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Brangelina -- Who's Got the Upper Hand?!

12/5/2009 2:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie displayed a little PDA on the way out of the "Invictus" premiere in Beverly Hills the other night -- but the big question: Who's really in control of the grasp?



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I can't stand either of these people, but really, are we stooping to analyzing how people hold hands now?? Pretty lame. They are in a car; it's kind of hard to hold hands romantically in a car with flashes popping.

1752 days ago


It is so funny how many people are taking as fact this ridiculous book! I have read interviews with the clown who wrote it and he says he has hundreds of sources. From what I can tell of the interviews not many are named. This kind of writing is simply an extension of the worst super-market tabloids and anyone who paid $25 to read it is a sucker...but wait...those same people are also talking about Angelina having and affair with Tiger and trying to woo Johnny Depp away with her demonic wiles. Give me a break!

If the book is anything like the interviews I read with this "journalist" then it is unintentionally hilarious! Two of the more ridiculous items I read were...

*He describes some sort of big Hollywood pow-wow over Angelina's so-called incestuous relationship with her brother where it was decided that Angelina better do something quick in order to save herself from being black-balled in the industry. In his mind her relationship with Billy Bob was an attempt to deflect that. Ok...anyone see anything wrong with this theory? I do. She was already married to Billy Bob when she kissed her brother and by his own admission, the Billy Bob thing was chock-a-block full of it's own scandal.

*Angelina takes crystal meth! Anyone ever seen someone who abuses crystal meth??? They do not look or act like Angelina.

1752 days ago


if you study body language, is the one with the least amount of movement that is in control. he/she who goes limp in in control the one reaching, the one leaning over, the one grabbing, the one initianing, the one that talks the most, the one grassping is being controlled by the aloof, the limp one the one that holds back, this is Angeling in control most of the time, watch body language always, Brad has no game he never did, he has the looks but we all know women react to their emoitional circuitry more than any looks, BILLY BOB baby he controlled her masterfully, Brad has never created such reactions from her as Billy bob did, watch old photos of Billy bob and Angie and you will see what I mean CONTROL BABY CONTROL WOMEN LOVED TO BE CONTROL and brad doesnt have in him the real man factor. looks mean sh.....................

1752 days ago


Is that being grown for a part that he is taking? If not that is about the ugliest thing I have seen in a while hanging on someones face. Its so thin and viking looking. Is it because he lives in France now and is world traveled unlike when he was with miss boring that he is trying to look french? It sure is not working for him if thats why. He looks like a hillbilly trying to look sophisticated ugh!!
Angelina is going to dump him if he doesnt watch out. She likes the bad boys and is going to want something young like her and new and more exciting.

1752 days ago


Her hands are bigger than his.

1752 days ago

The Seer    

He's wearing a hair net because his weave is in the shop!


Didn't ANYONE watch Chris Rock on Oprah?

I'm not sure if become body language specialists works for you, TMZ. New batch of overly eager interns running the shop this weekend?

1752 days ago


they don't belong together. she is a disgrace with shady past.

pitts looks live Burl Ives. He is getting old fast.

1752 days ago


tintz ~ What a numbnut you are! Don't you think that Jolie/Pitt would have filed a slander suit against Ian if what he put in print was NOT true? Wouldn't they have tried to block the book from coming out? You really might want to educate yourself before spewing disgust for another human being.

Pitt looks atrocious as does Jolie...........they deserve each other!

1752 days ago


I just wish them well. I don't trust biographies all that much anyway and won't read this one.

1752 days ago

Lippy Loo    

A billy goat is holding a skeleton hand! Lordy, those two are fugly! Can't Mr. Billy Goat afford to feed that scrawny, veiny twig?

1752 days ago


Haters!! despite her bony hands, she is still gorgeous. Jen Aniston has a nice body but her face is WRINKLED. without botox she'd look oooooold. Angelina may look tired because she probably is! try having six kids. Do you ever see them walking around with nannies for their kids? They are wonderful, hands-on parents. And I agree with comment #9.. after how many years together, they are still holding hands. A lot of married couples stop holding hands after 3 years! and that guy who wrote the book about the couple is a traitor and who knows what else he made up to sell his book. Does Angelina even seem the type to spread rumors to save her image? The girl kissed her brother for pete's sake! she doesn't care! She has stolen men from other women before, I doubt she'd have gone out of her way to protect her "image" by spreading rumors about Jen. If Jen wanted kids, they would have already had one when she and Brad were married. I love Brad and Angie, when they are caught off-guard in a private moment, they are very sweet to each other and look like they are so in love. so yeah, she has bony hands but I bet her bony hands are way better looking than all your faces. HATERS!!!!

1752 days ago


BRAD ROCKS thats why u should see his pictures by using

1752 days ago


Why can't you people answer the question. #21 answered it for you all. She's clearly in control of not just the hand holding, but Everything! Somehow she made him feel like the king when she first seduced him, but there's no question she's the one in charge.

He is a ball-less little pansy. He'll try to assert himself later as things progress, but that's when she'll dump him like a bad habit. She pulls all the strings, no two ways about it.

They're both sickening, in spite of their "good deeds".

Very insightful observation, TMC.

1752 days ago


I'm not following you, Roo. The Beatles sang about them?? HUH?
Or do you mean there is a Beatles song out there that perhaps describes a situation like theirs??

1752 days ago


Oops, I am a dork. I just read your post better now. Obviously my reading comprehension was lacking there. I am assuming there was a song where they mention the "beautiful people" need to spell that out better for non-Beatles followers like me. LOL.

1752 days ago
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