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Hulk Hogan to Judge: I Want My Toilet Seat Back!

12/6/2009 3:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hulk Hogan is making a huge stink over his beloved toilet seat -- and now he wants to have a sit-down with a Florida judge in the hopes of making his ex-wife give the damn thing back.

Hulk and Linda Hogan

TMZ has obtained legal documents, in which the wrestler accuses Linda of stripping his home of all sorts of valuable stuff when she moved out -- including chandeliers, a tanning bed, a wine rack, fixtures, bathtubs, speakers ... and most importantly, "the wooden antique toilet seat from the guest house."

In the docs, Hulk claims Linda's alleged pillaging left the home in such a bad state, that Hulk refuses to let his realtor show the place to potential buyers ... so they can sell it and move on.

A man without his beloved toilet seat is not really a man at all.


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Kooky Fan    

First Bitches

1782 days ago

Kooky Fan    


Wisconsin 27
Hawaii 3

1782 days ago


Taking a man's throne away from him is a pretty crappy thing to do.

1782 days ago


1782 days ago


fat fake.
pro wrestling is a doggie dog world.

1782 days ago

excretive producer    

Poor Hukster. Look like this divorce is flushed down the drain and only lasted about 2000 flushes!

1782 days ago


Hey Hulk, I am sure your son's buddy wants his life back...Get over it it is only a toilet. Move got a 20 year old what more do you want...HAIR......

1782 days ago

excretive producer    

sorry. should read 'marriage'. too many pile drivers!

1782 days ago

Bubba Army    

Linda is a gold digging whore that should be ordered to return all of the items she took from her former home over there 23 years of marriage. That are probably at her mother's store in Southern California in there attempt to steal more from Hootie. Linda should be thrown in JAIL for all her and her family illegal actions "Excluding Nick and Brooke". If TMZ wants to report on something why not hound Linda and her mother about all the items that they have stollen over the years from Hulk? Like the Green WWWF Championship Belt that they stollen from him. C'mon TMZ you want to make a stir and get some crazyness go after Linda and her family and put them in the hot seat will ya.

1782 days ago


Hulkster, just instruct your realtor to sell it to some Muslims. They squat, not sit and they don't use toilet paper. They only wash their bums with water. So, put a case of Perrier next to each toilet and tell them, " Peace be with you."

1782 days ago


Nothing interesting on tmz today.

Btw - how can a toilet seat be "antique"? Toilets haven't been around that long.

I suggest Hogan does the gentleman thing and buys himself another one.

1782 days ago


Do something with your lives. Start by turning off your computer and walking outside.

1782 days ago


P.Bear, I would love to go for a walk in the frigid morning cold here in the mountains, but my wife is waking up in a few hours and I have to sit on the toilet so that it is warm for her when she wakes up. Do you think I'm whipped?

1782 days ago


Hulk probably had totally forgotten the seat until last week, when he was staring at Ric Flair's antique seat

1782 days ago


I wish Hulk would just suffer the same fate as the rest of the wrestlers by now and just die from drug problems. It's about time that this pathetic family stopped wasting the time of the courts and just moved on with their sad lives. Hogan is just nasty and his butter face wife is no better. Both sick people who have nothing better to do with their lives.

1782 days ago
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