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Palin's Parenting Tip

Teach Your Kids to 'Obey!'

12/7/2009 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Her book's called "Going Rogue," but Sarah Palin is a stickler for obedience ... at least when kids are involved.

Sarah Palin: Click to watch
We got the VP wannabeen in DC this weekend, where we asked the mother of five "What's the best thing a mother can say to her kids?" Her response: "Obey ... listen to what we say!"

Mother always knows best ... right?


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And her parenting tips would be...obey. OK, Bristol--we know you didn't listen, that is 'if' she ever had the talk with you!!!! Go away already!! Drive-oops I mean 'FLY' to your next signing and get your homesy ass back to AK.

1750 days ago


Dam, no They Live jokes?? Figured I see at least 3.

Momma don't like tattle tales.

1750 days ago

Donna - Phoenix    

I wish Palin would go away, just like Fox News and CNN ... I hate fanatics of any kind

1750 days ago


What's the best thing a parent can say to their kids.

1750 days ago


Tired of her - will she ever go away? I hope she does run for president and win - then maybe the Conservatives will get tired of her too.

1750 days ago


I have always wondered why Obama college records are sealed. Must be hiding something. I wonder how much George Soros paid the lawyers to seal the records. Again historical the first president to seal college records.

1750 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

Democrats are the party of Democrat Jim Crow era (slavery by Left Wing Democrats) , 1960 s Socialism (Imagine) , 1990s Group Nationalism (Malcom X / Al Sharpton to Michael Moore, Sean Penn , etc) , 2000s ‘Make Al-Qaeda Terrorists the Victims Movement’ by Democrat D Durbin , Nancy Pelosi , Patrick Leahy (through photos & policy), & 2009 SOCIALISM (Nationalization of Cars , Environment Intake ,Government Option SOCIALIZED HEALTH (Control People like Democrat Jim Crow Era Did), & Political Bigotry (Read DNC Bill)

1750 days ago


Nobody ever obeyed Sarah Palin! Nobody ever listened to Sarah Palin without either telling her to shut up or reacting by running away. Now, the only people reading anything from Sarah Palin's inventive ghost writers are the far-right portion of the Republican Party, who are requiring lots of help and are trying to get their hands on the audio version and stopping the playback every 30 seconds because they keep hearing all those wacky gosh darn new words!

1750 days ago


#57 blah blah blah socialist programs my a$$... I'm sure you'll be first in line when you ins. say 'no' to you, or if you want unemployment, or disability benefits or SS when 'you' get old... have elderly parents?... grandparents?? .. they better not be getting any SS the socialist pigs. Take your ignorant hillbilly a$$ back under the rock you dragged it out from.

1750 days ago


I wouldn't give Sarah Palin a Mother of the Year award. (Or Governor of the Year, for that matter.) Despite her seemingly confident manner, she leaves a lot to be desired.

1750 days ago


As far as social security, I paid into that and so did my employer so I think we are entitled to it but the government has almost bankrupt that. But I will for sure take the unemployment what not and take for as long as can and not work. Worked all my life and just got laid off. Probably head to a food bank too. I am sure as heck not touching my savings or all my 401K accounts.

1750 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

According to the Democrat Leftist EPA Agency Carbon dioxide (CO2) is pollution. CO2 is needed for human activity (like breathing) and , therefore, human beings can be considered pollution , according to the theory of the EPA. With New EPA pollution theories and Senate leader, Harry Reid , definition of freedom, the New 'Group Think' Democrat Party has a parrallel in the ideal of George Orwell where Freedom is really slavery , therefore, the masses need to be controlled (Big Lie Ideals) .

1750 days ago


I guess there are a whole bunch of readers and commenters here who have never made a mistake. I am so glad we have so many perfect people running around able to make hideous remarks about someone they have never met. Sounds a little hypocrital to me. I have made mistakes, but I learned from them, and I did explain to my children not to do what I did. God bless all of you little angels out there.

1750 days ago


Any of you Palin bashers out there have the sense to think that she is speaking from experience, wishing her daughter would have done what she was told?

I can understand disagreeing with the woman's politics, but the vile, hateful, sexist and violent comments are extremely disturbing. Someone here actually said they wanted her shot! A death threat. An actual death threat!

I really wish some of you would take a very long look in the mirror and figure out why you hate, and I do mean *hate*, Palin so much. It's absolutely pathological.

1750 days ago

toeknee gee    

We have 4 geniuses (?) in our time. Don't even know if that is a real word but who the hell cares!

One is Carrie Prejean who smeared and bad-mouthed pornography as being streamlined nowadays that the kids are exposed to them very early in life whether they like it or not.

Now, this idiot, Sarah Palin, who is suffering from "Asiaticaphobia" talks about parenting skills that children must obey their parents. I am now wondering what she told Bristol and obeyed her but wound up being pregnanticated at an early age.

Bristol must have been watching Carrie's pornography that led her being knocked up by Levi, who is presently contributing his share of our society's porno.

Levi is the best person to talk as he was spawned by a drug pusher who contributed to our ailing society by multiplying drug use in her own neighborhood.

1750 days ago
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