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Wife Told Cops Tiger Boozed on Crash Day

12/7/2009 5:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Florida Highway Patrol wanted to get a blood test from Tiger Woods after the crash, because a witness told them Tiger was boozing earlier in the day -- this according to new documents obtained by TMZ.

FHP had requested Tiger's blood sample, after a witness -- we're told his wife -- "stated that the driver had consumed alcohol earlier in the day and the same witness removed the driver from the vehicle after the collision."

The document continues, "The same witness stated that the driver was prescribed medication (Ambien and Vicatin [sic]}."

As we first reported, it was Elin Nordegren who pulled Tiger from the crash and told cops he had taken medicine (but she didn't know when) and even brought the pill bottles to the EMTs.

The document concludes, "Impairment of the driver is also suspected due to the careless driving that resulted in the traffic crash."

Ultimately, the FHP's request for the blood sample was denied, on grounds of insufficient evidence to issue a subpoena.

The FHP has determined alcohol was not a factor.

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I may be wrong here but didn't this happen on Thanksgiving day? He may have consumed alcohol with the meal. If he did and took pain meds on top of that it would explain much. Still believe the wife was hitting the car with the golf club causing him to wreck the vehicle.

The man portayed himself as a "family man". I'd say much of the criticism toward him is deserved BUT none of us live in that home and we do not know or have any ieda what the relationship has been between Woods and his wife. Doesn't make his behavior okay. I have always admired the man but as more mistresses come forward I hate to admit that my opinmion is slowly changing.

Wish his dad was still here to give him a swift kick in the butt!

1689 days ago


Of course he was drinking during the day! He was longing for any of his Ho's! The Ambien and Vicoden comes in to play AFTER his wife caught him! He needed something to 'make it all go away'.

Aldrick (Tiger), just go away.

1689 days ago


CNN just reported Tiger committed suicide. He was found earlier hanging in his garage. This is tragic!

1689 days ago


tiger you just another hood rat yo!

1689 days ago


If the rolls were reversed, and it was Tiger with the golf club (especially being a black man) he would have been arrested on the spot.

Don't be so quick to judge Elin. She didn't look so sweet the other night, and we have no idea what their marriage was really like.

All we know about Elin is that she's a pretty package.

1689 days ago

Anna Erickson    

I just feel like throwing up when I read and hear about Tiger these days. I don't know why I care?
Elin might not be the best wife, but that's no excuse for cheating.

Divorce is the answer. It's better than an unhappy marriage. Sure kids will suffer, but they suffer more when the parents are unhappy.

1689 days ago


#22 CDC- I have been thinking the same thing ever since Rachel first was mentioned; multiple partners is dangerous! Now there is talk of a porn industry person involved with Tiger! Elin needs to get tested and the kids too. Trouble is, how can she find any peace of mind or get any result if she stays in THIS marriage? The testing takes two years. TMZ reported Tiger continued to try and prowl AFTER the car accident! I am hoping Elin is still a Swedish citizen and she can simply pack up her kids, fly to Sweden and divorce Tiger from THERE. All depends on the laws of Sweden. The Woods were not married in the US. They were married in Barbados, right? I am so curious what legally could be in play right now. My head is wondering why on earth would anyone renegotiate a prenup - that boat sailed! What purpose would a muzzle payout produce? With so many women coming out of the woodwork, how can anyone expect Elin staying to be able to repair or stem the tide of the damage TIGER did to HIMSELF? That is so illogical and really HEARTLESS in my opinion Is Tiger trying to use endorsement like tactics to repair his marriage? Again so illogical. I hope HER mom will be able to help Elin sort this all out. I wonder if Elin felt her marriage was in trouble and maybe thought giving Tiger a son or children would help him do what HIS OWN FATHER CLAIMED SO LONG AGO TIGER NEEDED - Earl did a Sports Illustrated interview in 2000 - he said "I'm in awe of Tiger's physical prowess and his mental strength, but his humanity and his compassion need work. They have to counterbalance his striving for superiority. Nicklaus had his wife and kids for balance. Tiger only has me and his mother. Girlfriends don't do it. Girlfriends are here today, gone tomorrow. Without the proper balance, the individual becomes pompous and domineering." He also said in that same article Tiger's "sense of responsibility and purpose" would result in Tiger doing "GHANDI"-like work! How disappointed he would be to see the man his son has become. I am rooting for Cheyenne Woods and genuinely worried for Elin's health and well-being.

1689 days ago


Elin your mom just texted me...something about wanting to know where to get a deal on ammo..

1689 days ago



1689 days ago


i believe that Elin Woods knew her husband was not faithful. If she was truly pissed at him that night she would have let them take the test. It is sad for the family But Tiger is a DOG. Its one thing to say I made a mistake I am not perfect but to carry on with a number of women over a long period of time while married is just wrong and a disgrace. Any women that marries a pro-athelete these days needs to be fully aware that her mans ego will rule. Ladies protect yourself. The majority of men in this world will cheat if they can.

1689 days ago


Why in the hell did that idiot golfer ever get married???? That wife should get the hell out with most of his money, his behavior is just too awful to forgive. He will do it again. He is f'ed up big time. What a freak! Hope all his endorsements cancel big time

1689 days ago

THE Golfer    

In a way, I feel sorry for Woods, but I feel much more sympathy for his wife and kids. Facts indicate that this is one troubled, unhappy individual. It is a damn shame that he had to take his wife and children down with him. Despite his immense wealth and celebrity, Tiger Woods will not be able to overcome this pr disaster. He's done.

1689 days ago


I took Ambien for a while. Your body builds up a tolerance and then they don't work. So it is possible to take Ambien and still be awake. Although of course, you're not supposed to drive!!! They could've done a field test to see if he could pass it. But the cops were too starstruck, I guess. But Nancy Grace is taking this waaayy too personally. Maybe she'll find a way to get him prosecuted for something after all.

1689 days ago


I predict that she will divorce him and soon. Few women could tolerate this level of public humiliation. It now appears as though he has been cheating throughout their marriage with a lot of other women. It's hard to understand why someone with so little respect for the institution of marriage would get married. Did he think he could continue this lifestyle indefinitely? What a colossal fool.

1689 days ago


Booze, Vikes and Ambs... no wonder he was snoring. Don't drink and drive. Prevent hangovers before they start: CheerzHangover.com

1689 days ago
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