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Palin's Parenting Tip

Teach Your Kids to 'Obey!'

12/7/2009 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Her book's called "Going Rogue," but Sarah Palin is a stickler for obedience ... at least when kids are involved.

Sarah Palin: Click to watch
We got the VP wannabeen in DC this weekend, where we asked the mother of five "What's the best thing a mother can say to her kids?" Her response: "Obey ... listen to what we say!"

Mother always knows best ... right?


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She is hot    


Obama was IN the senate for 143 days and was campaigning for president the rest! You definately are an academic because you talk like Ivy League schools are better than any other! Hell, the whole Ivy League schools are taught by Liberal Professors. He has been indoctrinated by them and Reverend right for 20 years to hate this country! He is doing a great job to destroy it as well since the only thing you had to say about what I said was the Olympics!!

On a Global Level? Really by going around to other countries and apologizing for how bad the USA is and we need not be so "arrogant". He is a farce fraud leftist muslim who will "redistribute the wealth" kill jobs by taxing the people that CREATE jobs and the poor and middleclassed will lose their jobs and be just as HIGHLY TAXED at the grocery store, property taxes, income taxes, gas, etc etc. So, please keep buying into this FRAUD President all you want. I AINT buying a damn word that comes outta his mouth!

1759 days ago


"Congrats on your intellectual contribution. Disgusted with the gutless left wing moronic dribble.
Go Sara! God;Family;Country. PROUD Conservative"

LOL your behind a monitor too tough guy-thats quite the intellectual contribution your making. Threats not facts, right? Lol

1759 days ago

Miss Bu    

OBEY!!!!!!!!!!! Is she kidding a woman who is so aware of what her kids are doing she lets Bristol's BF moves in and is SHOCKED when she turns up preggars, and has the nerve to say I didn't know she was sexually active. This from the woman ppl want her to be President in 2012.

1759 days ago


"Obama was IN the senate for 143 days and was campaigning for president the rest!"

Thats BS Sorry. He was a sentor for two years before running at all. Like I said before your math (actually the math you a repeating) is WRONG. Look it up.

Im no academic, but I know Palin bounced from mediocre school to school. Obama didn't and he is more educated because of it. Sorry.

Hes had a lot of work to do to fix your last morons mistakes.

1759 days ago

legal beagle    

For all you idiots who like Palin, do you think with all the complex problems we have this idiot of a woman is even qualified to be a white house cleaning lady!
By the way cash for clunkers was a smashing sucess, the auto industry had it's best month in years. I am not against having a good candidate to go against Obama but seriouly not this grifter.
Imagine her with the nuclear football, that is scary!

1759 days ago


Demands for OBEDIENCE is a hallmark of cults and Nazis!!

Smart people always question anyone's supposed "authority".

NEVER sign away your rights as an American to a religious or political figure!!!

1759 days ago


Wonder what shes drinking..maybe chrome soda!!

1759 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Was Sarah obeying HER parents when she got pregnant and eloped??
She was knocked up before marriage just like her daughter...
I think that's her 1,342nd hypocritical statement.
Feel sorry for her kids - hope they grow up and get the hell away from her. She's a narcissistic ego maniac. Quite obvious she QUIT being governor for a big payout - some Christian values, you betcha!!
Palin in 2012?? The ignorant quitter?? Bring it on if you conseratives are really that foolish.

1759 days ago


You are so right Sarah, your daughter Bristol is the only one that listerned to you. ***This is not meant to be funny but she needs to think before she speaks because this statement (in her case) does not make sense!!!!!! But alot of what she says does not make too much sense. Just my opinion.

1759 days ago

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a brainless twit    

I guess Bristol was "obeying" when Levi said "get down and bark like a dog!!!"

1759 days ago

Old Enough    

uhHuh - how is being a sessionist a True American? She's spoken at their conferences and supports her husband's views on this issue? Might want to learn what the woman really stands for before you speak up.

Not an Obamamaniac - You've got to be a "Ditto head" repeating everything that Limbaugh and O'Reilly spout. Go learn more about Cash for Clunkers as it actually worked to get older less effcient trucks and SUVs off the road and it also stimulated the auto sector so that more people have gone back to work even if not at a level prior to the FAILED Republican policies which helped to spearhead the housing bubble by allowing the banks to leverage their assets to dangerously high levels $40 of debt to every dollar of asset is not smart nor safe as we saw in the fall of 2008.

You claim that Obama's policies have failed this country but the Bush Administration had 8 years to destroy the economy by starting 2 wars and which were never included in the budget and spending us into a deficit which conservatives have forgotten. Clinton left office with a surplus which the Bush administration spent through very quickly and increased spending to new heights.

To expect the Obama administration to be able to bring back this country to a fruitful country in less than a yr is a bit unrealistic.

It was the BUSH administration that FAILED in Afghanistan. If they had kept their eye on the ball in 2002 we wouldn't be in Iraq now and having to go BACK into Afghanistan to clean up the mess that the Bush administration left behind by not completing the job. For Obama to take his time and get things right this time is called being smart and not risking anymore lives of our Military than absolutely necessary.

BUT again if you think that Palin is a good example for kids I wouldn't expect much anyway. Palin was pregnant herself PRIOR to her marrying Todd therefore for her to preach about not having sex before marriage is hypocritical without even going into the issue of her daughter's teen pregnancy. It's Palin that got Ds in some of her classes and admitted as much in a recent interview that she was afraid people would bring that up during the campaign. It was Palin that couldn't complete her first term in office as Governor because it was too stressful to have investigations going on during her tenure - Glad that Clinton was able to handle pressure due the witch hunts that the Republicans had during his 2 terms in office - Palin could NEVER handle it and that is exactly what will happen if she's elected because her ethics have already been shown not to be of high standards.

I agree with what one of the other writers said that w/ Palin in the White House nuclear button would surely be pressed and then you wouldn't have to worry about global warming because we'd all be dead anyway.

BTW both Obama and Biden have Law Degrees, not just 4 years of Ivy League education and both have taught Constitutional Law. Palin barely made it through college and and only after switching repeatedly to do so. While McCain did go to the Naval Academy which is a fine institution he never went further in school. The McCain/Palin ticket was a JOKE - she wasn't even able to handle even softball interview questions such as what magazines she reads.

Keep this country Great and free so that we can continue to speek our minds - Make sure that Palin is NEVER elected to a national office EVER!

1759 days ago


Oh yeah, right, Sarah! That is why your underage daughter got knocked up by that low life white trash Levi. Maybe she can teach her mongoloid kid to do a few tricks, like roll over and bark, but she sure did a lousy job with Bristol!

1759 days ago


Tell me again... WHY ARE THOSE PEOPLE BUYING HER BOOK?? seriously... the woman is a looser as a politician and a mother. Who is raising her children right now?

1759 days ago



1759 days ago


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