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Former Boss of Tiger Woods' Wife Unloads on Golfer

12/2/2009 9:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A Swedish golfer who once employed Tiger Woods' wife -- Elin Nordegren -- and even introduced her to Tiger, just blasted him after a round today, saying he hopes Elin uses a driver next time instead of a 3-iron.

Jesper Parnevik
employed both Elin and her twin sister as nannies in 2000, introducing Elin to Tiger the following year. Parnevik told a reporter he feels "especially sad since me and my wife were at fault for hooking her up with him."

Parnevik says Tiger may have taken his Nike credo too far and that next time, "Maybe not just do it."


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It's called Karma...Tiger's wife/babysitter is a golddigger. Just
like Kobe's wife/video extra hangs around to meet someone famous
and hit's the jackpot. I feel sorry for Tiger and not her..I would
have liked to see him marry the girl he was with at first. The one
he was going with in College. Give her her 300 million and get
rid of her and stay single. Tigers Dad is probaly rolling in his

1749 days ago


to the idiots who keep saying the police dont care because it is a woman-open your ears! the polce DO care that is why they went to the house THREE times and were not allowed in-without a witness to the abuse or statement they have nothing! What is wrong with all of you? Why do you think they want to interview them in the first place-it is to find out what happened!! They had no other choice after repaeted attempts but to CLOSE the investigation and issue a fine....

1749 days ago


I got it Tiger's new name is CHEETAH !!! HE'S A CHEAT-AH

1749 days ago


206. Tiger's dad is probably not rolling around in his grave because he did the same thing when he cheated on his first wife with Tiger's mother.

1749 days ago


To #2 It's funny how Chris Brown takes a beating by the Press and Erin "Becky" Woods gets a pass

TOTALLY different situation as Chris was doing the cheating not Rhianna! and not sure if you are married and have any kids but if I found out my husband had been doing that I would do exactly the same thing!

1749 days ago


Well I'm shocked. Here's A REAL MAN for a change. Not many left who have decent respect for what women go through with jerks, since most ARE jerks themselves. This man is a real gentleman and very cool for coming out against Woods. Woods is showing the world what he really is...a pathetic,spoiled,deceiving,self-centered idiot who can't treat the mother of his 9 month old baby with any decency. And he's UGLY. Woods is an ugly,chinless wonder. Elin, WALK OFF ,WALK AWAY...OR LOSE YOUR SELF-RESPECT. D-I-V-O-R-C-E.

1748 days ago


I am sad Tiger is staying with someone who might have physically assaulted him. Domestic violence is wrong, whether it is at the hands of a man or a woman.
I have no respect for the ex-nanny. How 'bout that $16,000, allegedly, worth of damage done at a rental last year during the British Open during one of their spats?
Domestic violence is never right. It takes two to tango and they are playing a dangerous game that has grave physical and mental consequences. He was bored from the get go; nothing will change in that equation. Tiger, just divorce Elin and get on with life. You will be happier than trying to leave the game you love and change your Tiger's stripes. You just married the wrong person too young.

1741 days ago


This a real thriller. Parnevik makes a deal with his "menage a trois" Nanny to marry Tiger, knowing Tiger likes sex a bit too much. The deal: Parnevik gets 50% of the divorce settlement. Fantastic for a never-was and for a has-been. I like his plan. It is better than Bernie Madoff as Parnevik will not go to jail.

1734 days ago
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