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'18 Kids and Counting' Mom Rushed to Hospital

12/8/2009 2:57 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michelle DuggarMichelle Duggar -- star of the reality show "18 Kids and Counting" and currently pregnant with numero 19 -- was airlifted to the hospital on Saturday, but all is well.

She was experiencing contractions, but it turned out it was just gallstones. A rep for TLC says, "At this time, Michelle and her unborn baby are both stable and resting. Mrs. Duggar is in good spirits and feeling much better."

Dr. Lowery, chairman of the department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at UAMS Medical Center says, "We have every reason at present to expect that mother and baby will proceed with a healthy pregnancy. Mrs. Duggar is in good spirits and feeling much better."


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This family is SO freaky. What the hell man 19 kids? That is just out of control. And not to mention they are living off TLC's money. The same horrible network that ruined the lives of Jon and Kate and NOW the Roloffs ( the little people ) STOP ALREADY. AND STOP HAVING KIDS. SHEZZZZEEEEZZ

1782 days ago

fashion disaster    

Feel better soon, Michelle!

1782 days ago


What really makes me sick about this family is if the parents die or get very sick who is going to take care of all these children? Their older brothers and sister? Mostly of them are minors! Dont they think something may go wrong sometime and these kids will be alone? They believe in God's sign, so maybe wasnt this one a sign of stop breeding and take care of the actual children while she is here?
Also kids are supposed to have fun! and to learn how to be responsible, but this mother is clearly taking out the childhood of her older daughters by putting HER own responsibility ON them! These daughters probably have their own dreams and for sure they might want to spend some time alone or to study something else as any child/teenager.
And for those who are saying their kids love to take care of their simblings... just look at their faces when this stupid mother said she was having another baby... it wasnt good surprise faces at all... kids cant lie when you look inside their eyes and their expressions.

1782 days ago


Oh please stop with the they don't rely on the state. Do you also know they don't pay any taxes? Because they use their religion as some excuse? So it's just as bad as using the state. They aren't contributing anything! They are FREAKS! I understand wanting to have children and its' their choice but it's cruel and wrong to have only the older girls take care of the younger ones. That is not acceptable. If you want children raise them your DAMN SELF! They are a cult and if she keeps on she'll die. That cannot be good for you body. The bible says be fruitful and multiply it did not say 20 frigging times! That could anything. Don't even get me started on the bible and religion.

1782 days ago


Do any of the posters who have a problem with this family really know anything about them? The Duggars, by all accounts, are excellent parents, role models and providers for each of their children. Their children are educated (and not at taxpayer expense), polite, well-adjusted, and are taught independent life skills that few of our children will ever know - like how to build a house, how to organize for a large group, how to repair a vehicle. Michelle and Jim Duggar were managing completely on their own before they were asked to do their television program. They didn't drum up publicity to get a contract. They simply accepted one that was offered by the network and have a great program that is interesting, uplifting and entertaining. I would rather families like the Duggars have multiple children than having people like Casey Anthony have even one.

1782 days ago


And this is why we have overpopulation. I'm sorry but it's really selfish to have this many kids. Religious or not religious people need to think about the world as a whole and not think of their own little bubble and only their own future.

1782 days ago



1782 days ago

the seer    

I wonder who is teaching their kids about sex? Not them, I hope! They must spend an awful lot of time in bed to have that many kids! I saw them on the program "Say Yes to the Dress." and it was pathetic! Michelle had to get a wedding dress for renewing their vows, and Jim Bob wanted her chest covered up to her chin! The dress was awful, looked like something out of an old lady's hope chest, And she looked so frumpy in it, it's a miracle he gets turned on by her at all!

1782 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

I feel sorry for all those kids for having such dimwitted parents.

1781 days ago


All Of you readers and emailers that agree of too many kids are great. I am sure the Duggar's read each one.

1781 days ago


We love the Duggars. How many people are complaining about parents who have 2 children and can't raise them well, or are on welfare, or don't educate them well. This family has devoted their lives to raising excellent children, and to encouraging others that by the power of Christ, it can and is being done. The Duggars are not an anomaly. We have seen families like this in many places. They are quietly living out their lives and doing a great job at it. This nation was founded by great couples who had numerous children, often more than 10. It is a recent thing to have such small families, and for society to not have any idea how to manage more than that successfully. The bottom line is that the Duggars have lived debt-free long before they had ANY money, they trusted God, they don't ask anyone else to raise their children, and they are humbly showing others how it can be done. If you don't like the show, don't watch it. Children are a blessing.

1779 days ago


I just have to 2 children. The thoughts of 19 makes my head hurt.God Bless em is all I can say.

1777 days ago

Gimme a Break    

The Duggars dishonestly register their home as "a house of worship" to avoid paying property taxes as well as other taxes. They don't mind utilizing state & federal services without paying for them. This is no different than being on public aid, just a sneaky & deceptive way of conducting themselves.Lots of people pray at home-doesn't make their homes a church. They also "home school" as if they are qualified to teach chidren - so not only do they deny their children normal interaction with others, but instill dishonesty in them as well.

1775 days ago


Some of us have two children, with one parent working and one at home to care for them (no welfare, medicaide etc.). Some of us think the Bible is a book of myths, and don't claim our home as a "House of Worship" for the purpose of tax evasion and to receive government aid and services under cover of an "organized religion". Children can be raised to be respectful, compassionate, responsible...and aware of the actual real world around them without religious dogma and fanaticism. Of course the Duggar children aren't costing anyone anything by being in the public school system. They're being home-schooled so that their parents can take advantage of the materials and funds provided for them by the government as registered home-schoolers. I agree, it's nice for children to be able to do carpentry, auto-repair (I know a bit of that myself, and so does my husband), maybe a bit of barn-raising (?)...but what about life skills in actual, real "out there" society that they aren't being taught by their peculiarly fundamentalist, isolationist family (while being used as baby sitters for younger siblings while mom lolls about spawning another child into ignorance)?

As for the "good old days" when "most couples" had a dozen children or so, may I remind you that infant mortality was at least 50%, and about 75% of children did not live past the age of six "way back then"? And that the mothers too died very young, of birth complications and infections and exhaustion from too many pregnancies? And that children were produced primarily to provide help on the homestead? O, well, I guess the Duggars may well subscribe to the latter philosophical leanings.

Human women are not designed to have 19 children, and having this many pregnancies ending in live births is passingly rare. Having children after the age of 35 greatly increases the odds of birth defects, miscarriages...and lengthens recovery time for the mother with each passing year (and DON'T tell me GOD is watching over her...she's benefiting from modern medical science...for fundamentalists they surely do pick and choose what's "Godly" and what's not). And the fact that the latest pregnancy (gallstones...why do I sense a "cover up"?) ended in a very premature infant indicates to me that her time for viable, SAFE, pregnancy is over. Hopefully "God" (or a team of psychiatrists, medical doctors, and child advocates) will speak to these people, and end their days as a "child mill".

1766 days ago


ENOUGH!!!!! I stopped watching the show this year, when Michelle got pregnant after her new daughter-in-law did! Were you jealous that someone else would be getting all the attention OR does TLC keep paying you for each kid that you can pop out OR are you and Jim just complete sex maniacs and the result is a child from unprotected sex????? I am just over it with you 2 and i will NOT be watching any more of your shows... AND was anyone advising the newly weds about bringing a child into this world buy selling used cars???? NO ONE is buying gas guzzling used cars these days. Maybe the new parents will need to get real jobs like the rest of us? ...If children are your thing..why not try adopting?? There are plenty of kids sitting in wait of a loving home! The Duggars are just sex machines!!

1766 days ago
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