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TMZ Live -- Eye on the Tiger

12/2/2009 6:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Harvey and Mike answered all your questions today -- and most of 'em had to do with Tiger Woods, including his alleged indiscretions, endorsements and the photos of the car post-crash.

Plus: The Burglar Bunch in court, Britney turns 28, Khloe and Lamar are officially married and a discussion on whether the world will end in 2012.

Also: Charles is hot ... but is he single?


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Question.......If Tiger LIES to his wife how can we the public believe he will not lie to us about the products he endorses???

Studies have shown that if a person CHEATS, they will LIE!

1722 days ago

Tony B    


1722 days ago


You guys put his house up on your site about 3 to 4 wks ago and asked if we thought it looked like a shoe box or it said HI or something. It is white and blue

1722 days ago


how come MJ could afford all these paintings if he knew he was broke ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Harvey will you marry me ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

1722 days ago

Maureen Heim    

Harvey --

I totally agree about being surprised about where Tiger lives. When it first came out, I pictured a long driveway to a palatial place... isolated from the rest of the world. When I saw the sidewalks and the close proximity of the houses, I was like -- Tiger? No way!

1722 days ago


Do TMZ cameramen have to draw straws to see who will have to follow Robert Blake?

1722 days ago


Jupiter Island is 2 hours North of Miami, and North of Palm Beach.
Celine Dion lives on the island as does Nick Price.

1722 days ago


Question: If she smashed out the windows before the accident wouldn't the glass be near the home or in the street. Was there any indication the glass landed somewhere else other than the tree?

1722 days ago


Damn! That's one cute Bear you've got at TMZ!

1722 days ago

Buddy that we're all fairly certain Tiger is actually human, I think its time to revisit the time period when his body went from 'skinny' to 'big' in a short period of time. He said at the time it was due to his workouts.....hmmm. When the PGA tour began its drug testing policy Tiger suddenly had to have knee surgery....and let his 'broken leg' heal....and was out until April of 2009. Do you really believe that someone who swings a golf club as hard as he does could actually play golf on a broken leg? And....walk 91 holes over 5 days??? I think Tiger played the role of injured golfer at Torrey Pines and was not nearly in the amount of pain he wanted us all to believe. This was his way to gracefully remove himself from the tour until the 'roids could clear out of his system. Think this sounds nuts? What would you do to protect $100 million in endorsements? Time to look into this more closely TMZ.

1722 days ago


A lot of people are backing Tiger and saying this was a mistake. This is a 31 month mistake? Maybe if he had a wild weekend, that would be a mistake. This is a consistent lie to his family for 31 months. He knew the damage that this could do to his family. Why can't he own his actions and say it was not a mistake.

1722 days ago


Harvey, Star Island is a part of Miami. Jupiter Island is a part of Port St. Lucie. Jupiter Island is more north than Star Island. Diddy lives on Star Island while Tiger lives on Jupiter Island.

1722 days ago


WOW I love you Harvey! Youre so hot!!!!

1722 days ago


TMZ you are getting so bad about just ripping people apart. Just like Tiger Woods...........Geeeeeees, move on to something else already!

1722 days ago

Felix Matos    

About Tiger Woods

Is the wife facing any charges???

In case of divorce, can she get a big slice of his fortune? Because in this situation is almost proved that he is wrong.

1722 days ago
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