and ethnicity. Big difference.

I am very dark complected, have a small waist, narrow hips, and a bountiful booty and top-deck. It's all natural. I'm not some white chick trying to be black, I'm half Southern Italian. Give me a break, people. It's often referred to as a "Mediterranean Build".

Buttock implants are probably the most dangerous form of cosmetic surgery. Think about what the incisions are close to and the risk of infection. Now think about not sitting for a very long time to keep the implants from shifting and rupturing the incisions. Not nice. This poor women didn't have implants, however, she had injections. The traveling fluid did not kill her, a blood clot did that. Thousands of women, every year, take this same risk with surgery to "beautify" themselves. She gambled, and lost. I feel for her, so insecure and so beautiful, and her poor children.

1752 days ago


it was an ASS that killed her

1752 days ago

andi turnbull    

So I guess you could say she has a "BUTT " to die for.
Not meant to be cruel.

1752 days ago


Oh for heavens sake, There is not vein or artery in the butt that would cause a embolis.
Likely there was an pain block of lidicaine in the arm that was released too early and caused an embolism.
Don't people go to school anymore- this is 8th grade biology/anatomy.
Wow, we have ignorant morons in this country.

1752 days ago

Cherry Blend    

Talk about " killer butt " lol serves her right.. dumb bitch!

1752 days ago


It's the plastic surgeons who push this garbage and do sloppy work who should be blamed. Plastic surgeons are like car salesmen but people trust them because they wear a white coat. They are sleaze, make no mistake. Even the "good" ones. Malpractice law is in doctors' favor. Consumers are not well protected. It is not true that it's easy to sue a doctor. NEVER EVER sign a binding arbitration agreement with a doctor. They make it seem like you have to . You don't. Arbitration usually sides with insurance companies and it keeps the lawsuit off public record

1752 days ago


Seriously if there is anyone who reads this story and believes that injection in your butt causes a pulmonary emboli- please don't bother bogging down our educational system by going to school, you are obviously too dumb to be educated ... and if you have children -keep them at home also.

1752 days ago


Life is so short and beauty so fleeting. You can't save either. Pathetic to die as a direct result of trying to reverse a natural process that will take place regardless of how many surgeries you have to halt it.

1752 days ago


I hope something horrible happens to you and yours, RighteousOne. You suck balls, and you are most definitely ugly and jealous of everyone.

1752 days ago

Dave Evans    

I wish I was that funeral director.
I'm just sayin

1752 days ago

Dave Evans    

Hey all a good funeral director needs are some candles, soft music, and a heating pad.

1752 days ago

Truth Hurts    

There are actually two people in the world named Solange? Wow!

1752 days ago


Darwin award. No one needs frickin ASS IMPLANTS.

1752 days ago


When will women stop worrying about looking like sex toys ??? Wake up, its not Disneyland. This is your life. And who wants a guy who wants you because of your butt or your huge implants ?

1752 days ago


Hope it was worth it. Two 7 year olds now have no mommy, all because she wanted a nice ass.


1752 days ago
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