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Tiger Woods and Elin -- The Secret Meeting

12/7/2009 11:56 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods and his wife Elin Nordegren had a meeting yesterday with a mysterious suited man, this according to a neighbor who talked to TMZ.

We're told Tiger, his wife and the suited man all showed up to Tiger's house in Isleworth around 4:00 PM yesterday. They all arrived in separate cars -- Elin in a red Buick, Tiger in a Black Escalade (not that one), and then the suited man in a third vehicle.

The suited man left after the 2.5 hour tête-à-tête, but Tiger and Elin's cars are still there at last check.

We called Tiger's lawyer to figure out who the mystery man was -- no comment.

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One must ask oneself on a more practical level.

What does Elen Nordegren, and women like her bring to the marriage table, besides bills, rug-rats and more bills???

Tiger Woods and men like him, are self made Kings.

The women these men choose to marry, must understand that they are, and must play the role of a mere supporting cast member.

For the women that are fortunate enough to have married high end men in demand, they should feel very fortunate and appreciative of their new found status and fortune.

For if it were not for their husbands, the world would not even know they existed.

There are tens of millions of women in the world that would kill to be in Elen Nordegren's designer shoes, regardless of the infidelities of the husband. Including Elen herself, who will undoubtedly stay with her husband.

Yes she could divorce him and make off with plenty of loot. But of course then she would just be a rich divorcee with no status. She will be considered the woman that use to be married to somebody famous.

See what some of you plebeians fail to understand, is that it is not just about money, it is about status.

And for all you quaking average females of the world, in other words women that are married to 9 to 5 working stiffs. Men that don't earn in one year what Tiger Woods makes in an hour, guess what.

Unless you are conjoined to the hip of your
Wal-Mart working proletarian husband, he is also most likely cheating.

The only difference between an average Joe husband cheating, and the Tiger Woods type husband cheating. Is that when the average Joe cheats on his wife, the wife gets nothing but grief and STDs.

When a man of Tiger Woods earning capabilities cheats on his wife, she gets a house on a finger, and so much more.

So I suggest to you women, get real and realize that for the fortunate few that marry so far up the food chain, there is a small price to pay.

However, this price beats the hell out of having to actually work for a living.

Enough said.......Artofwar

1790 days ago


Lot of respect there Tiger, bringing all that toxic sexual history back to your marriage bed.

1790 days ago


Jenny slam all the sponsors all you like but you don't bring in the money that Tiger does!! No matter how much you all b*tch about what a horrible person he is or his poor wife, it is not going to change!! He had affairs he did not murder anyone!! You are b*tch more about Tiger than what is really going on in this world! Fine don't support or buy anything that he endorses but in the long run Tiger is still going to be Tiger Woods and he is still going to be a BILLIONAIRE! If he was on a peddle stool then he was there because you all put him in a peddle stool he never asked to be there!! He has always lived his life the way he wanted and out of the media so back off and let them live there life!! It has nothing to do with anyone but him and his wife!! I will say this I can't believe that his wife did not suspect anything! 1 or 2 mistress maybe but 4,5, 6, 7, 8, etc. and you all think she didn't know. I think that she knew and that is why she is still there!!!!

1790 days ago


tiger just need to shave that balding head of his and get some bad-ass jailhouse tats all over him. Next time we see him...lets see that..."I'm gonna kick whitey's ass look on his mug".
Yea..tiger the banger...I like it !!

1790 days ago

London not England    

#-41 Todd
NO offense Todd,....
but the Vikings were HORRIBLE BARBARIANS!

Yeah, they probably WERE in the Americas long before anyone else(except the Indians....) pillaging and plundering, and KILLING everything that strayed across their path! You ever watch that "BARBARIAN BATTLES" show on TLC?!?!?!
Horrible were Barbarians!!!! Killing Defenseless Monks, priests and villagers and SH!T
The only Good thing we got from them (if you could say that..) was blonds & red heads!
And looks like this girl is carrying on the tradition on Tiger's Ass!

1790 days ago


It's Tiger of course his gonna cheat he has money....

1790 days ago


I personally think his wife is ugly just like the other hookers coming out!! She looked like she was a B*TCH!! His sex life must of sucked if he had to go somewhere else for sex!!! Really people just look at the most recent pictures of him and his wife, they do not look HAPPY!

1790 days ago


It is all so dirty ! But: they came to the house in 3 cars, how and when did they leave ? I thought, a lot of journalists are waiting outside the crash-house...?
I don't like this golfer any more. Hope, he get's what he deserves- loses his sponsors, his wife, his kids, his dogs,his fans, his image, his money, his everything. What a dirt.
Sorry for my english, I am German.

1790 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

Domestic violence against a man is as funny as a divorce when Tiger loses half his stuff, kids, and 20 years of income.

1790 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

note to self: never marry, especially if i'm talented

1790 days ago


It has been talked about enough in the media, let's let these two have their privacy. Tiger was wrong in doing what he did and if it takes a change in the $$ department for her to stay around, then it wasn't love after all. The children are going to be the ones hurt after it is all over with, that is too bad, they are beautiful children.

1790 days ago


Tiger dear, cut the crazy beyotch her check, and cut her loose. You made a mistake getting married. Don't make another one by staying married. You can still be a good father to your kids divorced.

1790 days ago

Hoosier Girl    

Tiger is on the right track for politics. What a sleeze he is!

1790 days ago


"Marriage was only for show." Nice Tiger. What, are your fans and sponsors so stupid that you have to concoct some fantasy marriage to make more money? Go to hell.

1790 days ago


Come on! If your going to post the News we need a little more info than a man in a suit. Lol.

1790 days ago
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