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New Claim -- MJ Was a Home Wrecker

12/8/2009 8:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

 MJ Was a Home Wrecker Michael Jackson allegedly left his Las Vegas mansion in shambles -- this according to the latest in an endless stream of creditor's claims filed against the estate.

Aner Iglesias is demanding $234,000 from Michael's estate, to repair damages to the exterior and interior of the home, and to replace the phone and alarm system.

Aner claims the $234k is just an estimate -- the price tag may go up.


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Well, I believe this story. If you saw pictures of his house, it was a dirty dump, full of his crazy collectibles. PAY THE LANDLORD.

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1781 days ago

mrez golucky    


1781 days ago


Not surprised !

1781 days ago


I think Michael was so emotionally distressed in the last say, 10 years of his life, that anything is possible. Sure I can believe that he "lashed out" in numerous ways, including the partial destruction of the interior of his mansion. I've read reliable reports that Michael destroyed hotel rooms during the 1993 allegations, and I believe them. The poor man was trapped in a destructive vortex of fame. It was something he could not escape and even if he could have, may not have known what to do once he did escape. I don't know that anyone could ever have understood what Michael went through in life. Maybe LMP because she watched her father go through the same exact thing, but that's about it. The kind of fame that Michael lived through -- and the emotional consequences of it -- was almost incomprehensible. Hell sure I believe that Michael abused the interior of his mansion. When distraught, he likely had nowhere else to turn.

1781 days ago

Fred Farkel    


I can even smell the stink.

1781 days ago

Balls has no Balls    

THAT IS WHY YOU RENT! what do you do when you rent a car TRASH IT!M.J. RULE`S!

1781 days ago

The Seer    

Creditors. Plural. Possessive plural noun: creditors'. S' when noun is plural, TMZ. You really need to work on your basic grammar and usage here: this is unacceptable on a website of your magnitude. You look like amateurs. Seriously.

1781 days ago


Michael never did house work, he just knew how to entertain!

I'm not buying the damages done to the house. Michael was messy, but how the hell could he destroy the interior and exterior of the house?

This is all BS! The owner just needs some money to update the damn house, and has decided to sue Michael‘s estate.

Go sue the house keepers, too; they're the ones who didn't do their jobs!

1781 days ago


4. Not surprised !

Posted at 6:13PM on Dec 8th 2009 by Denver

Unfortunately I am not either. I love Michael, but those pics at Neverland when the sheriff raided that showed all the piles and piles of stuff, drawers open, things strewn around the house - those were taken BEFORE they commenced their search. I also read that one of the things the Prince from Bahrain sued him over was leaving his quarters a disaster, with much the same damage described in the article above. Michael had some very serious psychiatric issues going on that we the public had no idea about because his "people" protected him.

1781 days ago



All lies.

MJ was super-meticulous about his world - there is no way he trashed it.

Other people that he hired to take care of his properties, maybe.

He did not live in that place for 2 years before he moved back to L.A.


1781 days ago

a fan    

Every creditor charges 100X more when they bill him because they know they can get away with it because he is not here anymore to prove they are wrong. They might as well just make up a bill and send it to him. There is no way he damaged that house.

1781 days ago


I realize as fans we tend to idealize Michael, and overlook things that if they were done by, say, Dennis Rodman, we would have no difficulty believing. I do not think Michael molested those kids, but I agree with whoever above said that the stress from the situations in 1993 and 2005 created a "vortex" from which Michael could not escape. He was only human, folks. He made a lot of mistakes. I have read several books about him that were pro-Michael that said he had a bad temper, and he threw temper tantrums like a small child, screaming, wailing, punching the walls, etc. He could be willful and demanding, and when he didn't get his way, destructive. I think there is more to this story than we are hearing just yet.

1781 days ago

MJ might have been rich and smart. But he was a bit of a deadbeat.

1781 days ago


He was a pig in addition to being a child molester & drug addict. Can't believe his family didn't call Child Services when they knew of his disabling drug use but instead they left those children living with him in his disgusting pit of a house.

1781 days ago
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