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TLC Muzzles Jon Gosselin

12/10/2009 8:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A judge confirmed today what we've known all along -- Jon Gosselin is officially a loser.

TLC Muzzles Jon Gosselin

A Maryland judge decided today that TLC's breach of contract case against Jon was strong enough to put a preliminary injunction in place -- which forces Jon to abide by TLC's rules ... or it's his ass. That means no more interviews or appearances without TLC's permission.

TLC honcho Edward Sabin testified against Jon today, saying his recent actions -- like hosting a pool party in Vegas, taking his girlfriend to France and talking to paps outside of his home -- have been "embarrassing."

A rep for TLC tells us, "The Court has validated our view that Mr. Gosselin has a valid, binding contract and that he has breached it repeatedly ... we look forward to the next phase of the litigation, which is to pursue our claim for damages resulting from Mr. Gosselin's numerous breaches."


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I see there are GWOPPERS & K8 Lovers out in force. I am neither. But I do have a few questions. Why is K8 estranged from most of her family and friends? It's really sad that she had to have Tgiving with her employee and his wife. All of the reports of her request cash from the churches was reported long b4 the GWOP site started. The kids don't even see their maternal grandparents. K8 has said something to the effect that she and her parents didn't share the same ideas. Is that a reason to sever all ties with them? Just seems strange. And she has never had a "hard" interview where she is asked hard questions.
Jon on the other hand I believe has always been a loser. He is weak and listens to people who do not have his best interest as their priority. Even though K8 seemed 2b abusive maybe that's what he needed because the minute he was turned loose he went wild.
I also don't get what the big deal is about him going out with women. They were seperated and not going to counseling. Their marriage was over b4 their vow renewal. Jon was living in the apartment over the garage. Was the sham TLC's doing just to keep the gravy train going?

1722 days ago

FiFi LaRue    

"GWOP has done a lot of good"(Simone)

What exactly have they done? (that is so good)
C'mon Aunt Jodi, tell the good folks here what good you have accomplished spewing hate.

1722 days ago


If you see the really scathing comments on TMZ those are the nutjobs from Radar that hope Jon commits suicide.Child Advocates? Please dont ever advocate for my children. I hope none of those women have reproduced!!

1722 days ago


Kate shut her family and friends out of her life because "They don't know how to help us" - she actually said that. Kate has crititzed her upbringing countless times, too.

1722 days ago


You Jon losers are just that, losers. You backed a loser and lost. Putting down Kate shows your stupidity. Kate had nothing to do with this. Jon did this all on his own. Kate will be fine as will her children. I bet Jon is in jail soon because he can't keep his fat mouth shut. Yeah TLC, we are so proud.

1722 days ago


Kate and her children will not be fine. Kate will keep on being a selfish person who cares only about HER. Her children will have emotional scars for the rest of their lives. Boy, that's an ignorant comment Frann made.

1722 days ago


Thank you, Susan, for your posts. Nice to see someone agree. At least you get it.

1722 days ago


Lori, you and your husband read that blog together? That says to me that you're both kind of weird creeps. I like to commend you on finding your soul mate though.

I don't find you normal at all. It's all a matter of perception. Isn't it?

1722 days ago

FiFi LaRue    

GWOP is buddy buddy with hate sites such as: ( they're a bunch of real "sweet" girls, snicker)

want the truth? go to

GWOP alumni really hate him...because he EXPOSED them for what they are...jackboot wearing bitches.

1722 days ago


Kate is a bitch whore

1722 days ago

FiFi LaRue    

I think you were asked to explain what good your website has done, Simone.
Can't seem to find that page or something?

1722 days ago


Since when did TLC get scruples. TLC is rewarding Kate with a new show while that bitch should be focusing her attention on her abused kids. Hopefully TLC will pay for the therapy the 8 kids need in attempt to repair the damage done by the show and their parents public breakup and the abuse by their messed up mother. Kate is a sarcastic, angry, narcistic no talent bitch.
TLC comex across as petty, vindictive and spiteful. It's clear why Kate and TLC have such a great relationship.
TLC can go the H*LL!

1722 days ago

FiFi LaRue    

This judgement really has you Khaters in a tizzy and frothing at the mouth ( here, dear..use this tissue, you have a little spittle on the side of your mouth).

Hehehehehehe...we're rolling with laughter at your pathetic attempt to sway posters over to your HATE site.

1722 days ago


TLC is evil and looks like a giant bully by persuing this lawsuit against Jon.

I'm just glad that the kids are off of TV. Too bad, PA didn't have child protection laws similar to CA. The Octuplets are being treated better than the Gosselin kids ever will.

Too bad neither Kate nor Jon has any fiscal sense to actually ensure that all of the work their kids did will lead to a life of relative comfort with two loving parents. They'll be lucky if they can keep their kids in private school next year. Then what? Is TLC going to provide security for these kids for life? Who is going to protect them from their infamy?

It's sad all around. I do hope Kate's solo venture is successful. If she wants a career in TV, it should be without her kids. They deserve a normal childhood... not growing up thinking that production lighting and craft services are normal.

1722 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

OK,LISTEN up. Jon signed a contact. He renegged. TLC owns him ,Kate and the brand.
J&K plus 8 MUST and WILL fullfill that contract.
Don't be surprised if you see Jon on Jon&Kate Plus 8 for one last season. TLC is hard balling Jon. TLC has made millions upon tens of millions off of the brand. Kate has become a millionaire.Jon has become a millionaire. The kids got a some money socked away too. After fullfilling that contract, Jon, Kate,teh 8 can move on. I would think they can. I assume TLC owns the brand for now...the contract.Kate then can work with TLC on Kate plus 8. She has her tv talk show coming up to.
Kate is a survivor,is smart,has TLC's staff prepping her for interviews, and loves fame and fortune. She will and wants to makeit in show business.
There is enough audience of misguided people, the group bitter diovrced women, to suppoprt her.

Jonis dumb.He has made poor choices. He doesn't understand the fame game.The fame game is very tricky.It is selling your soul to the devil. Once in,your in.Once out, your out.You can be in and out.Many people wanted that 15mins.Got it.Couldn't handleit.

LISTEN up...
the dating. Jon and Kate were separated for a long time before it became public. If you don't knowthat ,you must believe in Santa Claus too.Protect the brand.The money.TLC and others,Jon and Kate too,keep that quiet.

NEXT, you Kate worshipers, gullible people,you'll LOVE
E! Behind the scenes of Jon ,Kate + 8 .This show will be on about 10yrs.fromnow. Carar MaDy willbe 18,maybepsoing for Plaboy.HTe kids will be wanting an acct. oftheirmoney.They will want emanciaption fromthe parents.
Ohhhh,it is going to be a good show.letmetell you.
WHY???>?>Because these kids donot need tobe on tv havingthe public viewtheir livesas the look silly,good eiditing,get fussed at,takethe roles of characters-the Mommy-Cara,the baby,the cry baby, the fiesty one,etc.

TV foryoung kids asstarsmost of the time does not work for child actors. These kids are acting as themsevles.
This show has run its course.Those kidsneed to be off and live off camera. The 6 have been on camera all their lives.

Think about that will you..

1722 days ago
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