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Gatorade -- The Tiger Woods Well Has Run Dry

12/8/2009 4:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gatorade -- The Tiger Woods Gatorade is shutting down production of their special brand of Tiger Woods' brew this month -- but the drink giant tells TMZ it has "absolutely no connection" to Tiger's current predicament.

Gatorade says Tiger Woods Focus Gatorade will conveniently be discontinued as of December 26, saying "We made the decision several months ago ... our relationship with Tiger continues.''

Chalk it up to coincidence ... or not.

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doc murry    

hmmm lets see ,,so if i drink this crap i can have all the hoes i want and still be rich..coool

1743 days ago


ITS NOT GOLF SEASON! They arent going to sell any. Wait till Spring... I bet they will be back out!

Come one people! Sponsors sponsor him for his talent in golf - AS AN ATHELETE! Not a human being!

1743 days ago


I don't believe Gatorade's story but I do applaud their decision to dump the a-hole. I hope the rest follow suit ...

1743 days ago


It's truly a great loss, that Tiger's image has been charred. But to those who think he'll fall...only if they ban him from golf. He's a true golf champion. He can recover only if he really stops screwin around (literally) and takes care of home.

1743 days ago


Gatorade know damn well they are dropping Tiger because of what has happened in the last two weeks. The public is not stupid. I'm waiting for a lot of other sponsors to drop him also, especially Nike and I don't think they will wait until 2015.

Tiger is a sick man and I'm not talking about physically. I am pretty sure his career in golf is over. I know if his father was alive this would break his heart.

1743 days ago


i believe it. It not the best tasting Gatorade and the sales have been slow so they had to cut their losses. He still will sell Gatorade

1743 days ago

R.U. Serious    

I Never got celebrity sponsorships anyway. Celebrity's are usually greedy, stupid, immoral, dishonest, self-centered, narcissistic, spoiled, superficial, delusional, inconsiderate, out of touch douche bags and whores. so why would I trust the advice or buy a product because a celebrity douche bag said so.

1743 days ago

Check Your Facts    

Why do you people believe everything you read. If you would do some checking you would find that a publication named "Beverage Digest" reported on November 25 that Gatorade was discontinuing this drink.

http://www.cnbc.com/id/34330134 - Read the last paragraph

1743 days ago


Coincidence my ass. Why don't they just drop his man whore ass in the first place?

1743 days ago


Look, everyone -

This beverage line from Gatorade was a poor seller to begin with. It was decided to discontinue production months ago.

Those are facts. Not gossip.

Although, the "gossip" of his lifestyle *is* correct. Get the facts straight as it pertains from one to the other.

1743 days ago


I believe Gatorade, because the Tiger version sucked hard! It was only a matter of time....

1743 days ago


i definitely believe Gatorade here. i have seen a decline in the amount carried in stores for a good 3 months now already i thought they already discontinued production on this to be honest

1743 days ago

Joy Kincaid    

Remember Loraina Bobbitt, the woman who cut off her cheating husband's penis and threw it out the window of a moving car? She threw it into the bushes, but it was found and re-attached. My advice to Elin...cut it off and throw it in a high speed cuisinart so there's nothing to re-attach.

1743 days ago


6. They are not going to shut down production over night. It obviously was already decide before this happened. This whole thing will be forgotten about when the next big story hits.

He cheated on his wife, big woop. Brandi and other celebs have killed people and everyone has already forgot and moved on.

Just because their are blog junkies that talk about it none stop doesn't mean the majority of people care.

Posted at 3:03PM on Dec 8th 2009 by get over it people

another ridiculous commentary. think folks, before you post. brandi was nowhere the ICON that Tiger was. Tiger was an ICON. Brandi, just another dlisted celebrity, like hundreds of others who were briefly popular due to a sitcom.

Tiger was an ICON. Umm...did brandi have this level of endorsements? methinks not...no comparison, no one really gave much of a hoot over brandi.

1743 days ago



1743 days ago
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