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Domestic Violence Group Rips SNL's Tiger Sketch

12/7/2009 7:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Saturday Night Live" joked about Tiger Woods being beaten by his wife Elin during a sketch on the show this weekend -- but the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence ... they ain't laughin'.

TMZ spoke with the organization's Executive Director Rita Smith, who told us she was "horrified" that SNL "made such a mockery of abuse."

During the sketch, Woods -- played by Kenan Thompson -- is visibly battered and holding up signs warning that Elin -- played by Blake Lively -- has beaten him.

During the show, the audience laughs, but Smith claims, "There's nothing funny about this story, particularly if violence was part of the events that took place ... I hope that SNL refrains from using this kind of skit in the future as it diminishes people's support for victims of domestic violence."


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She was "horrified" ! Puuuulllleeeeeeezzze ! Give us a break ! What a pathetic lefty groupie whiney wimp !

1727 days ago



1727 days ago


Seriously, have we all lost our sense of humor. Political correctness is going to destroy our society. Obama swatting a fly and now an objection about this funny skit. LIGHTEN UP!

1727 days ago


soon SNL won't be able to make fun of anyone because of all these lefty, wimpy, special interest groups...

oh, for the good old days when we weren't so PC...


1727 days ago


nobody is actually going to think its cool or acceptable to hit a woman because of this hilarious skit. Dont be a douche bag!!! Besides when women attack men it is funny because in the end eveyone knows if the guy wanted he could defend himself adequately!!! Douche bags!!!

1727 days ago


That skit was funny as HELL! This domestic violence group should probably pick a better target to go after next time because picking on an SNL skit for insensitivity makes this group look even more ridiculous.

1727 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

Accusing men of domestic violence is correct. Accusing women of domestic violence is politically incorrect.

1727 days ago


Elin was just teed off that night and decided to go clubbing with her hubby!

1727 days ago


I'm not for domestic abuse, no one is...but come on...the SNL skit was very funny. This group needs to lighten up and get a sense of humor. It was obviously a JOKE, not an endorsement of domestic violence. They need to give the public credit for knowing that SNL makes fun of every popular situation in the media. We get that it's just a joke. Don't insult our intelligence.

1727 days ago


Can you imagine (for those of you old enough) if the Archie Bunker show came out now instead of many moons ago? My bet is it would be canceled due to outrage after one episode!

My point is this levity! You can laugh at situations that may perhaps not be the most proper but that does not dictate your views it merely is an avenue of escape. In this day and age everyone has so much pressure a good laugh is good for you however knowing not to club someone with a golf club is common sense.

People need to lighten up..........

1727 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

Women are just as likely as men to engage in partner aggression. Men experience over one-third of domestic violence-related injuries, yet Men are far less likely to report domestic violence incidents than women.

1727 days ago


as a victim of domestic violence....and way to the left coast....I thought the SNL sketch....HILARIOUS!

1727 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

According to the National Family Violence Survey, female victims of Domestic violence are nine times more likely to call the police than male domestic violence victims. These are the percentages of victims who called the police in response to the assault:

* Women: 8.5%
* Men: 0.9%

JE Stets and MA Straus: Gender differences in reporting marital violence and its medical and psychological consequences. In Straus and Gelles (editors): Physical violence in American families

1727 days ago

LA Guy    

The skit was funny, but they should be done no matter who is the victim. Where is the skit of Rihanna get beat up?

1727 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

violence against women is wrong. violence against men if funny.

1727 days ago
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