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Tiger Paparazzi -- From Air, Land and Sea

12/9/2009 1:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The paparazzi in Windermere, Florida have now gone aquatic.

A neighbor in Tiger Woods' development tells TMZ a flotilla of paparazzi set sail on a private lake with a singular mission -- catch a Tiger.

They were sitting at the back of Tiger's house yesterday -- in vain.


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I just heard he got a precription of viagra and on his way to visit with octomom

1716 days ago


It is time to leave this poor family alone. They are tormenting this family for the alleged sins of the husband. I am sure Tiger is in his own personal hell, so he doesn't need to be tormented any furter either.

1716 days ago


if i was Tiger and his family; I would move to sweden to escape. Thsi will never die-down here in the U.S., and sweden is way more liberal on their views. They estimate he is already worth a billion dollars, so his next 10-generations will not have to work. His wife is not going to leave, so why not work it out over there in some chalet in the mountains. he can always return to golf in a couple of years.

1716 days ago


Re: post#23---Tiger is not likely reading his website, not does he likely reply to email himself. Posting #23refers to email reply "pro once told them.." not "pro once told me.." I'd bet someone else wrote about how courageous his wife was in rescuing him from the crash. It's all corporate sponsoring public relation B.S. He likely got married because his corporate sponsors wanted that, they wanted Tiger to "improve his image" and their bottom line.

1716 days ago


So many stories have been posted about Tiger and his family, some grand, some so miniscule. I think it's time to leave Tiger and his family alone.

1716 days ago


So... The COMMUNITY is gated, but the LAKE is not?

Then what's the sense in having supposedly "secure" lakefront homes if any yahoo can launch a boat a few yards away?

I have property on a private all sports lake. They have electronic boat launches so that if you don't have a code, you can't use the ramps. Keeps out SOME of the riff-raff, but we pay association dues in part to have folks stationed to check lake passes.

I find it hard to believe that this supposed high scale and secure community is so lax with the water feature.

Unless the lake extends far beyond the confines of the community, there should be a level of control there. Especially in the "high rent" district. They could even divide the lake with private vs. public areas and electronic access. It seems easy enough to do with million dollar homes all over the place.

Why bother having a gated community if your burglers and other pests can approach from the water?

I feel sorry for Elin and the kids, too. They don't deserve the fishbowl life because of Daddy.

1716 days ago



Funny Thing Is.......... Tiger's NOT even there !!


1716 days ago


ok tmz, i am getting pictures of tiger yet :-( your papparazzies are slacking off ! show me that busted lip and the broken tooth before i fall asleep here !

1716 days ago


Let me get this straight....please correct me if I'm wrong. Here goes....I read and hear that Tiger's home is in a gated community, private security, private lake, etc. HOW THE HELL CAN THE PAPARAZZI GET SO CLOSE TO HIS RESIDENT??? I smell a PR stunt here on Tiger part. This guy never quits. He's a genis...or a penis. Take you pick.

1716 days ago


Look at that place. Of course she's not leaving him. She's figuring out a way to get him out of there, so she can have that place for herself! And who could blame her?

1716 days ago

London not England    


"all the people he's destroyed because he couldn't keep it in his pants." WTF?!?!?!?!?!

What about ALLLLLL the White Men that F**K UP and "They Can Go to REHAB"?!?!?! Just can't wait to WRECK A BROTHA'S REP....

Hypercritical White Devils !!!

1716 days ago


Rumor has it that Elin is going back to Sweden, which I hope she does to get away from the madness in the US. I'm wondering though if since the children are Tiger's if she can take them out of the country. I pray she leaves him, he is not good enough for her & will only keep hurting her. How much can one woman endure? She has been through hell.

1716 days ago



Funny Thing Is.......... Tiger's NOT even there !!


1716 days ago

Jen O    

We're all disappointed in Tiger. We all thought he was better than that but he's human, he messed up. I don't know about anyone else but I'm still a fan and a supporter. I'm more concerned about the pills they found in his system when he was admitted to the hospital. I really hope he doesn't get so stressed he takes one too many and OD's. Tiger really needs some personal time. The media really needs to back off.

1716 days ago


In reply to #5 by Denver
You stated;

Tiger has proven that if you're're gonna need a whole lotta money to get hot white tail to hang with ya. Always been that way...always will be.
You pathetic basement dwelling, ass-clown.

You must not get out much.
Because if you did, you would know that white women, hot or not are the easiest to get to spread. And it takes little to no money.

White women invented the deeds of whores.
Enough said.....Artofwar

1716 days ago
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