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New Claim -- MJ Was a Home Wrecker

12/8/2009 8:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

 MJ Was a Home Wrecker Michael Jackson allegedly left his Las Vegas mansion in shambles -- this according to the latest in an endless stream of creditor's claims filed against the estate.

Aner Iglesias is demanding $234,000 from Michael's estate, to repair damages to the exterior and interior of the home, and to replace the phone and alarm system.

Aner claims the $234k is just an estimate -- the price tag may go up.


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Hello sue!
But how is it possible that Murray is back to work? Does this mean he isn't a suspect? Is he only "under investigation?" And if he is a suspect, does the law permit him to do his job and go on with his life like nothing happened? I don't understand and don't know much about the American legal system!! Can you explain?

1776 days ago

so wrong    

2009 by sue

Michael Jackson was not a drug addict, the entire propofol nonsense is BS. I posted this on the other thread, people who were working with him lately, MJ happy, healthy, working hard, voice never sounding better:

I particularly like the 911 caller, no reference to MJ and didn't call earlier because they didn't have MJ's address, cracking up.

MJ NOT dead, period! His kids and family know. Kids are spending Christmas in Europe. Yeah, if I was sitting in a memorial (staged) and it was for my son (staged), I'd cry too. It would be incredibly moving even if it wasn't real.

Michael was into organic, natural health remedies, etc...not DRUGS! Where were all the drug allegations before this, there were NONE, none, none. Bashir (BASH@T) lived with MJ for 8 months, no mention of drugs. No mention of drugs by anyone.

1776 days ago

so wrong    

Yes, MJ was supposedly murdered, homicide, but, hum, nothin' happening, not even Murray's license revoked, or even suspended for illegal prescription of medications by an unlicensed physician (which he has ADMITTED to). So, until and when something/anything happens from a legal stand point, I'll continue to believe MJ happy, healthy and alive.

Nothing else makes sense, it just doesn't. I don't have the answers to this, don't know why. But, the pieces don't fit together.

1776 days ago


hi irene-- how are you today?? i tell you this more and more frustrating by the moment. at the same time i know i need to be patient and see what comes out when they decide to give the results of autopsy the whole truth and nothing but the truth.i dont believe in that hoax i just dont think he would put anyone through something like that, especially his children..sue from tampa

1776 days ago


Hi sue, I'm fine thank you and I hope you are well! Looking forward to Christmas although the idea Michael isn't with us hurts a lot. I never believed the hoax theory because he would never do such an unhealthy thing to his kids or his mother. And there would be too many people who would know about it and we know by now what people do for money and a few minutes of fame. Michael was a very intelligent man and he knew how things work. He would never put himself in such a vulnerable situation, too dependent on others to keep their mouths shut.
No way!!
He maybe was naïve in some situations but he wasn't stupid.
I also try to keep patient, there's nothing else to do I'm afraid.
But it's hard.

1776 days ago


we all have to have faith that this will come out in a positive way for michael and that justice will be served for him.i go day by day hoping that he is in peace and that this doc murray will face his demons head on..sue from tampa

1776 days ago

so wrong    

340. we all have to have faith that this will come out in a positive way for michael and that justice will be served for him.i go day by day hoping that he is in peace and that this doc murray will face his demons head on..sue from tampa

Posted at 1:11PM on Dec 10th 2009 by sue

You're dilusional, ain't never gonna happen cuz Murray didn't do sh@t.

Mj is so cool, I love the fact that he just takes off with his children and goes around the world, Africa, etc...His interest in other cultures, races, simply wonderful. His intelligent and interest in art, reading, educating himself continually is so cool. It's not the way he was raised, he did this for himself and his children. MJ is so cool!

1776 days ago


Just read this over at The Daily Beast about Tiger Woods. The quote below has an interesting Conrad Murray reference. I guess Murray "just made a mistake".

“You have to make people relate to him now,” says Miranda Sevcik, a partner in Media Masters, a Houston-based media consulting firm that specializes in crisis management, and whose most recent high-profile client was Conrad Murray, the physician at the center of the Michael Jackson death probe. “Everyone makes mistakes. The public is forgiving of people who own up to their mistakes.” She would put him on Oprah and Larry King after he’s finished addressing his personal demons.

1776 days ago


newtomj, thanks for that. I'm pretty sure that the Daily Beast is the rag that Dimond writes for, so not sure if anything they say is believable.

1775 days ago

And thats the truth    

Ok, this is my theory as to why Dr. Murray can still practice...... I believe that authorities are waiting for the Anna Nicole case to close so they have am example to go by. Anna's case is very similar and her doctors were allowed to continue their normal lives until recently.

1775 days ago


So what?! he left now.just leave him alone !!!
RIP sweet angel

1771 days ago


Michael wasn't even living at the Las Vegas house so any mess was caused by his staff so why didn't they clean the place ?? They made the mess, not Michael. He employed people as cleaners, so sue them and stop having a go at Michael. Get a life you sad narrow minded people. Stop believing all the cr*p in the tabloids etc.

1761 days ago

Joanna Ako    

That's all lies! Michael Jackson is not a home wrecker....why do you keep reporting lies? Have some respect please!

1512 days ago


Why don't you all people leave Michael alone.STOP trying to make him look bad.We know Mike was bad but He was not nasty.Take a good look at Michael people and take a look at Neverland. Is this a person that likes around him being untidy?TMZ if you are responsible for these lies STOP IT. LEAVE MIKE ALONE. To the sweetest ANGEL that ever was R.I.P

1512 days ago


Once again, Michael is INNOCENT of THESE fake charges too! People just out to get paid. They won't win a dime.

1511 days ago
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